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Insects & Other Small Creatures

Virus Helper

Communicating with viruses or other microorganisms may feel like a stretch if you think of animal communication applying mainly to dogs, horses, cats, or other mammals. However, communicating with smaller life forms, even as tiny as cells, can yield enlightening results. Sue Becker echoes my experience in communicating with viruses in her article here.

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Bothered by “Pests?”

I try to not to harm any creature, I believe each has its place in the big scheme of things, but following a move to the Scottish Highlands, I'm really struggling with ticks. Occasional sheep ticks but lots of deer ticks. My dog picks them up and I treat her homeopathically and with a herbal collar. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the purpose of ticks and anything I can do to lessen their impact on our lives, also what to do with them when they drop off or I remove them. At the moment I stamp on them but it doesn't sit well with me.

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Earthworm World

I watched a video with a well-known guru who often shares practical wisdom about life.

In answering a person’s question, he stated how human life is much more complex than other species and how we have more choices and are at the top of the species pyramid. I bristled at his words extolling the separation of humans from other species in this common notion of human superiority.

He went on to say that other animals don’t have the choices humans have, citing as an example an earthworm.

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SARS-CoV-2 Virus Question

It seems possible, if not probable, that this virus form was created in a lab as part of "gain of function" research. If so, what can the viruses share about our human intervention in their own natural mutation process. How do they view our genetic lab work? I must admit I have less faith in humans than the viruses in this regard! Thanks in advance for sharing any communication that you might be able to receive! Dave Carman

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Living in Harmony with Insects

I live in tropical Southwest Florida and we are inundated with mosquitoes, locusts , love bugs, no-see-ums, and flies, I’m trying to honor all living beings, but I also want to kill these pests to protect my horses and myself from bites. I’m having a difficult time reconciling this conflict and hope you can help me learn how to honor and live with these animals, I’m also having trouble understanding how they can be sentient beings with souls.

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The World Needs Viruses to Function

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are reading a lot about what is happening re the virus. I found this article, “Why the World Needs Viruses to Function,” very enlightening.

It also struck me how these viewpoints coming from scientific research matched what
viruses communicated to me about their function on Earth, especially their role in creating balance, recycling, maintaining the health of organisms, and the evolution of species.

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Are Viruses Sentient Beings?

Coming from Hong Kong, people are in such deep fear of the coronavirus (coupled with anger over the irresponsible actions of the government) that the vibrant city has kind of spiraled into a nightmare. Would you be willing (I’m not sure if viruses count as animals though I believe they have a spirit too) to communicate with the coronavirus and let us know what it wants us to know?

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Insect Evolutionary Perspective

Animal communicator, Sandra Mendelson, wrote to me:

Given your wonderful piece from your conversation with viruses, I thought I'd ask your opinion on this:

Today when I was asking the mosquitoes to stop biting me (and inviting them to share more insights that they wanted me to pass along to humans), I got this:

"You humans have misconstrued our intent since time began….

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Wild and Buzzing Animal Communication

Sometimes people think that when you can communicate with animals telepathically, they will be willing to do what you want. No, communication doesn’t equate to obedience. Animals are individuals with their own agendas in life. We can communicate with each other and still have different perceptions, different priorities, and different ideas about how things should be.

Good communication and understanding of another’s viewpoint usually opens the way to understanding and cooperation. However, sometimes other animals are not willing to listen, understand, or cooperate, especially wild animals who often don’t have a desire to get close to or please humans like domesticated companion animals do.

I’ll give you a few examples of when communicating with wild critters did not go so smoothly and what I learned.

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Viruses Reveal Their True Mission

When we think of interspecies telepathic communication, most of us focus on the animals that we see around us. Perhaps we include the trees and other plants in our vision of sentient life and even the minerals and other forces like wind, water, fire, and earth. Many of us do not consider some of the smaller creatures in the web of life —viruses and similar microorganisms—as partners in our choice for telepathic dialogue.

People often think of viruses with fear as negative things that need to be destroyed before they decimate our bodies. But viruses are living beings with whom you can communicate. They are alive and conscious like other animals, including you and me.

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