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Improve Your Ability to Communicate with Animals


ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: The Telepathic Connection
POINTERS to Enhance Interspecies Telepathic Communication

Containing and Grounding Your Energy
Agendas, Illusions, and Loving Care
THE TELEPATHIC JOURNEY: Opening to the Whole

The Telepathic Connection

In this age of ecological emergency, more people are seeing the need to recognize their connection with all living . Communication between humans and animals has taken on a deeper meaning and urgency. We can learn so much from the animals about how to live in harmony and balance on the Earth. For animal lovers,
direct telepathic communication boosts the understanding, joy and richness possible in relationships with their animal companions and all of life.

When we look at the roots of the word "telepathy," we find that it means "feeling across a distance." Telepathic communication involves the direct transmission of feelings, intentions, thoughts, mental images, emotions, impressions, sensations, and pure knowing. Animals obviously communicate through physical action and their own complex languages. They also communicate telepathically, both among each other and to humans. People receive the messages to the degree they are listening, can tune in, or are perceptive to them.
Children are born with the ability to communicate telepathically with their own and other species. Humans in this society are generally socialized to use verbal language as the accepted and "higher" mode of communication and discouraged from getting human or other species' thoughts and feelings directly. We are also conditioned to believe that animals are generally inferior to humans in their ability to think, feel, and make non-instinctual choices, so we learn to separate ourselves from mutual and equal communication with them.
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The word ANIMAL comes from the Latin, ANIMA, which means life principle, breath, air, soul, living being. Recognition of the spiritual essence of animals and respecting them as fellow intelligent beings is vital to facilitate interspecies telepathic exchange. Animals are able to communicate with humans who are open to the telepathic connection. They get your intentions, emotions, images, or thoughts behind the words, even if the words themselves aren't totally understood.

I have communicated with animals all my life. Since 1971, I have successfully used with animals the same counseling techniques that help humans through traumas and problems. Over the years of listening and talking to thousands of animals and counseling them and their people, I have routinely seen upsets and problems resolve, negative behavior disappears, illnesses and injuries heal speedily, and warmth and communion between humans and animals blossom. For those who are skeptical and need physical proof of telepathic communication, these often-dramatic changes are evidence.

Although the ability to communicate telepathically usually is lost in childhood in our culture, where there is love for animals and willingness to re-learn, that ability can be revived. The rewards are mutual expansion and delight for human and non-human.

The first thing you can do to start on the road to direct communication with animals is to discard any condescending attitude that animals are lower, less evolved, or less intelligent beings. This kind of attitude blocks true communication with animals, just as it does with humans. Regard animals with respect, openness and as potential teachers, and this alone will enable you to observe them with a fresh light and open up a wellspring of information from them about who and how they are.

Another barrier that needs to be surmounted is invalidating your own potential to receive telepathic communication from animals. If you love animals you already "hear" what they say to some degree, even if you are not aware that you are doing it. Commonly, when I explain what animals are communicating, people exclaim, "I thought he was trying to say that" or "I kind of picked that up." Lack of recognizing the reality of that perception as it occurs causes people to miss out on continuing the conversation and developing their understanding and ability. Your animal friends can become frustrated at your lack of understanding their thoughts, emotions, and intentions when they directly communicate them to you, and so they have to resort to methods that you do understand, such as tearing up the furniture or peeing on the carpet.

You'll be amazed at what can happen if you accept the feeling, thought, emotion, picture, or impression that you get when you are quietly attentive to an animal and continue your communication from there.

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I just watched your video and I thought it was warm, wonderful and so wise and informative! A.O.

POINTERS to Enhance Interspecies Telepathic Communication

Animal Talk and the Basic Course: How to Communicate with Animals audio series

1. More than any other factor, your attitude toward animals influences how receptive you are to their communication and how willing they are to communicate to you.
Respect and revere animals as fellow beings - different in physical form than you but of the same spiritual essence and potential. If you approach animals with condescension, thinking they are inferior in intelligence, awareness, or substandard in any way, you limit your ability to perceive and understand them as they truly are. As you increasingly see and treat them as fellow intelligent beings, you allow them to express themselves more deeply and fully to you, and your relationship develops, matures, elevates, and expands. Focusing only on the biological aspect of an animal, while fascinating and wondrous in itself, can place you in the ruts of conventional notions and inhibit true seeing of the spiritual essence and wisdom behind the physical form. Admiring an animal's spiritual qualities, such as sincerity, trust, love, devotion, appreciation, loyalty, empathy, kindness, honor, honesty, patience, integrity, humility, joy, unselfishness, wisdom... will help to transform your whole relationship, enhancing the two-way communication and understanding between you.

Be humble and receptive, and allow animals to teach you.

2. Believe in your own intuitive ability to give and receive telepathic communication. Don't invalidate your perception of impressions, images, or messages in any form

3. Be ready, receptive, mentally quiet and alert. If your mind is busy, full of thoughts and background static, you can't listen and receive.

To get to this state may take considerable practice and changes in lifestyle. Avoid substances and environmental conditions that dull the mind or make it too agitated. Adopt habits that reduce stress and increase calmness, like balanced food, exercise and rest, yoga, meditation, spending quiet time with your animal friends and out in nature.

4. Cultivate flexibility—willingness to learn from all beings and to change your ideas. Watch for judgments and preconceptions that limit receptivity to what the animal is really communicating.

Be open to surprises—the unexpected. Let go of conventional notions of human/animal communication.

Be ready for animals to communicate, and question them on any level - from what food they like, to what they can teach you to improve your life, to what they consider the most profound truths.

5. Be emotionally peaceful. Having an emotional investment in what animals say to you or how they should be can influence what you receive. If you require that animals like you or be affectionate before you can communicate with them, this can disturb them, block their true feelings or ideas or cloud your receptiveness to them.

In working with improving your two-way communication with animals, don't flood animals with emotion, whether it's love, fear, sadness or anger. If you are putting out strong emotion, you are generally not receptive to anything else, and you will get back only your own emotion or the animal's response to it.

6. Be alert and calm. Don't force the communication or try too hard. Notice your body posture and tension - leaning forward over the animal, straining forehead or facial muscles, breathing shallowly, tightening hands, manipulating or controlling the animal.

Shift into the receptive mode. Lean back, open chest and hands, breathe slowly and deeply, relax, and listen.

7. Let communication assume its own form, whether it be feelings, images, impressions, thoughts, verbal messages, sounds, other sensations, or simply knowing. Get familiar with how you receive, so you recognize it and let it and other avenues open up.

Let the sense of meaning unfold by itself. Don't analyze, evaluate or criticize. Remain innocent and nonjudgmental. Accept what you get, and acknowledge the communication. If in doubt, relax, and ask again, but don't keep doubting and refusing to accept a communication impression, or you build your own walls. Be willing to take risks - don't be afraid to acknowledge whatever communication you get. Don't worry about what other people will think or even what you will think!

8. Practice with a wide variety of animals in various situations. Step back from your normal routine and expectations, and be willing to learn and discover.

Have fun!


A concerned animal lover sent me an article published in the September/October 2001 issue of
The Animal's Agenda (a magazine published by "The Animal Rights Network") entitled "Hear Spot Talk—Are Animal Communicators Psychics or Shams?" by Elizabeth Hess. While the author exerted genuine efforts to explore the field of animal communication, her general tone in this lengthy article came across as cynical to mocking.

The title of the article seemed strange, juxtaposing "psychic" and "sham." Usually people who are suspicious of spiritual realities assume psychic and sham to be inseparable. I wondered if she was going to elucidate the difference between a true psychic and a phony. In relaying different practitioners' approaches, she appeared to cast doubt on all of them.

The reality of telepathic communication seemed very nebulous to this author, as it does to many people. It brings up the central issue about how we can ascertain what is "real" or "true" versus what is "phony," "made up," "imagined," (the last three are synonymous to many people) in the physical universe or in any dimension.

People have unique and evolving perceptions of what is real and true according to their own senses, all the influences within and around them, and their own choices. Many people feel uncomfortable with and resist the fluidity of events and perspectives in this universe. They may seek to maintain rigid points of view and to dogmatically categorize things as true or untrue, right or wrong, good or bad, without room for debate or shades of difference.

Our experience of this universe is subject to our imagining and how we focus.
We can imagine and focus on our experience as benign, peaceful, and harmonious, and for us it is so. We can imagine and focus on our experience as threatening, filled with horror and pain, and for us again, it is so. We can imagine and focus with others on a common reality and agree upon its nature and for we who have agreed, it is so.

What is real, eternal, solid, and never changing? Ageless wisdom from many traditions tells us only that which is found deep within us and everywhere in every element of the universe, called Spirit, God, Divine Being, True Self, or core essence. What is ever changing, illusory, a "sham"? The material universe or physical reality. This universe is our constantly changing playground of illusions with which to experience a multitude of colorful realities and enjoy ourselves as different aspects of the Whole/Oneness/God of which we each (individual beings and all elements) are part.

Michael Roads details his gradual acceptance of the reality of telepathic communication with other life forms in his excellent book,
Talking with Nature. After a tortuous battle between his intuition and personal experience against his logic, skepticism, and fear, he finally concluded:

Tall Red Rock Face in Bears Ears National Monument

Where is the boundary between reality and illusion? Who decides what is real and what is illusion? Do we accept a common belief, or can we have an independent belief, isolated but real? How much our experience is an illusion based on what we think or expect is reality?

...If this is an illusion I am experiencing with Nature, if it is all imagination—then it's okay. I like it. Who can make me a better offer? Polluted food and air? Is that better? To maintain a belief in death, fear, greed? Are they better? A dogmatic religion with a judgmental God? Is that better? My experience is uplifting, expanding, loving, creative, intelligent. Who can offer me a better reality or illusion? If I feel a great love toward Nature, and I feel love radiating to me from Nature, who has a better illusion to offer? If I feel compassion and love for humanity, if I am happy doing exactly what I want to do, who can offer me more than this?

Suddenly it hit me. What am I fighting? Am I fighting an offer of love, of peace, of expansion, of creativity, of insight and intelligence, of knowing "me," of what "IS"? Fighting it for what? Do I want to remain with the common belief of pain, suffering, death, drudgery, sickness, of being the victim of life's misfortune—when I know I can be who I am, where I am, when I am? Right... "now."

...I am not denying the pain, fear, doubt, sorrow of everyday reality, but neither need I cling to such a powerful belief while denying the creative, intelligent love of Nature... I accept my experience. I believe my experience. I know what I know. 

For me what is real or true in this world is what resonates with the core of my being, my deepest experience, what feels good and right in my heart and soul, what works for me and is helpful to my evolution and happiness which includes all that is around me.
In the field of telepathic communication with other species, I have found that telepathic connection resonates deeply within me and brings extraordinary and beautiful manifestations. I have seen in countless cases how practice of this communication brings more peace, harmony, and happiness in our lives and the lives of our animal friends and all beings on the Earth.

Understanding of communication, whether human, interpersonal, internal, or interspecies is shaped by those involved. Modern science tells us that anything that is observed is influenced by the observer, therefore making notions of scientific "objectivity" an elusive quest. As people follow the path of opening to their innate ability to connect and communicate with spirit in any form on Earth or beyond, they can experience many stages of growth. Skill with communication and how to interpret and counsel others with what they receive from animals improve with practice.

It is unreasonable to expect animal communicators to infallibly interpret and handle every situation that comes up with people and their animal companions. People in any helping field are wise to acknowledge their limitations as they humbly give their best service with loving care.

What is gleaned from communicating with animals to soIve a problem may be as simple and practical as “move the litter box," advice that could come from other means than telepathic communication, but is found very pointedly and quickly in this way.
Sometimes communicating and counseling with animals creates amazing and immediately perceivable results, as spiritual roots are able to be tapped and fundamental realities are shifted in animals and people. Miracles or unexpected healing and changes occur. That depends not only on the skill of the communicator, but the openness or readiness of the animals and their people to change, and divine grace within and all around received or felt by those involved. What outcome is best for all concerned is not always what we think it should be.

There are many worlds to experience beyond socially accepted versions of reality. When a person is tapped into the multi dimensional nature of our existence and our own creative power, miracles are ordinary, and the ordinary is a miracle. We can decide what we wish to experience and assign it our own meaning or value. The way we envision the world in our inner space manifests in the malleable energy of the outer world.
Many of us are shifting our beliefs to a new vision of a world where all beings live in harmonious connection with each other and the magic of communication with all life is the norm. Let it be so.


Many people in the Western world consider themselves as separate from the rest of Nature, human spectators alienated from the whole web of life. They often do not recognize our interdependence with all beings on Earth and that animals, plants, minerals, and all the natural elements have much to teach us about balance and integration of spirit with form.

Telepathic connection with other species can be experienced as a spiritual journey helping us to:

  • harmoniously blend all aspects of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature;
  • return to wholeness;
  • awaken to unity consciousness;
  • remember who we are.

In this age of rapid change, we are palpably moving as a species and as a planetary family to our next stage of evolution. So, the thrust of my teaching is not on mechanically instilling skills in animal communication but on guiding students into the core realization of who they are as spiritual beings in wholeness, connection, and natural communication with all life on Earth.

Other species never forget who they are as spiritual beings and as organisms fulfilling their function in the whole. In this innate consciousness and acceptance of their place in the greater scheme, they have fundamental joy, peace, and harmony.

Lion partial profile face

Humans need to be reminded again and again, for we are the only ones who can forget and lose our way in our mental complexity. Our tribal ancestors knew that all species need each other to survive and flourish and consulted with the rest of Nature for guidance. Today, perhaps more than ever, humans need to re-member—bring all the members back together again, both the fragments of our inner nature and the members of human and other species tribes on Earth.

The state of our ecosystem and all the members in it, including and especially our domesticated animals and plants, reflect our whole and unhealed aspects, our vitality and our sickness. By paying attention and becoming more conscious of the state of being within and all around us, we can move with greater ease to our next level of evolution and wholeness as individuals, as a species, and as a planetary unity of Being.

While all creatures can be our teachers, dolphins and whales may most appropriately lead the way by example for us in our particular journey as a species. They already have equal or greater complexity of brain and mind as humans have. Yet, they do not lose consciousness of their spiritual nature as they enjoy embodiment and they give us examples of living unity consciousness.

Non-human wisdom is tapped in many individuals' communications with animals, plants, and other forms of life. In an Advanced Course, when asked to communicate with an animal that she felt repelled by, a student touched in on alligator essence. Unlike the images engendered by her human fears about alligators, she found them to be very contemplative, loving beings.

The alligators communicated how they teach their young ones to "rest," to feel their bodies in the mud, and to practice connecting deeply to the Earth and water.
They focused on the beauty of contacting the Earth with the underside of their bodies and how this not only gave them energy and loving contact with the Earth but fed and supported the Earth and all of life upon it. They consciously held a matrix of support and unity for their own kind and for the whole Earth.

I could see how the alligator elders had to pass this consciousness to the young, not only through their genes but also through their example and communication with each other. Other tribes of animals do the same with their young: elephants, bees, whales, frogs, chimpanzees... handing down the "traditions" of their kind, the multidimensional aspects of being and consciousness of their function as individuals, as kin, and as part of the whole planetary ecosystem.

Such deep awareness and consciousness of animals, plants, rocks, and everything that exists is continually being discovered by those who penetrate the barriers of acculturated disconnection and feel the telepathic unity of existence.

Everything on the Earth is ultimately made of the same basic components, no matter how it has been reshaped by any being or process. By scientific examination, the same "particles" or energetic patterns compose all forms. And underneath appearance, we all share the same spiritual essence. The particles of form can be seen as an extension or manifestation of our spiritual nature, as spirit congealed. Everything is moving, conscious, and alive. Everything communicates.

Since human nature contains all the paradoxes of existence and constant choice, it is often a difficult task for people to find their way. Communion with Nature can be a faithful guide along the path.

When we accept, embrace, and come to love the opposites of this world and our minds, we end up in a balanced circle, like the yin/yang symbol, with opposites reconciled, assisting each other. We experience unity, embraced in the nurturing center core of our Being.
We find all creation in this heart of hearts, the entire cosmos and all it contains. We arrive home.

Ambassadors for the Wild A film highlighting the mission of Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary featured the work I did with three recently rescued coyotes with traumatic backgrounds and serious challenges. It was very moving and enlightening to work with them. I describe it in this podcast. Transcript included.

THE TELEPATHIC JOURNEY: Opening to the Whole
Order the historic live audio recording based on this article and more here.

While I was teaching a Basic Course in Germany in October 1999, the whole process of opening to telepathic communication and the stages of growth that people travel on this journey from
separateness to oneness revealed itself in a clear sequence to me.

In learning how to communicate with animals, people usually start out feeling themselves as
separate from other species. They usually see the animals as apart from themselves, in some way objectified.

They feel that they cannot communicate with animals or only in a very limited way. Direct two-way communication feels foreign. They use their minds to try and figure things out about animals instead of directly receiving animals’ feelings and thoughts. At this stage, they
hope that they can learn how to telepathically communicate with animals but are usually not at all certain about that possibility.

As people start to open to telepathic reception they feel their
blocks, inhibiting structures, restrictions, internal cages, conditioning, pain, and suppressed emotion. At this stage of separateness, they often project onto others through their own filters, agendas, and unconscious motives. They may be so locked into their defensive patterns and identities that they have a hard time truly feeling or perceiving anyone or anything, even themselves.

As they persist in the desire to communicate and as they practice getting beyond their barriers, they begin to receive morsels of true telepathic communication from animals.
Due to inexperience in recognizing how telepathic communication works and feels for them, they are usually unsure whether it is the animal’s thoughts and feelings that they are receiving or their own projections.

By learning to trust their own process and acknowledge the perceptions that they receive,
they start to feel the nature or sensation of true telepathic reception within them as opposed to the manipulation of projection. They begin to sense the difference between their own thoughts and feelings and the animals’. The animals generally happily validate true reception and show by their positive response that the person has indeed understood them. People begin to believe that telepathic communication is really happening for them, but they have doubts about how well they can do it.

Telepathic reception is a connection through both the heart (feelings) and the mind (thoughts). Our culture’s educational system emphasizes mental processes over intuition, thinking over feeling, head over heart. Often, beginning students open first to the mental part of telepathy. They may more easily receive telepathic communication in the form of mental messages or verbal thoughts. They may also tend to add their thoughts to the animal’s communication as they translate or interpret the mind-to-mind message.

As people continue to open, soften, feel, and receive more through their heart and whole body, they get more of the full range of telepathic communication from animals, including the animal’s feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. At this stage, they can still easily distort communication with the addition of their emotional agendas. However,
as they practice the communication process, they learn how to recognize and accept the purity and simplicity of what they get from the animals.

As they learn to quiet their minds more and face the personal blocks or agendas that get in the way of clear telepathic reception, they receive more of the complete and true communication from animals. Their defenses melt with the assistance of the acceptance, validation, and compassion that the animals invariably communicate. They heal themselves as they open to receive more communication. Their reception channel gets wider and clearer.

As students advance through the guidance of courses and practice, they learn repeatedly from communication with other species and even their own species that all ways of being, no matter how different than their own, are okay. As they experience more acceptance of their dark side or previously non-acceptable traits or unowned aspects of being, they move into more openness and ability to be and feel the others as ONE, as aspects of SELF.

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The deep compassion that the animals have for us as human beings helps us to learn to accept ourselves as we are. Loving compassion for others and self grows. The communication channel becomes more open and reception becomes easier and clearer. It becomes easier to feel what animals are feeling and sensing and thinking. There is less and less artificial separation. The distance is bridged.

Communion flows into oneness with the animals and a deep-felt understanding for all of life.

At this stage, people now
know with certainty that telepathic communication is real and they understand more of its complete nature. Then, an amazing, mind-boggling state begins to be experienced.

The communication and connection expand into the

As a person relaxes into and can sustain this all-encompassing openness, others around reflect this and open more to who they really are. On this path of spiritual growth, others also reflect one’s restrictions and areas that are crying for healing and growth and echo them back in thoughts, feelings, and behavior. So, we appear to attract others of our own and other species who highlight in their own being what we need to work on.

The deepening process of telepathic communication often shows us where we are stuck and rattles our cages. It takes continual work on ourselves to become clear and open channels of oneness, peace, and deepest love.

Breathe, soften, relax, feel your feet on the Earth, and connect. Use the means that work for you to feel the connection with self and others until it blends more consistently into non-effort – into union. Then all reception, perception, and communication hold more truth and stand more within the soul center or source of love and wisdom.

As we learn to celebrate all that we perceive about ourselves and others instead of judging, criticizing, and struggling, we move from pain into a place of peaceful union within and all around. All this is possible on the path of connection that is the telepathic journey with all of Life.

Let us celebrate this amazing, joyful, exciting, adventurous path of awakening that our sisters and brothers of other species open to us!

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To discover your ability to communicate with animals, start with reading the popular book,
Animal Talk, and then continue to develop your skill with this program


For personal experiences of the power of telepathic communication with animals, visit Animal Communication Adventure Stories

Since the 1970s, I've had a mission to bring forth a hidden ability found in everyone. The secret language that unlocks the door to understanding all species. I created the title interspecies telepathic communication to show the wider application of communicating with animals, plants, mountains, rivers…all life, in and beyond physical form. Echolng indigenous wisdom: Everything is alive. Everything communicates.

My vision: People recovering their ability to communicate with other species—realizing it is within them and can be remembered, recognized, practiced, and developed. Exchanging thoughts and feelings telepathically with other species bringing rich realizations and positive change. People living more fulfilling lives as they walk on Earth with other species and all life in mutual understanding and compassion. All beings and Mother Earth enjoying this deep connection.

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