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Animal Suffering and What We Can Do About It

I frequently get e-mails from people lamenting the suffering of animals, how horrible it is and how terrible they feel about it. Some people even conclude that efforts such as education to raise human awareness are fruitless when there continues to be so much abuse of animals in the world.

One person sent me a notice by an animal rescue organization about an animal who was rehabilitated after abuse and adopted into a loving home and commented:

Another life saved, but I continue to be concerned that we are continuing to put bandages on problems when we do not prosecute those cases of abuse and neglect. Please let me know your procedure to address the root of these human cases of animal abuse.
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Authentic Telepathic Communication

Nancy Windheart writes this guest feature, "Is it Authentic Telepathic Communication or My Own Thoughts." Nancy trained with me to be an animal communicator and is an excellent teacher. Her article is a well-written summary of my teaching and Nancy's experience on the subject.

One of the most common questions that I receive about interspecies telepathic communication is:

How can I tell the difference between my own thoughts and direct communication from an animal?

One of the biggest challenges that we as humans face in reclaiming our natural ability to communicate telepathically is differentiating authentic telepathic communication (especially when it comes from non-human beings) from the thoughts, ideas, and projections of our human intellectual, thinking minds.

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Accessing Telepathic Oneness

In my article on the stages of growth people experience on their journey of opening to telepathic communication with animals, I mention the concept of oneness, a universal connection with all life.

Spiritual connection and oneness brings the possibility of full telepathic communication according to our focus and awareness.
An expansive, rich, tender, full feeling of understanding can accompany realization of this state of telepathic connection. We can learn how to feel the joy and wonder of it with our animal friends and all other forms of life, if we take the time to re-discover what is already within us as a native ability.

Becoming an Animal
I emphasize becoming one with an animal as the most complete way to step out of our own thoughts, preconceived notions, beliefs, and world view and truly experience what an animal communicates through the animal’s senses, feelings, and thoughts. It is a direct and immediate telepathic experience of communication. Read More…

Animals Taking On Our Issues

Some people believe that animals take over illnesses from their humans. A shamanic practitioner I know tells a client that his dog is sick because of his suppressed emotions and the person feels very guilty after that.

I believe that animals too could get sick because they have their own karma. At least I cannot be sure if it is true so I find it not right to say this to a client. What is your experience with this ?

We Are Connected
Often there is a correlation between what humans are learning in life and what animals experience or respond to in us. No matter our species, we are each other’s helpers and mirrors, giving us a chance to see, often in an exaggerated way, what needs to be illuminated next and which may be clouded due to our habitual patterns or suppression.
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What to Do When Emotions Interfere

To receive true telepathic communication from animals requires that you are undistracted by your thoughts and emotions, calm, centered, and ready to connect and listen. You need to be able to receive incoming thoughts and feelings that an animal is communicating, unmixed with your own thoughts so you don’t misinterpret what you receive.

An Emotional Storm
A recent e-mail exchange highlights the effects of an emotional storm and how the person handled it to help handle a situation with her cat. Read More…