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Animal Death & Reincarnation

Animal Full Moon Passages

Our animal communication group discussed how lost animals and animals passing over frequently seem connected to full moons. I have noticed more animals killed on the road after a full moon than at any other time, regardless of the state I have been in or the time of year. Something else also surprises me. Many times, I notice in one day a few of the same species who died on the road, such as several raccoons, cats, opossums, and even porcupines. What do animals have to say about the connection or reason behind these events?
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The Timing of Death

Question: Many of my animals have told me that when they or a human dies, it is the right time on the soul level. Many animals have asked me to give them time or let them pass on their own.

In animal communication courses, other animals also complained that they did not want to die and got thrown out of their bodies unprepared. Some said that far too many are put down against their will.

On the other hand, I communicated with a dog with many problems who was hoping his people would release him out of his body. Instead, his people tried again and again to keep him alive.

Can animals die too early or too late? What does this mean on the soul level? Is what bothers me a question of guilt and responsibility?
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The Alpha and the Omega

On Tuesday, May 22, the day after Mo’s passing, as I gave his body back to Mother Earth in tender ceremony, a female tortoise contacted me. She told me it was part of their plan to be with me as guardians and friends in ancient reptile form. He got the first turn, and now she was coming to me. Her presence was powerful and friendly, with a sly sense of humor.

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The Last Flowers of Master Mo

Mo, my deep and wise Sonoran desert tortoise friend, died today, 21 May 2023. This morning, I picked 60 desert willow and ruellia flowers. He happily chomped his favorite treats. That’s the last time I saw him alive.

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Easing into a New Life

The four new members of our chicken family, Gandalf, Tatiana, Cassandra, and Georgia, graduated from living in the garage. (See my June 12 blog for news of their arrival.) They were ready to move to their outdoor pen in the big chicken run when they were one month old on July 6.

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The Joy of Animal Friends Returning

Tatiana was the tiniest hen in my chicken family, a black curly-feathered/frizzle Serama, the smallest breed of chickens in the world. She was sweet yet plucky, often having to dodge the other chickens as she usually occupied the bottom place in the pecking order.

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Animal Communication Morsels, Part 1 Canine Diet, Sudden Loss, and Grieving

People often email me their questions about animal communication or their animal friends. As appropriate, I refer them to animal communicators for a professional consultation. Others I refer to publications or other professionals such as veterinarians for help. When I feel I can answer quickly in a helpful way, especially with people I know, I buzz off a response. Here are a few of these questions and my answers as food-for-thought.

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Chicken Soul

Chickens have been part of my animal family since 1985.

I’ll never forget when I got my first four chickens and released them from their carrying cages. These full-grown hens had never had their feet on the earth before. Their wonderment about the soil, plants, and other sights of the countryside from their securely fenced run was palpable. They looked around in every direction and made soft chicken “oooh” sounds.

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Euthanasia and the Pastel Cat

I’ve known Kathy Runnion since 1984, when I moved to Inverness, California next to Point Reyes National Seashore. Known for her friendliness as she worked in the post office, she was awarded for her loving service after she started Planned Feralhood in 2002 to manage the burgeoning feral cat population in the area. When I moved to Arizona in 2006, I continued to help Kathy by communicating with the cats in her sanctuary as needed.

Recently, she called me to help with Zoe, a cat with a large squamous cell carcinoma in her mouth endangering her swallowing and breathing. The vet advised euthanasia. Kathy was emotionally torn…

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Factory Farming and Our Dogs and Cats

Val Nuttall posed a question: You recommend feeding a raw diet to a dog or cat. What about the animals who have endured suffering and abuse in factory farming or is it just cats, dogs, horses you are concerned with?

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The Departure of My Ultimate Dog

I am eternally grateful for the magical life with my ultimate dog, Belinda. She had the best traits of all my former dog companions and added some qualities and quirks of her own, as we individuals all must do. It is fitting that she departed this life on November 1st - All Saint’s Day.

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The Great Cycle of Life

As my sweet, wise canine partner, Belinda and I wend our way through the end stages of her life on Earth, I am reminded of the departure of our dearest friend, Sherman, orange tabby wonder cat. Sherman and Belinda loved each other deeply and curled up together often. With similar size, coloring, and loving energy, I called them the Butterscotch Twins.

Here is the wondrous story of Master Sherman’s last steps on Earth…

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Animal Acceptance of Death

Conscious of their spiritual nature and living fully and happily in their current animal form, animals generally do not fear a natural death. Nearing their physical demise, they often leave their bodies gradually, relatively painlessly, and peacefully if they are allowed to do so. Dying can get painful and prolonged if they feel obligated to stay in their worn-out bodies for the sake of people they love who do not want to let them go.

A woman called me for a phone consultation about her aging standard poodle. He had refused to eat for a week after a series of veterinary treatments for various ailments. She realized that her dog was dying and that she could probably do no more for him. She was gravely concerned that for several months, her formerly affectionate canine companion avoided her and seemed morose.

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Animal Death - Guilt and Grieving

When an animal dies, we often experience feelings of guilt and remorse that compound our grief yet again. Could I have done more for my beloved companion? Why was I so preoccupied with my work that I failed to notice his illness? Did the treatment plan I chose to follow make him suffer more? These questions and many others may haunt us for weeks, months, or possibly years.

Our rational minds may say that it isn’t logical to grieve so much for a beloved animal friend. However, every bond we share with other beings creates a kind of energetic blending of our auras or energy fields. When a friend leaves, there is a tearing of this bond, which can hurt just as if our bodies were ripped open. We have to heal that energetic wound before it becomes easy to connect with our friends solely as spirits.

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