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Animals that Inspire Fear or Loathing

The ability to communicate with animals may begin with creatures you are comfortable with, such as cats and dogs. In my courses, I have loved to help people stretch their boundaries and become curious about animals outside their comfort zone to gain revelations and experience insightful breakthroughs. It is a very useful exercise to shift feelings about animals, especially those people are afraid of or even hate.
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How Animal Communication Can Help in Marine Animal Rescues

Whenever high-profile animals are featured in the media as stranded or injured, I get requests to communicate with and help them.

A two-year-old orca, which locals named “Little Brave Hunter” translated from the Ehattesaht First Nation language, became stranded in a lagoon along the northwest reaches of Vancouver Island when traveling with her mother.
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Travels with Spirits of the Land

I’ve taken many spirit-inspired journeys, traveling and camping with animal companions and communicating with trees, mountains, rivers, wild animals, and other elements of the land to help me on my way. When I moved from California to Arizona in 2006, I made many pilgrimages to places in the Western United States. Here is the story of one of those magical journeys.
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Water Consciousness and Ecosystem Purification

What does Water think, and how does it feel about the current situation on our planet? How does it feel about humans, and what does Water suggest we do to help sustain its life-giving essence?

How do animals see Water? How do they feel about this necessary element? What effects does pollution have on them? What can we do to purify our water?
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The Vital Role of Pure Presence

Want to know the key ingredient for successful animal communication consultations and life in general?
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The Wisdom of All Animals

I met Dawn Baumann Brunke just before the turn of the century. (Whoa, that makes it sound like a very long time ago!) She was editor of Alaska Wellness magazine and interviewed me for her book, Animal Voices, published in 2002. Here’s an excerpt from our interview for the chapter “When All the World is Wise.”
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Animal Full Moon Passages

Our animal communication group discussed how lost animals and animals passing over frequently seem connected to full moons. I have noticed more animals killed on the road after a full moon than at any other time, regardless of the state I have been in or the time of year. Something else also surprises me. Many times, I notice in one day a few of the same species who died on the road, such as several raccoons, cats, opossums, and even porcupines. What do animals have to say about the connection or reason behind these events?
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Sensing a Dog's Seizures

Laura Kilmer wrote to me just before Christmas 2023. She has practiced animal communication for four years and graduated from a program to become a professional animal communicator in August 2023. She had a question she couldn’t find an answer for.

Is it possible for humans to sense/know that their dog (or any other being) will be having a seizure soon?
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Herd Perspectives on Global Health

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

I communicated with a herd of giraffes, specifically an elder female.

Conversing with cows living in a sanctuary…

I asked the American Buffalo what they felt about the decimation of their population…

I received this from three horses that I meditate with and from deer that live nearby…
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