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Earthworm World

I watched a video with a well-known guru who often shares practical wisdom about life.

In answering a person’s question, he stated how human life is much more complex than other species and how we have more choices and are at the top of the species pyramid. I bristled at his words extolling the separation of humans from other species in this common notion of human superiority.

He went on to say that other animals don’t have the choices humans have, citing as an example an earthworm.

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Alligators Remind Us

Many people in the Western world consider themselves as separate from the rest of Nature, human spectators alienated from the whole web of life. They often do not recognize our interdependence with all beings on Earth and that animals, plants, minerals, and all the natural elements have much to teach us about balance and integration of spirit with form.

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When Human Help Isn't Helpful to Wild Animals

I’ve received a few emails recently asking about helping wild animals that illustrate what may not be helpful from animals’ perspectives.

Can you communicate with raccoons and let them know that a person is dangerous to them?

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Tell It Like It Is

When people first start training as animal communicators, they are often unsure and hesitant about relaying the communication they receive from animals. As their instructor, I commonly had to coax students to say what communication they got, since they weren’t sure it was “right” or that they got anything at all and didn’t want to look foolish.

When students were doing course exercises with other people’s animal companions, instead of just telling what they got from the animal to the person, they might
hedge their bets.

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Do Animals Take On Illness for People?

Enjoy this clear and insightful Guest Blog by Nancy Windheart

One of the topics I’m asked about frequently as an animal communicator is,
“Do animals take on illness for people?”

The short answer to this question is
yes. And the longer answer to this question is much more nuanced and complex.

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Mystical Animal Connections

All of us who are close to animals and love and honor them as fellow beings may have encounters with our domestic and wild animal friends that are downright mystical.

Soul to soul connections go beyond whatever bodily form we happen to be animating. Souls and energy fields can merge ecstatically or in profound peace, and joy.

Having always recognized animals, plants, mountains, soil, and all other forms as soul-filled, just like me, mystical connections with them have showered me with blessings throughout my life. Here are a few recent experiences.

May they spark your own memories of deep interspecies connections and encourage you to make more space and time for them to occur in your life.

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The Great Trees: Who They Really Are

In August of this year, I made a pilgrimage to the giant sequoias of the Sierra Nevada in California. I visited Alder Creek Grove, joining a group from Save the Redwoods League who helped purchase the property to preserve the largest remaining giant sequoia grove owned by private landowners. A disk in the ground with my name marked the space of a tree not far uphill I affectionately called the “Penelope Sequoia”.

The trip was originally scheduled for last year, but intense fires raging in California ended up spreading through Alder Creek at that time. Sadly, the drought-driven flaming torrents killed thousands of the hardy, fire-resistant, thick barked, ancient giant sequoias in the area.

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Whales: Their Work and Mission

The enormous physical size of whales echoes the enormity of their consciousness and why they are here on Earth.

Researchers have written about whales’ important physical role in maintaining the balance of life and fertility of oceanic animals and plants. They also found that whales are responsible for extracting hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon from the atmosphere to provide cleaner and healthier air for life on the whole planet.

Being in the presence of whales and communicating with them reveals
not only their physical role in the web of life but their vast spiritual awareness and benevolence.

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Chicken Soul

Chickens have been part of my animal family since 1985.

I’ll never forget when I got my first four chickens and released them from their carrying cages. These full-grown hens had never had their feet on the earth before. Their wonderment about the soil, plants, and other sights of the countryside from their securely fenced run was palpable. They looked around in every direction and made soft chicken “oooh” sounds.

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Animals and Unresolved Issues

I was speaking to a puppy, Tutu, who had transitioned recently. She was living on the street with her family and was in and out of homes when her mother was neutered, then again when she had Parvo. She was adopted for a few days and abandoned. She was upset when I connected with her, and wanted closure as to why she was not allowed to just be by the feeder and that she could never really belong and felt unwanted. This was my first experience for an animal seeking closure and I was not sure if it was me projecting. When I spoke with other experienced communicators, everyone said it was my projection or the animal mirroring the need for closure of the human. But I still feel in my heart that it was the animal. Would you have an insight into an animal's soul journey? Could they like us also need closure? Could they too have unresolved issues?

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The Big Storm & the Little Rabbit

I live in the Sonoran Desert in a rural area north of Phoenix, Arizona on beautiful land surrounded by mountains and filled with an amazing array of wild animals.

Summer brings Monsoon, when a shift in wind direction from dry westerly to moist southerly winds brings a season punctuated by big winds, lightning and thunder storms and flash floods. The last two summers have been excruciating dry, a drought exacerbated by very little rain last winter. We hoped for a good rainy season this summer.

The first big rain of the monsoon brought a surprise to my door.

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How to Ground Disoriented Animals

Lisa Mapes writes:
I was called upon to meet with a dog that I helped in the past. This time I found his behavior so unusual. He seemed to be in another dimension and was very ungrounded. How do you ground someone who is so taken over by another realm? I know food can help, and play with the other dogs, and I know he loves the land. But the energies come over him and he floats away, sometimes ending up down the road in the subdivision! I am amazed with what I am seeing and was wondering if you have had dealings like this? Such a fascinating and powerful situation. The horses honored him and the dogs just allowed him to be, even as he paced or floated through the house at night. When he would look at me he would hold my gaze and look through me. I just feel so honored to know him, to have the experience of him.

Yes, I have been asked to help animals who were so immersed in other realms that they did not function well in the physical world and remained in an expanded but dysfunctional, ungrounded state, partially or wholly disconnected from their bodies. Bodies may be left to run on automatic when beings are not fully connected and in control. They may be jumpy, easily startled, prone to run away, or have behavior and health problems.

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Euthanasia and the Pastel Cat

I’ve known Kathy Runnion since 1984, when I moved to Inverness, California next to Point Reyes National Seashore. Known for her friendliness as she worked in the post office, she was awarded for her loving service after she started Planned Feralhood in 2002 to manage the burgeoning feral cat population in the area. When I moved to Arizona in 2006, I continued to help Kathy by communicating with the cats in her sanctuary as needed.

Recently, she called me to help with Zoe, a cat with a large squamous cell carcinoma in her mouth endangering her swallowing and breathing. The vet advised euthanasia. Kathy was emotionally torn…

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When An Animal Reports Abuse

In response to my last article, Why Animals May Not Speak Up About Abuse, a reader asked:

What do you do when you suspect abuse or the animal tells you he's being abused? I know many of us would want to rescue the animal but we can't do that always and it could make things worse for the animal. What is the best thing to do that would be in the best interest of the animal without insulting the owner or becoming angry? Elaine Winter, MSW, LCSW

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Why Animals May Not Speak Up About Abuse

An equine therapist wrote to me years ago with a very earnest and powerful question. I’ve expanded the answer I wrote to her for this column.

I recently listened to a talk you gave and I was very delighted with your message(s). The message I most gratefully got from your talk that I have been wanting to hear from the Animal Communication world is:

"I want everyone to learn how to listen to their own animals.”

As a bodywork practitioner, observer, and absolute lover of animals, I have had a resistance to Animal Communication popularity simply because I have so many clients who are paying huge amounts of money for someone to "talk" to their animals when the animal is practically jumping up and down screaming at their person to just notice what they are trying to “say."

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Surprise and Discovery in Animal Communication

I was revamping the garden of my Sonoran desert tortoise, Mo, shifting blocks in the retaining wall and putting in a few large planter boxes. Mo was trundling around, munching on grass and exploring, when he suddenly made a beeline to one of the large planters I had on its side as I was cleaning it.

He plodded around my feet and proceeded to climb into the planter. I picked him up and put him back on the ground to finish cleaning. He climbed back in. We repeated the scenario a few times with me laughing at Mo’s persistence and vaguely, in the background, puzzling about his unusual behavior as I stayed focused on my garden work.

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Animals: The Dark and the Light

When I post an article or video on Facebook about an animal helping to rescue or heal others of its own kind or other species, including human, I have seen comments like these:

  • Oh, animals are such angels! If only humans could be like them, the world would be a better place.

  • I wish I could live in the world surrounded by animals. It would be so much more peaceful.

  • Even the wildest non-human animal does not premeditate harm or hate or act cruelly towards its own or other species as many human animals do.

  • Animals are full of unconditional love, unlike humans. Only humans destroy each other and everything in the natural world around them.

  • Animals' consciousness is clear of obstructive, conflicting dynamics. Animals live in their authenticity almost all the time.

These comments seem to propose that
humans are malign creatures and animals are saints.

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How Can You Know Telepathically if an Animal is Dead or Alive?

Some animal communicators have had the experience in long-distance consultations when clients test them by asking them to communicate with an animal but hide the fact that the animal has died.

Readers have asked:
Why doesn’t an animal communicator know if an animal who is not present is alive or dead?

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Animal Communicators Can Be Fooled

Helping people with their animal friends as an animal communicator can be demanding work. To do it well requires a great deal of sensitivity, calm, centered presence, compassion, clear and deep communication, dedication to our own spiritual/emotional growth, strength, and courage.

It is not a profession for the faint of heart.

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The Silent Work of All Species

People often underestimate animals’ awareness, understanding, and conscious engagement with the world around them, especially their awareness of human activities.

Animals can be masters of being quiet while fully surveying and feeling their environment with heightened awareness. They can be aware of currents of energy and events far beyond their immediate surroundings and survey events happening around the world through their own species or interspecies connections.

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Elephants Explain Their Deaths and Warn Humankind

I’m a South African, but have recently moved to Botswana where I operate a small company with my twin sister that does private guided wildlife safaris. Up until a few months ago I didn’t know much about the topic of animal communication until I did a hypnosis session with my clairvoyant friend and the animal kingdom came to me and told me I must learn to communicate with animals before I moved from South Africa to Botswana. I have recently arrived in Botswana and I have had some profound communication with the animals. I’m quite new at this still. I have been reading your books and found so much inspiration and guidance from your wisdom.

I’m reaching out to you to ask if you know anything about the mysterious deaths of the elephants in Botswana? They have been mysteriously dying in a kneeling position. Around 330 elephants died between May-July 2020 in the northern Okavango Delta near the area where the Okavango River flows from Namibia into Botswana. 11 Have died again very recently.

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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 4—The Body and Cancer Cells

Your blog on the coronavirus and how it is supporting the balance was very interesting! I am also from Hong Kong and have a similar question: have you ever had a word with cancer cells? If so, what were your findings? Moni

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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 3—Other Approaches

There are times when telepathic communication and dialog may be only one part of working out a problem you are having with groups of animals.

I've had challenges with two types of ants: the fire ants which are very painful and bite before you know they are close. The ones who are a big problem for all my flowers are the harvester or cutter ants. They will take down an entire flower bed in one night. They use the cuttings to grow fungus underground (which is their only food source). I've almost given up on growing daylilies and some others. How do we talk to them?

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