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Mystical Animal Connections

All of us who are close to animals and love and honor them as fellow beings may have encounters with our domestic and wild animal friends that are downright mystical.

Soul to soul connections go beyond whatever bodily form we happen to be animating. Souls and energy fields can merge ecstatically or in profound peace, and joy.

Having always recognized animals, plants, mountains, soil, and all other forms as soul-filled, just like me, mystical connections with them have showered me with blessings throughout my life. I have shared many of these episodes in my
books, audio, and video works, blogs, and other articles. Here are a few recent experiences.

May they spark your own memories of deep interspecies connections and encourage you to make more space and time for them to occur in your life.

Jerry, my orange tabby friend, often takes a nap with me in the afternoon. He’s a talker and makes his presence known with insistent vocalizing. He enjoys me talking back to him in feline style or human words as he pushes the sides of his face against my hands for just the right rubs. I also give him a firm massage that elicits drooling purrs. Then, as we cats like to do, we snooze together.

Jerry orange tabby cat contemplating
One afternoon, when I was lying still in a contemplative state and feeling energy move through me, Jerry made sure he was in contact with me, stretching his body out along mine. I could feel him radiating golden Sherman light, supporting me in flowing and grounding spiritual energies. (Sherman was my former orange tabby master wizard.)

When I turned on my side, Jerry moved a little, and I thought he might leave, as he sometimes does when I change position. Instead,
he stretched out his paw to touch my hand, making sure we were in contact. He put one front paw on the side of my hand and carefully placed the other in my palm. Wow!

I could feel him vibrating. Then he put his back paws against my arm so all four paws were in contact with my body. His lingering position with a deep feeling of support and connection was intensely soul-warming.

Jerry told me he realized he was here to support me in transferring evolutionary energy as Sherman did before him. He communicated that Ziggy (black cat) knew he was here to support me from the start, and in that, he was ahead of Jerry, who had to express his independent nature in his first eight years. Now Jerry felt he had moved into the universal golden Sherman energy fully and knew what he had to do in supporting the work with me. Chills.

We both seemed to cross through a spiritual doorway and understood it was okay to be still with our bodies when needed and go with this energy rather than following other ideas we had about our lives. At age 11, Jerry was more fully stretching into Sherman’s paws. It meant a lot to me.

Hooking up with my former canine friend, Belinda, was another experience of mystical communion. You can read that story here. Powerful spiritual episodes with Belinda multiplied through the years.

She was rescued as a starving stray pup from the streets of Mexico City by a California veterinary rescue team before she came to me at a little over one year old.

Having foraged for food as a street dog, Belinda ate all kinds of things. I had to secure my compost pile in a container after I found her pulling out and eating lemon and orange peels, guarding them like treasure when I went to take them away. Her pictures of life as a stray dog revealed eating fruit that dropped from trees, any garbage she could find, and poop of any kind, including her own.

In our first walks on paths lined with wood chips, she marveled that there was food everywhere here and tried to scarf down the wood chips. I had to be vigilant in scooping her and my other dog’s poop in the yard. I barricaded the cat litter boxes. Even buttons were on her menu.

I reassured her that she would always have ample food. However, the urge to eat whatever she could find was desperately ingrained. It took years for her to completely stop eating odd things when finally, the reality fully permeated her body that regular meals of really good food would continue.

I thought I would have to be very watchful with her around my drums and rattles and other objects made of animal hide or wood. In our first shamanic drum circle at our home soon after Belinda arrived, I put drums and rattles in a basket on the floor for people to use in the circle. The participants also brought a myriad of artifacts to put on our altar in the middle of the circle that could have been considered food by a former stray dog.

What did Belinda do? Amazingly,
her spiritual awareness overrode her starving-dog urges. She greeted everyone, simply looked at all the artifacts with calm interest, and joined others in the circle.

When drumming started, my Afghan hound, Buddha Boy, always would leave the room. The reverberating sound was just too much for his sensitive canine ears.

The loud drumming did not phase Belinda. She danced with joy, moving around the circle in time with the drumming and chanting, and keeping pace with the other people.

When we sat in quiet contemplation afterward, Belinda sat with us, deeply connected to all the people and the energy gathered in the room.

Belinda, small rust-colored dog with short hair
I knew that Belinda was sent by the Ancient Grandmothers, my closest shamanic spirit teachers and soul group, to help in the mission of restoring communion with all life. Now I saw that she was part of the Ancient Grandmothers circle and understood everything that was happening.

Belinda loved playing with toys. One time, I aimed to throw a toy that she usually chased down the hall but it veered off into the middle of an altar on the floor filled with sacred objects around a statue. She stopped abruptly in her mad dash and looked back at me in horror when she saw where her toy landed. She was not about to grab it and disrupt the altar. I gingerly picked out her toy and apologized for my error. She never touched any of the sacred objects within easy reach that she could have considered edible.

Belinda shared her great love and mystical connection with many people who came for animal communication courses or shamanic retreats at our home. People were quietly transfixed when she sat on my lap and looked intently at each person in the circle. When done with her focused greeting and blessing, she jumped down and climbed into the lap of whoever needed her the most.

I couldn’t have asked for a canine companion more completely aligned with me and my work.

After she left the physical realm, along came her successor, long-haired Chihuahua, Pepito.

He came presaged by visions, signs, synchronicities, and messages like many animal companions before him. Guidance mysterious yet clear, laced with wondering and excitement.

Read the story of Pepito’s mystical arrival.

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