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Animal Communication Study Program

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Which book, audio, or video is right for you to learn animal communication?

What should you study first to become an animal communicator? 

Here’s our recommended program:   

Start with the classic, foundation book, Animal Talk Just knowing that telepathic communication with animals is possible, that you can understand animals through exchange of thoughts and feelings, can begin to open the door to remembering that you have communicated with animals. You have picked up their intentions, understood their feelings and what they were trying to say to you at some time in your life.

After you walk through the steps in Animal Talk, you can go deeper into understanding how animals think and feel with
When Animals Speak. This will ground you in the basics, including "how to" techniques, and then go on to more depth in the subject.

The book with comprehensive knowledge and help with animal dying and death,
Animals in Spirit

If you cannot do a
Basic Animal Communication Course in-person or online with an animal communication instructor or wish to have a preview or review of the fundamentals, then get the How to Communicate with Animals Basic course audio recording and booklet

Then get the
Animal Communication Mastery Series audio recordings - a must for animal communicator training. Let animals teach you and expand your understanding with their guidance and wisdom to access the ancient knowledge that we all share.

The Telepathic Journey: Opening to the Whole audio recording gives you a guide on what to expect as you progress on the journey in animal communication to encourage you through the challenges and the leaps forward.

All of Penelope's books and recordings can be read or listened to many times as you progress. They are densely packed with practical, insight-inspiring information that can be absorbed in layers as you go over the material.

The live lecture Animal Healing Power audio recording and Telepathic Communication with Animals video give you an overview and many examples to understand the subject.

Wild Animals Speak video goes into depth on awakening our telepathic connection with wild animals so we can walk in oneness with them. It covers some basic and advanced principles of true telepathic communication.

Animal Spirit Call audio recording aligns with the Advanced I Course, the Deepening and reveals more about the shamanic spirit connection of animal communication. See Events for a description of this course.

Evolutionary Leaps with Our Animal Friends, How to Tell if Animal Communication is Real, and other recorded live teleseminars transmit profound spiritual teachings and boost our evolutionary potential as we align ourselves with our fellow animals of all species during the powerful changes of our time.

These publications reveal what the subject is about and help families, friends, and other animal lovers to understand and begin to open their own animal communication connection. Some people use these resources at lectures, club meetings, and other gatherings.

Many professional animal communicators have all of the publications and listen/read/view them many times through the years for further knowledge and inspiration in their work.

And don’t forget to use the free publications on this website to broaden your knowledge and practice of animal communication!

Animal Communication Tips, Animal Consultation Information, and Animal Communication Stories.

The Animal Communicator
BLOG is an archive full of practical articles about animal communication that has been available previously only to people who studied my courses. Check out my YouTube channel for enlightening instructional videos.

Wishing you a wonderful journey in the field of communication with all species/all life!

Penelope Smith

Penelope Smith is the Grandmother of Animal Communication. Long before it was in vogue to be an animal communicator Penelope was courageous enough to let the world know that, “Yes, animals do speak!” She trained animal communicators all over the globe for decades.

What is most precious about Penelope’s work is that she is the practice of compassion for all beings in motion. Penelope is gifted with a very big soul ability to accept all beings in love. She is able to come from a place of zero agenda and just get who animals and people are. Instead of fixing, she is listening. Instead of debating, she perceives. She is able to master the skill of witnessing as animals do. As you learn more about her work you can begin to gain this skill yourself.

I truly believe that when we can all do this world peace will be the norm.

What is also very impressive about Penelope and her work is she never stands above anyone. She stands as sister side by side with all life. What a great leader!

I tuned into Penelope to embrace her soul and this is what I learned about her. She is a channel of a very, very bright light and she embodies the fairies, the dance, the music, the people, the animals, and the elements. She is the light. She has returned to who she really is and she is sharing this so that others may remember who they are.

From this special person has come many a CD and book; each one a beautiful experience and read for all animal communicators, healers, and people who are awakening or desire to be lovers of life.

Since the 1970s, I've had a mission to bring forth a hidden ability found in everyone. The secret language that unlocks the door to understanding all species. I created the title interspecies telepathic communication to show the wider application of communicating with animals, plants, mountains, rivers…all life, in and beyond physical form. Echolng indigenous wisdom: Everything is alive. Everything communicates.

My vision: People recovering their ability to communicate with other species—realizing it is within them and can be remembered, recognized, practiced, and developed. Exchanging thoughts and feelings telepathically with other species bringing rich realizations and positive change. People living more fulfilling lives as they walk on Earth with other species and all life in mutual understanding and compassion. All beings and Mother Earth enjoying this deep connection.

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