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Animal Communication Morsels, Part 1 Canine Diet, Sudden Loss, and Grieving

People often email me their questions about animal communication or their animal friends. As appropriate, I refer them to animal communicators for a professional consultation. Others I refer to publications or other professionals such as veterinarians for help. When I feel I can answer quickly in a helpful way, especially with people I know, I buzz off a response. Here are a few of these questions and my answers as food-for-thought. (Names are changed to preserve confidentiality.)

Feeding Dogs
My dog is sick. He usually eats a vegetarian diet but wants to eat meat recently. What should I do? We are a vegan family and cannot provide meat to dogs. We have religious beliefs. It’s our commandment that we can’t kill. My dog needs help.

Your dog knows what will help him to be healthy by wanting to eat meat. If you don’t feed him a natural diet for dogs (look at what wild canines eat), you are fostering your dog's poor health and disease. When you take care of animals, it’s your obligation to feed them what they need. It is not the same as what you as a human need to be healthy. If you don’t want to feed your dog what will help him be well, then it may be best to give him to someone who will, rather than making him suffer.
Dog on grass chewing bone

Here’s an article that may be helpful to you on a natural diet for dogs:

Plants are also alive and feel. It is part of life for humans and other animals to eat other beings, whether plant, animal, or mineral.

All the best to you and for your dear dog.

Animal Grieving
I lost, Pia, my sweet dog of 14 years suddenly. My other dog, Diamond, was raised with Pia. She was like a mom to Diamond. Diamond is so sad that she walks around the yard smelling all the spots Pia has been. She is clingy and yet standoffish. Do you have any idea what would be comforting to her? I can’t get another dog right now, and I don’t think that’s the answer.

Spend extra time just being with/near Diamond, sitting with her on the floor or bed. From a meditative mode, a place of centered presence, ask her about her loss and grief and feel it as she relays it. She will feel your acknowledgment and understanding of what she is going through, which will help her release her sadness and heal her loss.

Do it as often as she wants to help her feel more in touch with her current surroundings. This will also help her to feel her true soul-to-soul connection with Pia so that she knows and feels she can communicate with Pia. It will also help you heal your loss, and you can feel your eternal connection with Pia, too. You can also ask Pia for help to heal Diamond and your loss. Pia is expanded as a spirit and feels so much love and gratitude for her family and her life. She is free.

So beautiful. Thank you. I’m shedding tears right now. I am giving Diamond extra love, letting her sleep in the bed right next to me, getting some more walks and more treats. I will talk to her. It just happened so suddenly that we were all in shock.

When Another’s Path is not what We Want for Them
I have provided a foster home for Romanian dogs from animal shelters. I take care of these dogs until they move to their own family.

Tara and Tigre came to us together. Tigre moved to his new family after only three weeks. Tara was very timid but lovingly cared for little Tigre. After two weeks of effort, care, and love, Tara opened up. We were very proud of her.

Tara then moved to her new family. The daughter accidentally left the front door open, and Tara ran out. No calling and searching helped. The next day she was hit by a car and died.

Since then, I’ve been crying inconsolably. Everything hurts. I wanted the best for her, and now she's dead. Can Tara hear and see me? I am so incredibly sorry.

Why does God allow something like that? I’d be very happy for a short answer.

We are not in control of others' destinies, even if we lovingly take care of them. They may have a life plan to be here for a certain time and then leave. You helped Tara advance on her spiritual path with your loving-kindness. You are always connected as souls. Communicate with her, and you will feel her happiness and freedom. That is what she wanted, and it is good.

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