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Communicating with viruses or other microorganisms may feel like a stretch if you think of animal communication applying mainly to dogs, horses, cats, or other mammals. However, communicating with smaller life forms, even as tiny as cells, can yield enlightening results. Sue Becker echoes my experience in communicating with viruses in her article published in Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 53 Winter 2004.

In parts of Ontario Canada where I live, there was a serious outbreak of Norwalk virus in the late fall of 2002. Many nursing homes were closed or partially closed, and parents kept children home from school. By the time Christmas had arrived, I felt happy and secure that I did not contract the virus, although a person I work with had suffered with it. I was in for a surprise.
On Christmas Day an ill feeling came over me. Two hours later I was flat on my back, and for the most part, remained so for several days. Totally lethargic and having no energy, I felt a deep and unusual relaxation in my body muscles and tissues. There also was a complete relaxation of my mind. I spent long hours blanked out with no thoughts, just drifting in and out of sleep. During these days, several insights came to me.
First, I recognized the great healing abilities of cats. My three cats stayed with me through the entire episode. My Bengal, Hoss, kept me warm and protected from the violent cold and shivering that consumed me at the onset of illness by lying on my feet and legs. Each time I would awaken at least one of the cats was with me, no matter where I lay. I felt comforted by their presence and thanked them many times from my heart.

Second, I realized that my body was directing me about what I should be eating to nourish it. My directions were very clear through taste sensations. My body was intuitively rejecting what was not beneficial. I fasted on liquids for two days and then tried nibbling food that I love, but it tasted very strange. The only foods that my body would accept were diluted juice, water, vegetables, and a little fruit. Turkey, stuffing, and even Christmas desserts tasted terrible.
Other revelations came. One was the inspiration when I felt a little stronger, to connect with the Deva (overlighting spirit) of the Norwalk Virus to gain an understanding of what this illness was about. I felt the presence of a benevolent, radiant, peaceful, and powerful entity. This was not what I had expected and served as an excellent reminder to hold no expectations! 

Woman sleeping with cat
The entity told me that I had been in need of rest and that body toxins were building up and needed to be released. The illness had allowed my body and spirit to purge what was not wanted. The entity further went on to explain that this illness was part of the "cycle." This great cycle provides opportunities to remember who we really are, to relinquish our fantasies about physical life for a short time, and to rebalance and reprioritize what is important in our existence (not physical life, but pure existence). The Deva counseled me to continue from this place and to go up one step to live with a higher understanding, and to remember that all beings, even those perceived to be "harmful" are beneficial in some way. All offer opportunities to move to a higher level. I was told that the virus entities are not malevolent. They are spiritual helpers in disguise. They came to me at this point because they were available and because I was unconsciously seeking assistance.

These insights are just some of the gifts resulting from the virus' brief presence in my body. I thanked the Deva for the information and pondered it.
I realized that the homeopathic remedies I took immediately upon falling ill helped prevent the illness from being more severe and shortened its duration. This was another validation for me of the potency of vibrational medicine.

Also, it was clear that I needed this interval of rest from the build-up of the concerns of daily living and the need to "do" rather than to just "be." Having the virus showed me another, less busy, way of being, like getting back to the garden. Being ill and having little energy was emotionally and spiritually uplifting. I thought about death and the similarities between the complete surrender of approaching death and this state of complete relaxation. This motivated me to meditate on death, a meditation on which I had always procrastinated. I did complete the meditation when I was feeling better, and it was one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences I ever had. The illness helped me to overcome my fears about death so I could move forward.

In addition, I had been worrying about a trip I wished to take but was not giving myself permission to take it. I had been in emotional turmoil about this for days. While ill, the path to take was made completely clear. It was GO. There was no doubt about that.

Returning to health, I found myself more appreciative of the moments of the day, and that being appreciative does not mean having to fill all those moments with productivity. It is perfectly all right just to enjoy them, whatever that means to me at the time.

"Suffering" with the Norwalk virus and thus being given the opportunity to connect with its Deva provided the reminder to keep things in a universal perspective.

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