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Insect Evolutionary Perspective

Animal communicator, Sandra Mendelson, wrote to me:

Given your wonderful piece from your conversation with viruses, I thought I'd ask your opinion on this:

Today when I was asking the mosquitoes to stop biting me (and inviting them to share more insights that they wanted me to pass along to humans), I got this:

"You humans have misconstrued our intent since time began. Remember we told you about the total surrender of Ego as our life path in this incarnation? As you were unaware of that, you have been unaware that our bites could be protective. You humans have no idea what takes place on the microbial level and we are much closer to it than you are. We can protect you with our venom [drool] although perhaps you will never know it."  

I'm interested in the intent of the insects. Have you gotten anything on this?

The Great Mosquito
To answer this question, I communicated with the “Great Mosquito,” the Oversoul or Representative of the species, who holds all the wisdom and the broader outlook of the species, what s/he could tell me about the intention of mosquitoes and other insects.

Mosquito on blade of grass
Humans often do not see the bigger picture of how all beings of all species work together in a concert - a harmony that aids all beings on their evolutionary path as individuals, as species, and as a whole community of all beings on the Earth and beyond. When we mosquitoes search for blood, our immediate intent is to feed our young. This is vital for our survival.

All beings of all species focus on how they can survive and flourish as individuals, as families, as a whole. It is innate in our structures. We are born this way. It is coded into our physical makeup, from the tiniest microbes or even molecules, to the largest whales or elephants. Also encoded is how each energy projection or action done by each being forms a tapestry or map that forwards the evolution of everyone.

Life on Earth is a symphony of shapes, colors, bodily forms, energies. Every action contributes to the whole.

Humans often think of themselves as apart from Nature, but they are not. Every action they do influences all of life, just as every action of every being of every species. “Mistakes,” miscalculations, actions that seem to harm or hurt in the immediate doing still move all the rest forward on their evolution as species and in their evolution as spiritual beings in the long continuum of life after life.

There is a design, a force that moves all beings on the Earth. When you enter life through a body, you are part of this force of grand design. It might seem chaotic from an individual human mental perspective. Non-humans just know and feel the design and follow and enjoy it as inherent. We don’t have to question or deliberate about it.

We are here in form to fulfill a role. We have chosen a particular form to fulfill our destiny as spirits and learn about aspects of life that nurture our progress as individuals and in the whole. While it may seem to humans that injury, disease, or death is a failure or mistake, to us it is part of the flow of life, what we learn from as we look and feel our next movement or experience in our continuum.

We are all one great living, moving, breathing being on Earth and as soul or the infinite force that moves all of us. Don’t get lost in thinking or judging whether something is good or bad or right or wrong. Feel it for what it is in your path and the path of all and your movements will create the smoothest flow in the progression of life and be a refreshing, enlightening experience.

The Grand Adventure
Communicating to animals as Oversouls or ancient representatives of their species brings forth universal wisdom. Communicating with individual animals also brings forth knowledge that we humans can benefit from. We can learn from animals to enjoy life as it is, as we have designed it in our flow from life to life, where actions do have consequences in the short and long run.

Just looking at a mental projection of life as our personalities might want it will not bring us this perspective. It takes stepping into the “anima” or soul of all that is, including ourselves in that great flow.

As Great Mosquito communicated, even our seeming errors or short-sightedness that bring destruction to species including our own, have an overall evolutionary thrust on a physical and spiritual level. We may fear consequences on a moment to moment individual life level but the overall movement is for the next grand adventure for all beings who choose or are compelled to incarnate in the physical realm.

Human Wisdom
Ancient human traditions refer to stages that our planet goes through, which influence our individual and species life learning.

Jose Stevens illuminates this knowledge in his
April 16, 2019 article on destruction. (© All rights reserved.

According to the Aztec calendar we are at the very tail end of the 5th sun (ending in 1991) and the very beginning of the 6th sun (starting 2021) with the time in between as overlap. These Aztec suns are associated with the rotation of our solar system around the Pleiades that is in turn rotating around the galaxy. They count the suns based on where our sun is in this rotation. It is totally mathematical. So all the suns are actually different positions of our sun as it moves through space. If you don’t understand this don’t worry, it is not necessary to understand this in order to benefit from its impact.

The 5th sun or light sun was an era of externalization whereby people looked outside of themselves for answers. During this long period, humans tried to dominate and control nature for their own ends. The 6th sun is called the dark sun. During periodic dark suns lasting thousands of years, humankind turns within and seeks answers inside themselves.

During these sequences mother-nature takes charge and humans have to adapt to her. All hope of dominating her goes out the window. Dark suns are more enlightened and conscious than light suns. In 2021 the overlap period is over and we will be completely under the influence of the new dark sun. This basically means that the ways and means of the recent light sun are destroyed, erased, and done for.  The influence of the new dark sun will ascend and take over quickly.  Of course it will take some time for this to become the new paradigm all over the earth. What it does mean is that any attempts to do things by the old rules will be disastrous and will simply not work out. Any attempts to violate nature and go against her well-being will be catastrophic. She will teach us rapidly. The stage is being prepared for the younger souls to learn very harsh lessons and yes that means that the older souls will have to have patience and may have to endure some of the hardship as well. When the kids playing with matches burn the house down, the parents have to rebuild and that may not always be so easy.

These processes are cyclical and created for long-term lessons and growth. Destruction is part of these cycles, is part of the dynamics of this universe. Black holes swallow suns and solar systems in order to refresh them. Suns go nova and destroy all the planets around them. Destruction is everywhere but as we all know so is creativity. Death is followed by birth is followed by death in an infinite recycling process that includes all of nature. Our bodies decay and die with everything else but our essences are aligned with the mighty I Am presence that is immortal. So destruction is local just as a screwdriver or drill is local. It is just a tool we use to learn our lessons. It can lead us to suffering temporarily or it can lead us to freedom. The choice is ours to make in these turbulent times.

Anchor in Animals and Nature
Communicating with animals not only reveals individual aspects of their daily lives, but can remind us of our own inherent wisdom on how best to live our lives. When our mental cogitations lead us to a narrow boxed-in view, we suffer. As humans, we are reliant on other species in many ways for our survival and for our fulfillment on Earth. Animals, plants, and all life forms can help bring us home to peace and enjoyment of our journey. Let us listen and enjoy the full benefit of communion with all of life.

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