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Plants Love

In 1973, the best selling book, The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christoper Bird showed how plants feel and respond to human stimuli and care, exploring plants’ ability to communicate with humans, their responses to music, and other aspects of their awareness and creative power. Like telepathic communication with animals, publicized in the 70s by several pioneer animal communicators including myself, much of this evidence was rejected by the mainstream scientific community and those who looked at animals and plants as non-sentient.

In the decades following, researchers have gradually increased the number of published studies about animal intelligence and emotional life, acknowledging their ability to communicate in many complex ways, until in the last five years, there is a deluge of such findings.* In recent years, there has also been more scientific research done about plants’ ability to communicate among each other and to animals through extensive communication systems including through their roots, fungal networks, and release of chemical signals.**

The Universal Method
Behind all the physical language systems that animals and plants of all species use to communicate is the universal medium of telepathic communication. This is our inborn ability to send, receive, and understand others’ thoughts and feelings, no matter what physical form we inhabit.

The wonderful thing about telepathy is it takes you beyond mere physical observations and intellectual understanding. It connects you not only to the physical nature of animals and plants, but their emotional and spiritual nature: their wholeness as individual beings. It enables you to feel their sensitivity and how they understand the world around them. It propels you into a communion or feeling state of union with other animal and plant species, including their incredible capacity to love.

They Are Love
In a particularly difficult time of my life about twenty years ago, I was experiencing profuse deep sadness and emotional pain as old wounds from childhood sexual abuse surfaced to be healed. One day, as I sat on my patio and cried, I had to look up when I experienced warm thought emanations from the plants in my garden. I heard from the plants, “We love you. We appreciate you. We thank you for loving and taking care of us.”

I stood up and walked from plant to plant. Each as individuals and as a whole bathed me in incredible waves of loving energy. They thanked me for planting and nurturing them and communicated how much they appreciated my care. They loved me. I marveled and soaked in how deeply they loved me. Their love vibrations were a healing balm for my emotional wounds. I felt so loved, so tenderly restored to a peaceful state as I telepathically heard their loving voices echo in a soothing symphony.

I felt the essence of each plant and all of them together as nourishing liquid love. They assured me that I was not alone, they supported me, and I was healing. It meant so much to me to be cared for by them and lifted from a painful place of isolation in my grief. While I had been aware of how much I loved the plants, I had never fully received how much they loved me. It was a great gift.

Cholla cactus flowers - deep pink
I experienced the plants as pure love and myself and all of life around me as the same. We lived together in an ocean of love. Our very substance was love. The plants reminded me of my true nature and helped me to feel it when I needed it most.

Vibrant Wave
I have since had many occasions to bask in plant love. I gladly work hard daily to co-create with the plants and nature spirits and nurture my Sonoran Desert garden as a work of art. After hours of labor, I often sit or walk among the plants.

Then, I feel it. The amazing vibrant, sensitive, loving nature of the plants, both the ones I have had the joy to tuck into the ground myself and the myriad native plants, growing here for a long time or planting themselves in season.

It hits me like an immersive wave. I breathe in and am one with all the plants. I, like them, are love and love alone. We share pure joy, pure love, pure peace, pure life together. We understand each other completely in total telepathic union. We are one life. The other animals that enjoy the garden feel it, too. We all bathe in the beauty of our connection.

How To Feel It
Wherever you are around plants, you can open to feel it, too.

  • Find a space where you can comfortably sit or walk among plants in a garden, in a forest or field, even near potted plants in your apartment.

  • Feel your feet connected to the earth, even if they are not directly on the ground but on a concrete path or the floor of a building.

  • Feel how you are connected to the plants through your feet on the earth and how they are connected to you.

  • Respectfully acknowledge their presence as fellow beings and ask their permission to connect deeper and communicate with them.

  • Close your eyes or gently look at the plants with your eyes open.

  • Breathe slowly and feel how the plants are also breathing with you.

  • Feel their energy emanating and any feelings or thoughts that they may transmit to you as you connect deeper with them.

  • You may feel ripples or waves of energy going back and forth between you and the plants and a natural conversation happening with them.

  • Enjoy your own unique communion time with your plant friends and notice your feelings afterwards. You may wish to write down what you experienced.

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