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How the Whales are Holding the Planet Together

Originally published in Species Link: The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 59 Summer 2005

The ocean journey was particularly rough as we sailed from our dock at Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic to our anchoring spot in the sheltered coral reef area that thousands of humpback whales frequent each year for breeding and nursing new babies. The high waves crashed heavily against our metal hulled vessel, pitching us mercilessly on a wild roller coaster ride as we moved at the fast clip necessary to safely navigate the ocean in that area. Three hours later, as we neared our destination, I was desperately wishing for the choppiness to stop, so that my nausea would subside. I then planned to rest a bit and surface from my cabin refuge with some semblance of composure to see how everyone else was doing. My rational vision turned out to be one of those best laid plans that go awry.

Four miles from our destination, one of the crew shouted for all of us to come to the upper deck.

“Emergency! Fire in the engine room!” she cried.

The thick acrid smoke filled the upper deck dining room where we assembled and were handed life jackets. I sobbed from exhaustion as I had not recovered my strength from retching and careening for hours. I didn’t care if I had to jump into the ocean. I thought it would be refreshing, and I’d float happily with the whales who were surrounding us.

Before that scene could evolve, a water pipe melted in the engine’s flames and the spray of water put out the fire. The captain had sent out a distress call that brought another boat to our rescue. That boat had been anchored where we were headed and towed us back to the same area.

I lay exhausted on the deck, covering myself to avoid the hot sun and waiting for all motion to cease at last. When I peeked out over the ocean I saw the comforting presence of whales all around us. The captain later said that when we were stopped with the engine on fire, a baby whale breached right in front of the boat. We were being looked after and in good flukes (hands) through it all.

We rested from the upheaval that afternoon instead of venturing out for our first whale excursion. With energy renewed the next morning, we loaded into our two zodiac boats to be with the whales.

Humpback whale breaching
Holding the Balance
I had wondered how the big Sumatran earthquake and tsunami in late December would affect the whales’ interaction with us, now two months later. Our group’s first connection was with a somewhat shy mother and baby. They would come near our boat and connect but the mother seemed to be preoccupied and did not give us a strong invitation to interact.

After the mother and baby whale were around our boat for awhile, we gently slipped into the water to be with them briefly. I felt an enormous transformative power coursing through my body as we came close to them in the water. When I boarded the zodiac, I wept from the awesome impact of this interaction. I then realized that this mother and baby along with the multitude of whales in the area were working on a big project together. I felt them share the energy of their enormous task with me in a way that I could not have tolerated and would have fried my nervous system in previous phases of my evolution.

The whales showed me how they were holding the energetic planetary grid located within the Earth and ocean in balance after it had been dramatically destabilized by the big Sumatran quake.
I was dumbfounded when the whales communicated to me that their holding action prevented a giant explosion of the Earth’s core. They explained that they were making this effort to hold the grid in balance and the planet in one piece so we humans would have the time to jump to our next evolutionary level while still in this plane. This would be a totally different experience than evolving in the spiritual realm without inhabiting a physical form (or planet!).

In our further encounters with other whales,
I found the energy from them in the water so great that I could almost dissolve in it. As the whales swept through the water, they were realigning and cleansing the water molecules. They showed me again, as in previous years, how thousands of whales gathered to focus and amplify their great work, which spread to the whole planet from this breeding and nursery area.

The Greater Love
The Greater Love that emanates from the whales’ pores cleanses pollution and helps us to arrive at higher states of awareness. I perceived dark turquoise energy waves moving on the deepest level closest to the planet’s core. This energy was transmitted from our planetary spiritual guides and the stars through the whales and ocean. At a medium depth, gentle healing aqua energy flooded the Earth. At the uppermost level closest to the surface, white foamy energy cleared all waters and stabilized the Earth’s tumult. I experienced an intense union with all whales and all life as I felt included in this major work of the whales weaving energy through many dimensions.

On the following day, male whales were prominent in our encounters as they sang, raced, and jousted with each other. Though their energy moved strongly, it had the effect of cradling the mother or feminine energy inside the Earth.

Whales appeared and disappeared interdimensionally more obviously and frequently than on previous journeys. They did not give us as much close in-water interactions as in former years, explaining that they were deep in planetary work.

As I listened to whale song through the hydrophone dropped into the water early in our week together with the whales, I noticed the whales were mainly engaged in social communications with each other. When I listened to them on the last day, their song was very different.
The whales’ soundings went through a complete cycle of connecting longitudinal matrix lines of energy from the Earth’s poles. Then they passed energy around the planet from whale to whale in a full oceanic circle. After we listened to one full cycle, the whales began again, and I could listen no more to another intense cycle. It was apparent to me that the whales were mending the grid and holding the planet together. The effect on our evolutionary transformation was potent.

State of Unity
During our Full Moon Elder Spirit shamanic evening circle, the whales and guiding spirits downloaded more of what the state of Unity within us and with all life means and feels. Our group palpably experienced this great love and union of male and female energy harmonized to a new level.

On our last day with the whales, two whale lovers appeared. They led us in a dance as they appeared and disappeared. We would follow them in full view, and suddenly and mysteriously they would appear behind our boat, following us. In the several hours we traveled with them, the powerful whale pair transmitted what male/female energetic union feels like in the body. I experienced them taking the center line of my body and slowly opening it to widen and deepen the union of male/female force into a new state I had never known before. This transfixing opening continued for hours after the pair left.

The whales showed me the difference between the old dualistic order of conflict of opposites in which much of humanity operates and the emerging reality of unity and cooperation. They showed me how our way of experiencing eating and sex was part of the old order of duality, which often created separation and a desperate, insatiable longing for union. The whales further dissolved the veils masking the new vibrational reality and opened it further into our bodies, souls, hearts, and cells, channeling the transformation to the entire human species.

Being more fully in the new order, I realized deeply that I would not need to seek energy outside myself to feel complete. I felt the wound of separation filled and healed by this experience. The whales filled the ocean and the core of my being with a chocolate-like nectar.
They showed me how, wave by wave, all of us on Earth who were open to this grace were being stepped up into new states of consciousness, dissolving into delicious states of union. I experienced fresh visions of lightness and the ability to physically appear and disappear into other-dimensional realities like the whales.

When our boat departed the sanctuary, the whales showed me how many whales were actually present in the water in other dimensions beyond the physical. The water appeared thick with the whale multitude. There was no crowding because the individual whales were completely aware of themselves as all one Whale, one Being, Unity.

Chants of joy, peace, and love emanated from the ocean, whales, and we human travelers as we journeyed back to shore. We were bathed with enormous love from the Great Mother/Father Whale.

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