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The Harrowing Ordeal of a Mom and Cub Grizzly Bear

On May 28, 2019, Deidre Bainbridge asked me to help a grizzly bear in danger. She wrote:
This five-year-old first-time mom grizzly bear, #863, (called Felicia) is using the highway to protect her remaining cub from a boar bear who may have killed one of her cubs on May 14. She is a "roadside" bear; one reason is to be closer to humans where boar bears are less likely to approach.
I am praying you will communicate with her that the she can receive the same protection from other bears 50-100 feet away from the road because the roadway itself is dangerous for her cub and her own safety.

I have tried communicating with her. She is still very much in the roadway. Her remaining cub is a fighter. He is doing his best to stick with mom, through river crossings and onto the highway. Your help is much appreciated.

Grizzly bear mom holding cub
Felicia (Bear 863) cradling her cub, Pepper (photo by Hal Staley)

Deidre was actively on the scene working with Wyoming Department of Transportation, the U.S. Forestry Service, and other officials regarding Felicia’s situation. She explained that when Bear 863/Felicia was just two years of age and recently dispersed by her mother bear, she was relocated by wildlife officials to a new landscape from the area of her birth and where her mother bear taught her to find food. Diedre felt Felicia had done well to survive and live to have cubs and is important in the endeavor to protect this iconic species.

Penelope: I communicated with the mother bear and the stalking male bear and worked with harmonizing the energies of all the bears and humans involved in this situation. A guiding spirit I call Spirit Bear came in and is continuing to work with this situation to bring it to an optimum state. I am also staying connected till the coast is clear.

May 29 Deidre: Bear 863 and her cub have not been seen roadside or at all.

The local press detailed some of Felicia’s journey plus the agencies and many individuals involved. The bear situation had its drama with many people concerned, looking for the bears, and having different ideas on what would be helpful.

Diedre got very upset with an official saying Felicia should be killed because she was human-habituated. I wrote to her:
I recommend staying out of the human agitation. Focus on the bigger picture of well-being and harmony with the bears and all humans involved. Breathe with mother bear and her cub. They are doing their journey here on Earth and following their path. All is well.

Throughout Felicia and her cub’s ordeal, I could see Spirit Bear overlooking her and helping to keep her and cub safe.

May 30 Deidre: I have good news today. Thank you and thank you Spirit Bear. Felicia and cub were observed 200 yards above the road and later, eating an elk calf. Thank you for overlooking her and keeping her and cub safe. It is working well.

Grizzly bear mom with cub leaning against her
Felicia and Pepper (photo by Diedre Bainbridge)

All went well in sightings of mom (Felicia) and cub (Pepper) until June 18.

Diedre: The cub is crying desperately for his mom as he runs back and forth across the road. Photographers are there to protect him. Mom is likely hunting and he is so traumatized from being separated from her for so long that he will not stay where he is. Please communicate with him that he is OK and mom will come back soon and please ask guardian bear to do the same and to advise mom to get back to her cub.

Penelope: Mom says that she left her cub quickly so he can learn not to be so dependent on her physical presence every minute and feel the connection to her and what she communicates with him. I felt the mother's strong telepathic connection to her cub. I also felt how the cub was disconnected and desperate. I worked with Pepper to ground his body and help him to feel his connection to his mother through his feet on the ground and that she had not abandoned him but was just away to hunt while staying connected with him energetically/telepathically. It took awhile to get through and help him to ground and calm himself. He did get it. I also felt the photographers creating an energetic safety net around him. Spirit Bear also showed me that he has them both embraced in loving, protective energy. He told me, "It is the way of Bear."

June 19 Deidre heard that an adult bear was hit by a car near the lodge. The report could not be confirmed.

I sensed something amiss after this:
The mother seems to think the baby is fine on his own for now. She has a cool, detached manner even hearing the cub vocalizing. Strange.

Deidre: This morning the cub was calm in Turpin Meadow area but not with mom and mom was seen near the lodge. While I do not want to give energy to her being the bear that was hit, they are not back together at this point. I wonder if she is cool about hearing him cry because she is injured and not really with it? 

June 20 Diedre: These bears have a destiny that is bigger than they are. So many people have come together including agencies over interest and concern for them.

June 23 Diedre: This little bear cub is much more calm and has survived the week without that waste of energy. He has not given up. He is eating grass and rodents and he is desperately tracking his mom. She, on the other hand, now appears quite calm and oblivious, she is not searching for him. It appears she has abandoned her cub. 

I know now that the mom was illegally hazed from the road when she separated from her cub. I have no idea what that has to do with her indifference now. But we are observing them, helping him cross the road when he needs it, though not as much now as he has calmed. Tonight they were within a couple of miles of each other. She was sleeping on the side of a mountain and he was running after her scent on the same mountain side but went in the wrong direction. My heart is heavy from watching this little guy run with his nose to the ground for miles tracking his mom.

June 26 Penelope: In continuing to work with healing Felicia, I received images that Mom was traumatized by some sort of electric shock that joggled her brain/nervous system, causing disorientation and disconnection from her cub, though she had cognizance of her cub and felt it was okay to be remote from him. It appears that someone used a taser electric shock device on her. I am working with Spirit on healing her from this abuse, which will hopefully help in the reunion.

Deidre: I am fighting for this guy in a big way because he is so remarkable. No grizzly bear cub at 5 months has made it on their own, He is grazing and hunting rodents.

Deidre received this report about bear 863 and her cub from a world-renowned bear biologist acquaintance.

June 27 Penelope: Mom is still dazed. We are working on grounding/healing her deep trauma. Cub is very receptive to Spirit Bear's guidance now. Prayers for his survival and health and reunion with Mom in wholeness.

Deidre: Spirit Bear's Guidance is huge. People report the cub is careful on the roadway. Smart and guided little guy.

I have so much gratitude for you and Spirit Bear and for your love and guidance in this little cub's life. He is truly remarkable. Tonight he is still alone on the pass. His mother bear has been there recently, but not today. He is hanging in there, calm and minding the roadway. He is becoming a public figure because his survival in the face of this separation at such a young age is pretty miraculous.

Right now the authorities are resistant to any intervention, even when we recommended to take action to get them back together. Your love and energy in this is a huge assist to both bear cub and me.

Penelope: As I continued doing healing work with Felicia, it looks like she has suffered a concussion and some brain damage from an impact from a car besides the electric shock prod that disoriented her from her cub. She is unable to connect with him and seems to be blank or blind when orienting to his direction. She has passed places where the scent would have led her to him, yet she doesn't seem to remember that she is his mother. This could change if she saw him up close but it may not.
Spirit Bear's arm around the cub is keeping him calm and guiding him to food, and he also feels all of our energy and communication with him. We'll keep holding the healing and guiding energy for both in the highest for all.

June 29 Diedre: Thank you for your continued healing and guidance for both of them. Your assistance is huge. That makes sense with what I have been seeing. That she likely was struck by a car and the impact is causing cognitive issues in terms of her cub. She may be in pain, I am behind the scenes trying to determine what happened: A security company truck driver admitted to hazing her on the day they separated, and they may have tasers in their tool box. This little bear is paving the way for other bears to be rescued and I am fighting hard to save him in the process.

June 30 Diedre: I just heard that they are both fine today and right now about 1/2 mile apart.

Wildlife experts debated the possibilities of providing roadkill away from the road as sustenance without conditioning the cub to humans or even a rescue attempt, but the Wyoming Game and Fish Department did not concur.

July 6 Penelope: Our little grizzly cub is coping but I sure like the idea of putting out a carcass for him. Felicia still has a block in the front of her energy/brain field preventing reunion from her end. Spirit Bear assures me the situation is being resolved in the highest for all species/beings' paths. Healing is a mysterious thing in its progression.

Miracle Reunion
July 16 Deidre: (After 4 weeks of being apart) Mom and cub reunited this morning. I was up there within the hour. I did not see them but I saw photos and from what I am told it looks very promising. I know it would not have been possible without the guidance and oversight and love of you and Guardian Bear. I continue to pray and communicate with them and I am forever grateful.

July 18 Diedre: Thanks so very much for all you have accomplished for these bears. I know how important you are in this bear family life and history. Certainly the angel cub got your message and calmed down again and made it for a month on a busy highway alone. An inexplicable feat in terms of what the wildlife managers expected. 

What is certain is wildlife communication is very real and it can very much be of assistance but not without due consideration, just like any other intervention.

July 24 Diedre: A friend hiked into the back country and found Felicia and the cub playing together and looking healthy.

Grizzly Bear mom lying with cub
Felicia and Pepper reunited (photo by Patricia Lavin)

Penelope: When I've tuned into them, I feel their happiness at being together. The fog that Felicia had around her head/brain has cleared completely. Oh, this is such a relief!

Aug 4 Diedre The bears were crossing the highway often this morning which was very busy, but looking great. When mother bear crossed the highway to head away from the roadside dead moose they had been feeding upon, she looked back and called to the cub with a jaw pop to follow her and he ran fast to catch up. Another photographer was able to photograph nursing this morning. That is amazing because they were separated for one month. She now appears to me to be an attentive mother bear.

Aug 5 Diedre: Photos of the two playing make my heart sing. I do continue to communicate with them about the roadway which is a very busy highway. Clearly a big part of mom's diet is road kill.

Aug 12 Deidre: They continue to be roadside. It is generally only the locals who jump out of our cars to stop traffic as they cross the very busy highway.

Penelope: Felicia told me that the road is like a ribbon pathway to her and not unsafe. She showed me that Spirit Bear (very tall like a Redwood tree on his hind legs) guides her and that small humans (she sees humans as small and inconsequential) come out of his legs to protect her from cars on the road. I showed her that away from the road is safer and filled with food for her and her cub. Felicia showed me that downslope away from the road is where the big male grizzly is, and she feels safer around the road. I worked with Spirit Bear and Felicia and all the animals and energies of the area to harmonize and keep Felicia and Pepper safe. Spirit Bear turned away from the road and created a different view for Felicia and an area at least 100 feet and beyond the road to forage.

Aug 21 Penelope: Felicia communicated that she had followed Spirit Bear's guidance and gone away from the road and down deeper into the forest. Spirit Bear cleared the way from male bears being near her.

Diedre: The Black Rock Chief Ranger told a friend Felicia had been about 6 miles further than she had been seen before and was way down the hillside in the trees, well off the road. So that is true she had gone down and deeper into the forest. So happy she heeds the advice of Spirit Bear.

Aug 23 Diedre: Thank you so much for your continued communication and guardianship of these two angel bears. Yesterday no one saw her, Spirit Bear is doing a great job. They were last seen heading North into the high country at a fast clip away from the roadway.

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