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Animal Communication Morsels, Part 1 Canine Diet, Sudden Loss, and Grieving

People often email me their questions about animal communication or their animal friends. As appropriate, I refer them to animal communicators for a professional consultation. Others I refer to publications or other professionals such as veterinarians for help. When I feel I can answer quickly in a helpful way, especially with people I know, I buzz off a response. Here are a few of these questions and my answers as food-for-thought.

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Wild Horse Request

Would you share with us how America's Wild Horses are faring with the massive roundups by the Bureau of Land Management over the last year(s)? In 2021, I read over 18,000 have been unceremoniously and somewhat carelessly rounded up and shipped to government holding pens. Over 100 horses have been killed in the process. Given our partnership with these creatures over millennia, it seems a great tragedy. Are they willing to share what, if anything, we can do to support them, outside of advocating for their protection or adoption?

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