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When Human Help Isn't Helpful to Wild Animals

I’ve received a few emails recently asking about helping wild animals that illustrate what may not be helpful from animals’ perspectives.

Can you communicate with raccoons and let them know that a person is dangerous to them?

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Tell It Like It Is

When people first start training as animal communicators, they are often unsure and hesitant about relaying the communication they receive from animals. As their instructor, I commonly had to coax students to say what communication they got, since they weren’t sure it was “right” or that they got anything at all and didn’t want to look foolish.

When students were doing course exercises with other people’s animal companions, instead of just telling what they got from the animal to the person, they might
hedge their bets.

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Do Animals Take On Illness for People?

Enjoy this clear and insightful Guest Blog by Nancy Windheart

One of the topics I’m asked about frequently as an animal communicator is,
“Do animals take on illness for people?”

The short answer to this question is
yes. And the longer answer to this question is much more nuanced and complex.

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