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Wild Horse Request

Would you share with us how America's Wild Horses are faring with the massive roundups by the Bureau of Land Management over the last year(s)? In 2021, I read over 18,000 have been unceremoniously and somewhat carelessly rounded up and shipped to government holding pens. Over 100 horses have been killed in the process. Given our partnership with these creatures over millennia, it seems a great tragedy. Are they willing to share what, if anything, we can do to support them, outside of advocating for their protection or adoption? Sara Scott

The Bureau of Land Management wild horse roundups have increased during the severe Western drought that is killing some horses and causing others to suffer from severe dehydration and hunger. The BLM attempts to adopt them out across the country but some horses wind up auctioned and slaughtered.

I communicated with two wild horses, a mare and a stallion, who offered to speak for all the wild horses out on the land and those corralled.

Painting of gray horse
We are the wild ones of the horse clan, wild and free.

We carry the wind and the spirit of fluid movement in our bones. This can never be taken away from us since we feel it in our kin, our family, from whom we are never separated.

Yes, our bodies can be rounded up, separated from each other, and taken to distant lands away from where we dwell as a tribe.

But we never forget.
We never stop feeling our wholeness and the song we are always meant to sing of why we are here.

We are here to enjoy the power, the beauty, and the grace of our lineage as horses. To dance on the land. To be one with the trees, the earth, the mountains, the rivers.

To remind you who see, hear, and feel us of your own freedom and grace. The joy of being physically on the earth with all other beings. One in spirit, diverse in body, free agents in living.

While we as individuals may suffer, do not fear or cry for us.

What you can do for us is recognize who we are and our kinship with you as souls.

Work to awaken this consciousness in the humans who do not yet know.

How unique and beautiful we all are as individuals and species! What a joy it is to appreciate what we each of us carry!

Carry it forward in the wind as we do, and you will have done it all and for all.

This is all we ask.

I found this eloquent, simple, powerful message of the wild horses very moving. I then looked up what the Horse oversoul or species soul representative shared as a message for humankind for the new millennium, over twenty-two years ago. The power and alignment of these two communications from Horse is striking.

I am horse. I hold the beauty and the standard of freedom for all to see. I am unlimited. I am most unlimited in physical form when I am wild and free. Yet, I have chosen to be with humankind as companion and friend. I treasure that aspect of me that goes into the barns, shelters, paddocks, and places near where humans dwell.

I, as horse, respect myself, my dignity and grace. We, as individuals, give this gift to humankind. The grace, dignity, and the beauty of being companions and at the same time holding our freedom. Understand this as the freedom of living life on earth through our feet, ears, eyes, noses, and our exquisite sense of touch and feeling.

We love who we are. We love the nature of our being. We delight in our sensuousness. This is what our companions, our human friends, feel in us, and rejoice as it percolates into their own forms. Then they remember that they are also free and dignified beings. We hold that grace in great honor.

For so long we have dwelled with humans and honored their need to be free to move like us in the wind.

We ask only that humans remember that we freely give ourselves to them. It is not bondage, and we do not want to be treated as slaves. We want to be treated as whole beings, who love, breathe, think, and feel as humans do. Otherwise, why would we be with you?

We are gentle, loving, sweet, and holy companions of life. Humans who feel we are their slaves degrade our basic nature. We feel lost. We feel oppressed. This is not what we want in the relationship. We want to dwell in harmony and peace with humankind.

We gladly submit ourselves to the activities that humankind treasures. We honor the creativity of the mind of humankind in finding so many ways to relate to us and with us. All we ask is that we are honored as who we are. We ask that we be given the space to be our natural selves with you so that we can transmit our greatest gift: the deepest love of who we are in ourselves. When we give this gift, we know that you, too, feel who you are.

We allow you to ride on our backs. We do not want this holy bond to be denied or severed. Yet, we want to be respected. See each of us as an individual. We ask that you look at our souls and know who we are. Then you will honor us and treat us in the way we deserve, in the same way that you deserve as souls of beauty on the earth.

Human friends, we ask for a new vision, a revision of the old pact from when the first horses came to be with you as companions. We opened the door to a new relationship on the earth. We opened the door to a new unity. May you be reminded of your unity with us and all the elements that we so freely give to you. May you remember who we are and in remembering, come home to the holy being that you are.

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