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Why I Became an Animal Communicator

I’ve been asked, encouraged, and cajoled to do a blog for years. Now, at last, in this phase of my life, I have the time. And the new website program and redesigned website that I launched in October 2017 handily supports a blog.

I look forward to sharing many animal communication experiences and insights I’ve had for the seven decades I’ve lived so far this life. I’ll start with a foundation subject, “Why I Became an Animal Communicator.” So, here we go…

Penelope-Smith looking at Jerry orange tabby cat
I’ve always loved animals and knew that they were souls like me, living beings who thought and felt and made individual choices. They were my friends. I communicated with them telepathically, and they answered me in turn by transmitting their thoughts and feelings. As a child, I sat quietly in my neighborhood playground among the trees and bushes and invited animals to come to be with me, letting them know I would not hurt them. Many little critters took up my invitation and I felt honored to be in their presence.

In school I loved studying and drawing animals for biology class. I even contemplated being a biologist until I found out that would involve cutting up animals as specimens. No thanks, not for me.

My childhood desire was to “save the world,” modified later as “to do my mission to help the world be a better place.” I was always aware of myself as a spiritual being and I saw that many people were not and this caused them distress, illness, and conflicts with self and others. This led me to focus on helping people recover awareness of their spiritual nature so they would have more peace and joy within and around them.

There was no commonly known profession called “animal communicator” when I became a spiritual counselor for people in the 1970s. Using my telepathic communication skill, I began to apply to animals who needed help what I’d learned would help people through traumatic experiences. (For the full story of my first and continuing experiences in communicating with and counseling animals, see my book,
Animal Talk.)

The results were immediate and positive in helping animals
and their people change their lives for the better. I noticed that as people discovered more about the awareness and spiritual nature of their animal companions, they became more aware of who they were themselves as spiritual beings and what was really important in life. Connection and communication with animals helped people become kinder and more compassionate toward themselves and their fellow humans. By becoming closer to and understanding animals more, people expanded emotionally and spiritually. It was very rewarding to see the changes in animals and their people as a result of these communication and counseling sessions and was right on track for me.

Penelope communicating with white horse
I became an animal communicator as a natural offshoot of my purpose in life to help my fellow humans grow spiritually, be happier, and create more harmony with all life on Earth. It was also a lot of fun. After spending years counseling people, I transitioned to being a professional full time animal communicator and interspecies counselor, helping people with their animal friends and teaching people who animals really were and how all species were united in the web of life on Earth.

I consider being an animal communicator as a sacred calling. It is a service for dedicated people who really want to help others feel more whole and lovingly connected to the rest of life. Through communicating with animals, animals are revealed as the aware, compassionate, intelligent, wise, loving beings that they are. When we appreciate them more, we appreciate our own animal/spiritual selves more. Life becomes more fulfilling and happier for all beings. And that’s what it’s all about.

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