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PET PSYCHIC or Animal Communicator?

Every individual of every species is born with the ability to communicate telepathically by direct feeling and thought transfer. I emphasize in teaching and publications that people who have lost their ability to communicate with animals in the course of their human socialization can rediscover it again.

Consciously communicating telepathically with animals my whole life, I never denied or abandoned this natural intuitive connection. In 1971, I did my first counseling session with an animal using telepathic communication.

As I continued to do animal consultations to help people with problems they had with their animal companions, I called myself an
animal communicator. That was a natural choice. What I did involved exchanging communication in the form of thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, emotions, intentions… with animals, domestic or wild.

Why not Pet Psychic?
Why don’t I use the popularized term “Pet Psychic” to describe what I do?

The word “
pet” is defined as a “domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure.” When I began my work, I objected to using the term, “pet.” “Pet” implied ownership by humans, inferiority, and disposability, shown by how many people treated their pets.

Rather than “
pet,”I decided to use animal companion, animal friend, or animal family member. These terms feel more respectful of who animals really are as fellow beings.

Psychic comes from “psyche” meaning “soul, spirit, breath, life.” Its meaning is similar to animal, coming from “anima” meaning “soul, spirit, breath, air, life.”

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Psychics usually “read” their subjects, whether human or other animal, rather than communicate with them on an equal basis. Psychics may perceive energies, spirits, and even future possibilities for those whose energy fields they read. They can also be associated with fortune telling, tarot card and palm reading, numerology… which are not practices that are directly associated with communicating with animals.

Psychics use the same heightened or extended senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell that animal communicators use to communicate telepathically. Telepathy, or feeling (-pathy) across a distance (tele-) involves experiencing what an animal senses and thinks through direct communication and being deeply connected with them spiritually.

Reading is not the same as communicating. Communicating is a two-way street that fully involves the participation of both animal communicator and client. Reading by a psychic can put the client in a passive or dependent position since they are not being consulted or communicated with to help discover what’s behind the situation being addressed.

Animal communicators approach humans and their animal companions as partners and full participants in their problem resolution and healing. When pet psychics do readings, they don’t necessarily ask for the animal’s viewpoint or communication.

Pet Psychic” may come across to people as spooky, woo-woo, unreal, or fake. The term “animal communicator” seems more down to earth and accessible.

Telepathic Animal Communicator, Animal Empath,
Animal Communication Specialist, Interspecies Telepathic Communicator
Other titles also describe what animal communicators do.

Telepathic Animal Communicator makes sure you know that this is communication by thought and feeling transfer and not other forms of communication, such as using body language or logical deduction. Animal Empath emphasizes the ability to feel what the animal feels.

I adopted the title Animal Communication Specialist when I was clearly guided in a dream to use that title to describe my work. It added the nuance of having professional expertise in the subject of animal communication. I also used Interspecies Telepathic Communicator or Interspecies Communicator in some of my courses or articles.

Of all the titles,
animal communicator seems the most generic and straightforward to describe someone who telepathically communicates with animals. It encompasses all the other titles.

Evolution of “Pet”
I’m easing up on my dislike of the word “pet.” Over the decades, I’ve seen an evolution in human consciousness about who animals really are and a improvement in how many people treat their animal companions.

My teachings and that of many others have helped enormously to change the mindset and behavior of many humans toward animals. Listen to my audio recording,
Animal Intelligence and Awareness in the Animal Communication Mastery Series (first published over 30 years ago). It introduced concepts about the unique and extensive intelligence and awareness of animals that are now becoming popularly accepted and confirmed in scientific research.

Now many more people regard
pets as members of their families and not as disposable items for their entertainment or second-class citizens. Many people have become more conscious of the true spiritual/physical/emotional nature of animals. They are recognizing the commonality of all species beyond the differences in body and function. Appreciation for domestic and wild animals’ important role in the web of life and in supporting human life has skyrocketed in recent years.

Hooray! Big progress has been made since my first official consultation as an animal communicator forty-six years ago. I am so glad.

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