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Pandemic Arising—What Can We Do?

I just read your blog on viruses. It sounds good but I ask why so many deaths? Why so much pain and panic in health systems and patients and their families? The suffering ones, for example the doctors and nurses, are not personally responsible, that they should be purged. I got that viruses need to do what they are doing now to balance the planet and life. All countries seem to be seeing this as a war against the viruses, who are life as we are life. Is there any way we can work with them? I am blessed to be living on a 20 hectare reforestation project so can be outside immersed in nature every day. Can I do more to help? How can we use our vision and our attitudes to help work together and learn from the experience with the viruses for the good of life? Ruth Cory

Our Unique Journey
Each of us has a unique spiritual journey including why we came to this life at this time to participate in physical reality. This dimension is both a collective creation of all beings on Earth and our own unique fingerprint, designing and coloring our own life movie.

What are we to learn from the experience? What are we putting out to make it a better experience for ourselves and for all beings, who are a part of the whole movie? How do we help bring all into the center of creation within and all around where there is true peace, spaciousness, and love as the pulsing energy that gives life and moves everything?

Wow, how can there be a grand design, when we see and often get immersed in the apparent chaos, suffering, disease, panic, decay, and death around us?

When we operate on the physical level and identify ourselves as our bodies, then we can easily be swept up in our own and others’ conflicting thoughts and feelings. Depair and fear are common co-travelers in this limited way of viewing ourselves. We fight to survive and we fight death as the enemy.

Pure Anima
To have peace in this world requires having a spiritual foundation. As human animals, we need to recognize the “anima” in animal that we are. Anima = soul, spirit, breath, air, life.

This recognition can help move us into the present where we are players in the game, both observers and conscious participants in the action, choosing what we wish to create and join of other creations. To get to this place, we need to get out of tight knots in our mind caused by clinging to thoughts and emotions instead of letting them flow. Contemplate. Meditate. Breathe deeply and consciously. Slow down. Do the yoga of observing ourselves and all in connection.

We can practice living in awareness of our soul nature and spirit moving through all until it becomes our default way of being. We don’t have to be ruled and jangled by giving power to the mind’s constant parade of thoughts and fears.

In honoring that same spiritual essence in all beings, no matter how they look or appear in their physical roles on Earth, we can communicate with them, benefit from their wisdom, and let peace, beauty, and joy unfold. We can extend conscious, loving connection to the micro-organisms that cover and fill our bodies, even the corona virus that can bring quick change and evolution of life and consciousness. That creates a healthier energetic ecosystem that influences physical reality positively.

Our Grand Design
Each being’s life flows in the way they have designed it from life to life to evolve in their journey home to enjoy our full spiritual/divine nature in oneness with all. We inhabit bodies formed from the material of Earth and utilize them for awhile to live our adventure. Bodies decay and disintegrate back into Earth and we move on in spirit.

Human minds can fear change and try to hold on, although there is nothing permanent in this world.
We appear and disappear. Bodies come and go.Life goes on for all who are in form, for those out of form, and when we circle back to another life in this physical dimension. The journey continues.

We don’t have to struggle or try hard to find our mission or what we need to do in any situation.
It is found in the very essence of how our life unfolds and how we decide to create our life’s tapestry, what we gravitate toward when we rest in the center of who we are. It’s what uplifts us, helps us to learn and grow, and assists life around us.

Our first task is to take care of ourselves and keep opening to who we are in our spiritual essence, which guides and permeates our physical life.
Our service doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. It can be humble, grand, or unnoticed.

Each next practice, situation, or companion to help us evolve arises out of our own grand design of our life, even when our awareness of the design seems to be forgotten or hidden. As we increase in awareness, we savor the steps, players, and keys that appear in our journey as teachers and way showers that continue to open us further. What an adventure!

Service, Evolution, and Death
When we are using our talents in doing our service, we feel devoted, engrossed, moved, and generally would rather do that than anything else, even if our body dies while we are doing it. If what we do helps us grow in love and compassion for ourselves and others, it is the intuitively right way for us to evolve through life, through the ending and beginning called death, and on to our next stage of evolution.

The beat goes on.

As stated in the
virus communication article, viruses move through a population (human or otherwise) when there is imbalance. Their job is to help bring back healthy energetic flow for all living beings, not just one species. These virus workers help to cleanse what has become polluted and is imbalanced or dysfunctional and help all species evolve.

Humans are not exempt from how evolution proceeds on Mother Earth, even when it involves death. Fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, heat waves, droughts, earthquakes epidemics—all help restore the balance of all life on Earth. Epidemic disease is one of the greatest levelers of populations of any species and arises when conditions call for it.

Humans have caused such great destruction to our planetary balance. Something’s got to give. There may be further waves of microbial epidemics to come.
We signed up for surfing these waves when we chose to incarnate. How are we going to live? What is our modus operandi? How can we learn and grow and love through it all?

Sunset Clouds over mountain
Great Light
Step back a bit further to find out. Sit in the quiet of your being, letting thoughts and feelings move by, arising and disappearing. Don’t grab onto them and make mental spaghetti or torment for yourself. Bless all your states of being, feelings, emotions, and thoughts in tender compassion as they flow by. Feel the expansiveness of the space within and all around as you breathe and let go. Feel your own presence. This is your foundation.

In the current planetary pandemic adventure, I have found myself contemplating in the quiet and floating as a spirit above the Earth, with my arms outstretched, united with spiritual dimensions and physical reality at the same time.
I see and feel a great light coming into the planet’s atmosphere for all beings’ spiritual evolution. I see many aware beings united, including the coronavirus, floating in and channeling this bright light for the benefit of all.

We can consciously choose to be aware of who we really are and calmly shine our light of awareness on the present world situation. This action can anchor light for all who wish to tap into it, amplify their own light, and float in its peace. In this spaciousness, we are one life.

We can feel oneness on the physical level in the infinite relationships and contributions of all in the web of life. We can feel it in a fuller way on the spiritual level, where our deepest, truest essence, no matter how much it is covered up by our unconscious decisions, is the same. It’s something we become even more aware of after death, when we don’t have to attend the demands of the physical body, and we dwell fully in spirit. I know this from my own remembrance of my life to life journey and the many communications I have had with beings who have gone on from their former human, animal, plant… form.

By holding all in the heart of compassion and having reverence for the sacredness of everyone’s journey, we arrive in a good place. We communicate, we commiserate or empathize, we differentiate, we honor, we sit alone (all one), we come together.

It may take a lifetime or more of practice and growing to dwell in peace and love with all that life entails. It is worth the comings and goings.

Viruses gave good advice on what we need to do to cooperate with their mission of evolution. I echo their sentiments here.

Do the dance of all layers of existence, taking care of yourself on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Follow the example of our animal friends to enjoy life as it is.
Find the spiritual peace within. Make it your foundation. Do what arises for others and to restore the health of Mother Earth out of your loving center.

It may be simply living in quiet now; it doesn’t have to be a dramatic service that you force yourself to do or judge yourself in comparison to others.
Let your action arise from what is true for you in your present state. We will all be better for it. It is the best each of us can do. It is enough and it is everything.

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