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Your Healing Impact on the Earth

At this time, we are sharply aware of how human impacts on the Earth are creating vast ecological changes that are damaging many species including our own. We are also witnessing many ways humans are using their creative powers to contribute to the flow of health, life, and healing on the Earth for all species.

We can be instrumental as a healing force in unique ways. I was reminded of this when I read an interview I did with Dawn Baumann Brunke years ago for her wonderful book,
Animal Voices.

Consciousness Moving
I was asked to help with a problem concerning jaguars coming too close to a village in Costa Rica. What I got from the jaguars was that I saw their situation. I saw that in their environment they’re being so crowded that they’re impinging on human life, such as eating people’s domesticated animals. So, I got the overall picture first. It didn’t come to me to communicate with an individual jaguar; it came to me to operate shamanically with all the spirits of the land and the spirits of the people, human people, and the jaguars.

Jaguar crouching
This wasn’t me doing anything. It was spirit working by request and me going in as a shaman, as somebody who is aware and asking spirit to move. I saw that all could be handled harmoniously with the jaguars and the people. I appealed to the consciousness of the people and the consciousness of the forest, and it appeared that a solution was being created. Again, this is not my doing. I am a part of the web, so I just tuned in to my ability and spirit seemed to move.

There then appeared to be a raising of the consciousness and a blending of all so that solutions would come to people without me having to communicate anything. The solutions would come to them as to how they could operate harmoniously. I saw a lot of people changing and it was quite powerful. Then I just let it go.

I’m not a physical activist. I’m a consciousness raiser. That’s what I’m here for. It will be interesting to see how the jaguar situation plays out in the physical because sometimes there’s a time delay. There are also all kinds of human gyrations that people go through because sometimes they don’t totally accept what is given to them.

We’ll see how it plays out, but I saw that, as a possibility, when beings of consciousness are called, great changes can happen without having to hit people over the head.

Healing Forces
Several months after I did this shamanic work, the person who had contacted me reported that there had been a remarkable change in the jaguars and the people. The jaguars no longer predated on the domestic animals, and the people began to hold educational campaigns to guard the rainforest and protect the jaguars in their natural home.

As part of Nature, we human beings are evolutionary creators and destroyers, as is every other animal and plant species and the elemental forces of water, wind, earth, and fire. Each of us can be a healing force on physical, emotional, and/or spiritual levels.

Take care of yourself and you contribute to the health of the whole and can have the energy to find your ways to plant seeds of compassion, health, and healing on the Earth around you. Live, breathe, and consciously walk your own unique path. Let your beneficence shine for all around you to smile and grow in love, a healing balm contributing to the whole. You are the way.

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