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From Australia: The Spirit of the Land Speaks

I am really struggling with what is happening to our magnificent country, our wildlife and environment. What do you think the message is with all the heartbreak and devastation that is happening with the Australian bush fires? Your feedback is greatly appreciated as my heart breaks to witness this. Bianca Parkyn

When I scanned over the burned Australian land and wondered what species or spirit of nature would come forth to answer this question, a presence began to speak, identifying as
The Spirit of the Land:

As humans, what you see now in the burned Australian land can fill you with grief, pain and despair as you focus on the destruction and suffering of individual beings, species and even whole ecosystems. Take heart by looking at the vaster picture with me that Mother Earth holds.

Australia continent from above
Mother Earth is the great regenerator. Even as things decay, are burned, or in other ways return to the earth, they are transformed into living food for the next regeneration. While scars may run far and deep on the land surface, below and above the surface, vast forces of regeneration work to restore.

Mother Earth is eons old and moves in a vaster range of space and scale of time than the creatures who live upon her. She feels it all with enormous ripples of sensation pulsing through her “skin, muscles, blood, and bone” —her soil, rivers, oceans, wind, mountains… No, not in the same way that small creatures of the earth, such as humans feel, whose sensations are like explosions of pain or ecstasy in the compressed time of their living in a particular form. Mother Earth’s sensations and emotions are like rolling waves prompting action that regenerate the Earth for all life upon her.

Species Extinction?
Yes, animals and plants cry out as they burn and die. It is only for a short time, as they, too, are aligned with the greater intention of Mother Earth that they see and feel as they live and as they leave their forms. Some humans are concerned that once a species or form disappears from the Earth, its time is over and they can never return. This is not true.

Species appear in the time and place, climate and land conditions, that are right for them. They evolve with the land and are subject to changing conditions. Birth, decay, and death is the cycle of life for all, including ecosystems, planets, and even the physical universe as a whole. It is a realm of constant evolution and change. Each being who incarnates into any form, whether it be animal, plant, mineral, has the urge to survive and live their life until it is their time to die, due to conditions in and around their bodies. Forms return to the Earth from which they were born.
The template of their bodies does not disappear. All creation comes from the spiritual realm and can be manifested into physical form when conditions are right in the total evolution of the adventure in the physical realm.

The earthly realm is a place of adventures in form. Each individual’s perspective is influenced by their purpose on the Earth, their role in the web of life. Humans may think their views are the only important ones and get lost in them. There are many other views of billions of beings who live on Earth. Only when the perspective of all is taken into account can you get a full sense of the adventure of life, the amazing and continual rolling of atoms that form waves, that reveal themselves in aggregates of energy known as bodies. There is no death as many humans think of it, only continual regeneration, re-creation or restoration of forms.

Returning and Evolution
Other species who do not get caught in the mental configurations they mistake as reality for all, as humans do, go through their cycle with gusto for life. Urge for survival and fulfilling their purpose moves them on. Then, after a relatively brief time when continuance in a bodily form becomes impossible, they experience their freedom as spirits in the spiritual realm. If it is in their plan or longer journey from life to life, they return to form, in whatever place or time is right for them.

Know that the planetary waves of fire, flood, wind are products of the evolution of all the beings involved, from the smallest microbe to the largest animal or mountain. Humankind is a young species that is evolving at a fast rate but may appear from your individual human perspective as not fast enough to preserve the earth and all its creatures.

The choices of humans that have brought about pollution and destruction of their own and others’ environments is a learning process. It precipitates destruction of many human forms and also human creative evolutionary powers that function well when they align with the regenerative nature of Earth and are born out of the desire to make life better for all. The foremost intention of all life, coming out of the essence of the spirit in all, is the vast ocean of loving energy or power to evolve in ever expanding levels of understanding and love. This loving creation is the garden and the materials we all work with. Lesser intentions lead to slowed or cramped evolution. Yet, that is still part of the adventure of evolutionary choice and the play available to each on Earth.

How to Weather It All
So, humans who are hurting as you perceive the destruction, know that is only one aspect of the total regeneration. Molecules are being transformed into the seeds of the next generation or regeneration of being, the next adventure on Earth. We are all surviving, as the forms, which are moving energy, always change.

Step into the bigger perspective of Mother Earth and yourself as spirit beyond form and know that the Earth adventure continually morphs into new possibilities. When the land looks bleak to you, apparently devoid of life, know that it is only shifting into a new regeneration that will soon appear. Looking only through your short human body time span on the Earth and getting lost in mental configurations will not give you the peace you desire. Instead, feel Mother Earth’s and your own great time span from life to life and beyond and you will know that all is well.

What you can do as a human to weather these big changes is to recover your purpose on Earth.
Embrace the general human species purpose as tenders and caretakers of life and your individual evolutionary role in expressing your creativity and contributing to all of life of which you are part and in which you are whole.

Enjoy your dance and the dance of all as we continually create, experiencing all parts of the cycle of birth and death. Relish the continual regeneration in alliance with Mother Earth and all her children, the beings of Earth and all that is beyond the Earth. What a playing field! What a time for you to feel your evolution as a species being moved forward with such vigor. Use your power to connect and see the viewpoints of all, and you will not only weather the giant waves of elemental forces but flourish, even if you need to evolve or change form as the energies move through. All is well.

Help in Playing Your Part
Emulate Mother Earth as she feels e-motion or energy in motion and let it prompt you to do your unique good work on the Earth. I encourage you to stretch and use your native telepathic communication abilities. Get the answers you seek from individual animals, plants, mountains, rivers, and all the elements of life on Earth to increase your peace, joy, and understanding in union with all life. This will speed your evolution and the evolution of all life on Earth.

We all affect each other and can contribute great good to all with our intentions, our loving presence, and actions. My newest audio release,
Chants for the Journey Home, may help you feel what the Spirt of the Land communicated to uplift your life. This telepathic communication with all life program can also help you hone your connection and feeling of union with all life to continue your evolutionary journey in harmony and joy.

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