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Lion Rescued from Ukraine Zoo Shares Her Wisdom

This message sent to me by Laura Pyke about a zoo lion rescued during war is a beautiful example of the wisdom that animals gracefully share with humankind.

I [Laura Pyke] read on Facebook about a group of lions and tigers being relocated from the Ukraine Zoo in Kyiv. They were transported to Zoo Poznań in Poland to rest, before further relocation. They then went to sanctuaries in Spain and Belgium. I followed the story on Facebook on the Zoo Poznan Official Site. The story is told in their posts from March 1-9. This photo is from their March 6 post.

This communication took place on March 7, the morning after their arrival in Poland, after a difficult journey through Ukraine and a long detention at the border. At one point, the transport van was surrounded by Russian tanks and eventually allowed to proceed. 

I felt a pull to communicate with this female lion. Her [thoughts translated into] words:
Ukranian Zoo Lion resting during relocationPhoto of lion from Zoo Poznań official site on Facebook 6March2022

I'm alright. Sigh. Tired, uncertain, some stress, but ok. 
Weary of people and their wars.

I came to bring peace to this planet. Deep breath.  

I am safe, we are safe.
We had protection crossing here.  
People have much stress.

[I'm] Resting and breathing for them.  

Calming the breath of the planet.  
The heart is beating.  
The planet is pulsating, reverberating with life,
steadiness for those who tap into it. 
I feel it through my feet.  

My paws are on the ground.  
My breath is in the air.  
My heart beats.  
I am whole. 
A microcosm of What Is. 
Peace in my heart.  
Helping others find peace and hope and healing.  

Do not underestimate Our healing power.  
Our purpose; Guardians. Ambassadors.  
We are of every nation, outside of borders.  
We are home everywhere.  
No borders.  
This is true.  
We live and love.  
Breath and heartbeat of life and the Earth.  
All One and the Same.

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communicate with all species and share their understanding of life—their deep wisdom, as this dear lion has given us.

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