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Orcas Issue a Wakeup Call to Humanity

My name is Mohana, and I'm from India. I've been an avid reader of your blog for years now.

I recently read an article about how killer whales/orcas have been carrying out what seem to be planned attacks on boats for the last few months.

I'm curious to know about why they're doing this. Your articles about whales and dolphins being wisdom bearers only makes me all the more curious. Why are these gentle giants attacking now? I do understand that there's only so long they will take what we as a species put them through without fighting back. But, why now? What changed?

I spoke to the overall representative/oversoul of Orcas to answer these questions. S/he said that similar responses can be heard now from other species around the world.

Mother Orca and baby leaping out of water
You have asked about our Orca brothers and sisters attacking human boats in the Straits of Gibraltar recently.

We dolphins and whales have endured tremendous attacks by humans on our ocean, our source of food, our life itself all over the world. There are explosions in the ocean, tremendous noise radiating in pulses that damages our ability to hear and think and feel in healthy ways. The ocean is becoming a toxic soup of chemicals that hurt our babies. Our bodies are full of poisons from human detritus. The noise keeps getting worse. Our food sources are scarce, and even they are becoming polluted.

We feel the changes in the ocean temperatures that do not serve us and other forms of ocean life well, including dolphins and whales all over the world, and the myriad species that depend on a balanced world. We are stretched to the limit and want humans to wake up now to their killing of all life on the planet. The oceans and all waters must be cleaned; the air must be purified; or all species suffer, including humans, who are becoming sicker and more toxic through it all.

Our call to the people on the boats is in desperation for our own plight and that of all life. This is a warning—a wakeup call for humanity.

Can you turn around now and use your thinking minds and feeling senses to right the balance that you have for so long ignored? We are one life. We do not exist alone.

Showing you unusual behavior in ramming boats is one physical thing we can do. We dolphins and whales have been communicating our mutual connection for millennia, despite human violence upon us. We have understood human ignorance and had compassion. We still do. Yet we cannot ignore the imminent danger for all.

Humans, do not ignore what is right in front of us—that we all exist in one home and share all things in common. If enough of humanity does not wake up to this reality and live on Mother Earth in the awareness that all species, all beings, even your own selves, matter, then your species is doomed.

When things return to quiet after the input of human toxic matter, thoughts, and actions have ceased, then the environment will again support life and species who are disappearing or gone from Earth. They will return/reform from the spiritual dimension if it is part of their co-created plan of experiencing energy in time in the physical realm.

Whatever body we inhabit, we are one life, and we are responsible for our evolution and making life good and better for all.

The time has come. We are ramming at the door of your consciousness. Will you listen before the tide has completely turned and all of life as we know it is recycled until the planet is restored to balance?

We all suffer from the actions of unconsciousness and we all benefit from the actions of compassion for all. The next step is to fully wake up to what is happening now. Then act in harmony with all species who are the same as you though different in form and function on Earth.

Or suffer through the agony of deprivation, starvation, assault and poisoning as we Orcas are currently feeling. The Earth will turn over, bury, destroy, recycle, and equalize the toxic input from unconscious humanity to start afresh on a new way of being.

May all beings use this time of awakening for their own evolution and for the evolution of the game as it is played in this world and for our spiritual expansion in all realms.

We wish you peace and joy. All will be well whatever you do, as spirit/life is enduringly creative and will prevail.

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