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Moving to a New Home with Animal Companions

I contributed to an article titled:
What Pet Owners Need to Know About Homebuying, including features of a pet-friendly home and neighborhood.

Animal specialists give practical information on meeting animals’ needs when you move and helping them to feel safe and happy in their new home environment. I was pleased to add something about the helpfulness of communicating with animals for this issue:

How to help your pet to adjust to a new environment
As an animal communicator, I have found that communicating with animals about what is going on helps them adjust to changes. When you speak to them clearly, animals telepathically get the images and feelings behind the words. They then understand why the move is happening and how it will affect them and the people they love. They usually calm down and feel part of the transition rather than confused or anxious.

Dog and person walking on cliff toward home
To learn more about topics from house shopping and moving with pets to crucial home improvements for the safety of your animal companions, check this link.

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