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Are Animals Aware of World Events?

I have been asked if animals are aware of world events that concern humans. People often assume that animals are only concerned with what’s around them related to their interests.

Animals are unique individuals with their own life journeys and purposes to fulfill. They range widely in spiritual awareness and orientation to helping others, just as humans do.

Domestic animals often have purposes to assist the people they live with or meet. Wild or domestic animals can have purposes that benefit not only themselves and their own species, but also humans and all life on Earth. The benefits of animals’ work can be amplified for humans who are conscious of their own energetic connection with animals.

Here’s an example of one animal family member and his amazing mission.

Master Mo
I am privileged to live with a native Sonoran desert tortoise named Mo. You can read the wonderful adventure of how Mo came to me in a previous blog.

After Mo arrived in September 2019, friends who visited would sit in his garden watching him in peaceful amazement. Mo’s presence is powerful. He holds the ancient energy and wisdom of reptiles (snakes, lizards, crocodiles, alligators, turtles, and tortoises), who have a major role in grounding, clearing, and balancing energy for us all on the planet. He also has his own particular service to all.

Sitting with Mo in his garden enclosure is like sitting with a great master. I feel a natural curiosity of his way of being but, most of all, I feel his wholeness/holiness, inspiring devotion and deep peace and even an impulse to bow on my knees with head to the ground in divine union with him. I have observed his energy going deep into Mother Earth and spreading over the whole world, particularly when he is in his burrow. He is like a whale on land.

Mo entered brumation (reptile version of hibernation) for the winter on November 18th. I could feel his body slowing down and his relationship to Earth transformed over time into a more diffuse inter-dimensional connection.

I looked into his burrow daily and noticed how he dug deep into the soil as the days got colder until I could not see his body. Then in late February, he appeared at the back of his burrow on top of the soil. On the afternoon of March 5th, I found him in one of his favorite spots under a large bush in his garden. He did not move from the spot, except to dig a depression and turn his body slightly. His eyes were always closed when I saw him.

He stayed out through hard rain and cold nights. The thick bush offered shelter but was not as snug and dry as his burrow. As human guardian, I was concerned that he might become ill, although he felt well when I tuned into his body and he showed no signs of respiratory illness. He did not move or eat anything but simply stayed quiet. I respected his knowing of what was right for him.

Sonoran desert tortoise under a bushMo in deep meditation under a bush

Once, when my human nature needed reassurance that he wasn’t dead, I lightly touched his foot with a grass shoot. I was relieved when he moved a little, and I apologized for disturbing him. I did not interrupt his meditative state by asking to communicate with him about what he was experiencing. He would communicate when he was ready.

On March 18th, as I was doing my morning yoga and listening to inspirational music, Mo communicated what was happening with him and what he was doing: He showed me how he had roused himself from his burrow while still in brumation because of the urgency of planetary energies, part of that manifesting as the coronavirus pandemic. (For more on virus’ purpose, read this
blog entry.)

He felt the need to be above the soil to focus his energies around the Earth to heal and balance and to help people evolve in their relationship to all life on Earth. I could feel layers and waves of energies he conducted being tuned like music in concert with Mother Earth and all beings helping in this great transition. His work reminded me how I feel celestial light energies coming in and being grounded through my body and through the Earth to benefit all beings.

On March 22nd, as I was clearing weeds under the bush around Mo, so when he did wake up, he would have better access to his native foraging plants, he opened his eyes and looked at me. I apologized for disturbing him, but I could feel how he also wanted to connect with me.

His gaze was what I have experienced when looking into the eyes of great whales while swimming with them in the ocean.
Pure benevolence, encompassing awareness, limitless understanding and love, and the highest mastery. When he closed his eyes after a short while, I was still posed as a worshipful gardener on hands and knees in devotional union with my dear Master Mo.

Animals’ Purposes
Some of your animal family members may be doing far-reaching energy work or they may be focused more locally. Like humans, their awareness and purpose depends on the course of their spiritual evolution from life to life.

Read about animal awareness that confounds human expectations in
this blog. In this past week, animal communicators Nancy Windheart and Val Heart have also given examples in their e-letters.

I’ve discussed the importance of animals’ purposes in my teaching and publications for almost fifty years now! Find more about animal awareness and purpose in my books,
Animal Talk and When Animals Speak, and in the audio recordings, Animal Communication Mastery Series and Animal Healing Power, other audio recordings, videos, and podcasts. My book, Animals in Spirit, reveals how animals who have departed from this life can be helping us from the spiritual realm, too.

Don’t be left out of the loop. Why not
find out how you can understand your animal friends’ purposes by telepathically communicating with them?

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