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Real Wild Documentary: The Animal Communicator

The Real Wild Documentary about the work of South African animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach, is exquisitely produced to demonstrate the power and foundation of animal communication. Anna has found, as I have in my lifetime of work in the field, that people transform and emotionally heal when they connect and rediscover how to communicate with animals. She dedicates her work to awakening the power of animal communication in all humans to heal the Nature separation humanity is suffering that negatively affects our whole world.

The conservation journalist who reports and accompanies Anna in the film does a great job of presenting the questions many people have about the subject. She shows how Anna’s quiet, deep presence ,connection, and communication helps animals to relate to her when they would be suspicious and even aggressive with other humans because of human misunderstanding and mistreatment.

A scientist also comes along to view and consider Anna’s telepathic communication ability, adding his clear, receptive curiosity. She discusses the “internal radar” of the telepathic connection with animals that helps her to communicate with and locate wild baboon troupes who were known for conflict with people.

Young baboon grooming adult
Anna demonstrates the pure, open, centered, grounded presence that is the foundation of good telepathic communication with animals. It is a prerequisite to opening and truly connecting with animals without emotional agendas or preconceived notions of human thinking getting in the way and mixing into the interpretation of animal communication received.

The Space
Being in a soft and energetically-centered place allows animals the respect and space to approach and engage deeply with you. Then, animals no longer have to handle or react to human emotions or energies pushing or pulling at them. Animals naturally communicate with people who are supportively open in this space of well-being that echoes their own.

People who are desperate for communication or to receive love or support from animals are not in this space of open receptivity. If they are able to receive any communication from animals in this state, the communication will be tainted with their own emotional needs or perceptions. The results will be filled with human stress and strife when these messages are relayed, since they are mixed with human agendas.

The Results
Out of this presence, as Anna shows, comes seemingly miraculous results, where animals reveal themselves, trust, and undergo sudden positive transformations in behavior and expression of personality that are obvious even to skeptical observers.

She simply and clearly explains how telepathic communication works as she does consultations with sanctuary animals from traumatic backgrounds. I have seen responses like the sanctuary personnel’s reactions to her communications from people I have worked with. Their skeptical attitudes shift into profound realization as communications from the animals reveal details about their lives, the animals show how they now feel accepted and understood, and change for the better right before their eyes or shortly after a consultation.

Tracking to Get the Connection
Anna mentions that doing a course in animal tracking opened her to the magic of telepathic communication with animals. The master tracker Anna studied with explains how he receives telepathic images and other information from animals about where they are by feeling diffusely into animal tracks. He explains how he becomes the animal, feeling what they feel, seeing what they see (like the exercise in my book, Animal Talk), and letting his body do the tracking in this heightened state of oneness rather than being distracted by physical track details.

Universal Animal Communication
Indigenous elders in the film state the universal nature of communicating with animals. From an elder of Raven Clan: “We are all part of Nature… It’s a natural gift we have as human beings, and it’s just reclaiming it. A Waipiri Community Leader says, “birds, plants, night sky, air, the river, everything, they become your family. Everything’s part of you.” Others tell how animals talk to us and to each other and we can feel in our bodies as we tune in to where they are and are directed to them.

Get With Mother Earth
Being in Nature, among other species, out on the land, feeling the Earth, helps us to center and drop into our true essence and the essence of all beings around us, including animals, plants, mountains, rivers, the soil… This regular deepening of our natural state of living can open us to the magnetic feeling Anna and her fellow tracker demonstrate that pulls them along to find animals in unfamiliar wild land.

The whales told me many years ago to guide students to
connect with animals through their feet on the ground. By feeling our mutual Earth connection, we open the door to our oneness as energetic beings in our shared home. By then focusing on a particular animal, we can feel that connection strongly and open the doorway to two-way communication.

Take a look at these pointers to get started on opening your native ability to communicate with animals.

And here’s
a program to learn how to become one with animals and develop the telepathic abilities mentioned in this Real Wild documentary.

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