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Prayer and Healing Circle Fountain of Energy

Here is a suggested prayer, chant, song to focus on with all the prayer requests below. It came to me when I united with the dolphins all over the world. When I asked for a prayer from the animals for our ACCAW (Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare) prayer and healing circle, they suggested that we include the dolphin prayer here. Penelope

From the heart of the Dolphin Mind, may we be united and in peace.

From the heart of the Dolphin Mind, may we all be enlightened and live in harmony together.

From the heart of the Oceanic Mother, may all beings, all species, all life honor and support each other in peace.

From the heart of Mother Earth, may we awaken to our highest fulfillment in love with all beings.

From the heart of Dolphin, Whale, Ocean, Earth and the deepest heart of our own life, may we live as One.

Flower Mandala framed

I always love visiting your website which feels so expanded and peaceful. I've meditated on the picture under Prayer and Healing Circle Fountain of Energy on the ACCAW page, and found great comfort there.

Requests for prayers and spiritual healing for individuals of any species

To have individuals included in this circle, please send their names, species, (you can also include a brief description and their age) general geographical location, and why you are requesting prayers or spiritual healing to Please put ACCAW prayer circle in the subject line. (Note: After being on the individual list for one year, the entry will be deleted unless we are asked to continue it.)
Updated March 2023

Lolita, Orca captive in cramped quarters in Miami’s Seaquarium for over 50 years. For the enlightenment of the people connected to her and her rehabilitation and release to her oceanic pod in the highest and best for all life. (Jennifer Parks)

Opal, Orangutan, over 40 years old, has spent the majority of her life confined to an almost barren enclosure at the Natal Zoological Gardens. Prayers for her release and well-being. (Kim Dijkman)

Two cats sitting side by side
Pancho and Layla, 3 1/2 y/o cats in California, were diagnosed at age 2 with kidney dysfunction. Please pray for their healing and the well-being of their people. (Marcia Barclay) 27Oct15 Update Oct17 Layla and Pancho are thriving with dysfunctional kidneys at age 5 1/2. They delight in and are supported by the loving energies sent their way. Update Jan20 Layla and Pancho had their 6 month bloodwork and exam - their kidneys both felt completely normal and their creatinine was within the normal range! Update Sep21 Layla and Pancho are doing well. We’re all so appreciative of these healing energies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Orange and white tabby cat
Sox, 13 y/o white and ginger male cat in Northwest Washington, USA, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and bladder crystals and is on a thyroid medication and special urinary diet. He is wobbly getting around and may have arthritis in his wrists. Pray for him to be out of pain and to live a long life for as long as he wants to be here, (Barbara) 6Apr22

Male tabby cat sitting in sink
Grinch, young male tabby cat, disappeared after Vlada and her family in Odessa, Ukraine had to flee to Romania in March. Sasha stayed behind to protect the home and animals. Prayers that he returns home safely. (Lauren) 17Apr22

We have an animal sanctuary in Nelson, New Zealand upper South Island and lost one week ago Pickles, a male Kune Kune, who suffered through the night in utter agony without us knowing he was trapped. Prayers for him and his spirit and that he can go on in peace. (Birgit Tuengler) 19Jun22

Siamese cat portrait
Elvis, 21 y/o Siamese cat, is dying. Prayers for his well-being and a peaceful transition for him and his family. (Cathy Malkin) 27Jun22

Shaq Shaw, 12.5 y/o Chihuahua in St. Louis, Missouri, diagnosed with thymoma & possible paraneoplastic lymphocytosis 10Mar22. Got weight up and energy, tried to build immune system before talk of surgery. 5Jul22 aspiration pneumonia. Emergency vet gave up and stated tumor had gotten bigger, tearing away lung tissue and pushing against chest. Home vet recommend to let him die with dignity, but my dog is still fighting to live. Please pray for my baby to get the healing needed. (Lena Artis) 7Jul22

Brown tabby cat with prayer beads
O'Henry/Hensho San, tabby cat in Los Angeles, California suffering complications from a urinary tract infection. Prayers for his healing. (Diana DelMonte) 11Jul22

Black & white tuxedo kittenOrange and white female cat with stuffed toyTabby and orange and white cat cuddling

Annie 2.5 y/o, Rosie 12 wk old, and Sox 13 y/o cats. Rosie is a rescue kitten, who we are integrating into our home with two adult cats. Sox and Rosie are doing fine. Annie is having a hard time accepting the kitten and continues to show signs of aggression. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks and we are in it for the long-haul but we are looking for support for Annie who is growling and hissing at the kitten who has gone for being curious about Annie to being afraid of her. I am keeping them separated with supervised visitation to keep everyone safe. It took three months to integrate Annie so I think we are doing okay. I just look forward to everyone being able to coexist without directing traffic through closed doors. Prayers for a peaceful, happy home for all. (Barbara LaBrash) 22Jul22

Black dachshund with zucchini

Oxygen, 12.5 y/o mini dachshund in Istanbul, has been fighting oral melanoma since the beginning of the year. He is in good shape and spirits. Prayers that we may be healthy and happy until our time here is up. (Hande Oynar) 16Aug22

Brown tabby cat lying in a box
Bowie, 13 y/o tabby cat, currently in the hospital in Boston, Massachusetts being treated for a rapid decline due to congestive heart failure and hyperthyroidism. He's an incredibly sensitive, emotional and anxious little guy who hates to be separated from his human mother. Prayers for calming, comforting energy to keep fighting or transition to the other realm. (Alex and Ashley Sandman) 30Aug22

German Shepherd/Mountain Dog lying on toys

Zora, 13 y/o German Shepherd/Bouvier in Canada, is tired, developing dementia and anxiety. Prayers for Zora to leave in gentleness and serenity. (Regine Dubuc) 31Aug22

Julia: 10 y/o Allphinpincher/Schnauzer, black female with gray beard and stub tail. Last known whereabouts was Branson, Missouri. Montoya: Chihuahua/Min pin mix, brown with gold and white markings, Last known whereabouts near Flippin or Yellvile, Arkansas. Stolen from my home, later part of June. Prayers for their well being and a safe return to me. (Rhonda Tomlinson) 17Sep22

Kita 10 y/o Chihuahua in Lima, Peru suffered pancreatitis and has no uterus anymore. Prayers for a healthy and happy life. (Fiori Santa Maria) 4Oct22

Black dog panting on sidewalk

Jumpin', 12+ y/o Indian street dog - our street pet, missing 12 Oct, after being chased by men with bamboo canes. Please pray for Jumpin’s safe return. (Manoo Joshi) 13Oct22

Tortoise shell cat lying on blanket
Amah, 4 y/o tortoise shell cat, overeats to the point that she gets bowel obstructions and screams out in pain. I have another cat and so controlling Amah is not so easy. Amah also growls at me, had several falls, and I don't think she can see well. She had a few traumatic run-ins with three dogs where she really had to save herself. Prayers for Amah so she can be happy again. (Tammy Julien) 1Dec22

Golden dog face shot
Cindy, golden dog, has cancer (spindle cell in her tail, and a soft tissue sarcoma in her paw). Prayers for her healing. (Amy) 1Mar23

Miniature pinscher in bed
Suzie, 14 y/o rescued Min Pin in Los Angeles, diagnosed with aggravated lymphoma, and Lucy, 18 y/o rescued Min Pin in Los Angeles, recently has been having bad anxiety due to canine cognitive dysfunction (doggie dementia). She started losing her hearing around 15, cataracts about a year ago, degenerated disc in her lumbar spine last March. Prayers for healing and comfort, to reduce anxiety and maximize their happiness. (Lauren White) 5Mar23

Requests for prayers and spiritual healing
for groups of any species or areas of the Earth

To have a group or area of the Earth included in this circle, please send a description of the situation and general geographical location to Please put ACCAW prayer circle in the subject line

The end of slaughter of 20,000 dolphins and whales a year in Taiji, Japan and enlightenment of all beings involved.

Protection of Hawaiian wildlife family in the ocean and on land from international military exercises called RIMPAC  May dolphins, whales and wildlife who reside and pass through these waters know that it will be a dangerous place to be at that time.

That the proposed law to prohibit wild dolphin and human interaction be reframed to enhance the benevolent connection of all species and individuals.

May the messages of the new light paradigms the Hawaii dolphins share be felt, heard, seen, understood and allowed to come into complete aliveness in all beings of the world. May this light become all that is. May the hearts of many open to accept that all can be this light of Divine design in complete ecstatic joy because here where we exist it is so. We send this to all of you.

For the protection and well-being of the group of Southern Resident killer whales in danger of extinction off the US Pacific Coast near Seattle.

Help for the whales who are targeted to be killed by the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctic waters.

May all humans become attuned to the whales’ message and open their hearts to universal peace and forgiveness. May both physical and psychic wounds be healed for good of oceanic beings everywhere.

End of commercial whaling.

For all of the wild beings (deer, bear, cougar, wolves, and others) who are being hunted needlessly by humans for sport. For the protection and healthy survival of the animals and the awakening of the humans.

Cessation of aerial gunning of Alaskan wolves.

To end the mass slaughter of harp seals in Canada’s yearly seal hunt.

For the sport hunting of farm raised buffalo and other animals to stop.

For the internet hunting "sport" to be banned and become illegal.

Love and strength to our wild horses, who are chased, abused, and imprisoned by the BLM. Pray for a solution and justice for these beautiful, proud, majestic survivors.

For Chimpanzees used in research and abused for entertainment and in the pet trade. May they be happy, free, and live fully their role in the web of life.

For the animals abandoned, suffering, and dying in zoos in war zones.

For animals abandoned and starving in human crisis. Blessings of a quality life and well-being for all involved.

Protection of wolves in Western United States from being hunted.

That the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service immediately RESTORE THE BAN throughout the country, on hunters shooting hibernating mother and bear cubs and mother wolves and their pups in their dens.

Protection for Yellowstone's wild free roaming buffalo in and around national park boundaries.

Honoring wild geese at Lake Merritt, California and other places where they seek to rest, forage, and live.

The end of violence surrounding the Chinese Fur Trade in a way that will support the families that depend on the trade for their livelihood, and that will see the end of the suffering and pain of the animals involved.   

The end of trapping or holding animals captive and killing them for fur.

The end of bear farms in China and for the loving rehabilitation of all the bears currently caged and abused on these farms. End to the use of "bear balm" worldwide.

For the assistance of Indonesian primates housed in cages too small for them to stand.

To harmonize the co-existence of wildlife and people in Indonesia and eliminate the trapping of endangered Sumatran tigers and other animals.

Help for elephants who are chained by people and unable to live a natural life. 

Universal Healing in all situations where human and non-human habitats conflict.

Support and new homes for the orangutans in Indonesian Borneo kept in squalor and chained.

For the protection and welfare of elephants in South Africa’s Kruger National Park from being culled (killed) for population control.

Prayers for a profound awakening by those who would poach elephants and rhinos in the wild, such that poachers no longer have desire to engage in commercial killing. May these hunters' consciousness be raised and hearts opened to compassion. Let our collective prayers keep those magnificent creatures safe from harm and free to roam in peace.

For harmony between people and the African lions being poisoned by African cattle herders.

May the African Wildlife Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service be successful in saving giraffes from poachers who kill them and export their body parts. Prayers for safety and protection for all remaining giraffes, and for an END to all trafficking of wild animals.

For the bears maintained in very poor condition in Bandung Zoo, Indonesia. Pray that they are released and rehabilitated/rehomed soon.

For the Florida Panther in much of the Everglades and all over Florida. That they may cross roads safely and not be killed by speeding cars. Please pray that home development is not permitted on land that is vital to the lives of the Florida Panther and many other animal and plant species.

That animals who cross roads be given the knowledge of when it is safe to do so.

That animals be protected from senseless hunting.

To bring peace and harmony to all involved in the persecution and torture of people practicing Falun Gong (ancient practice for reaching enlightenment) in China.

That Walmart continue to evolve into a socially responsible company. 

The end of poverty and suffering of all beings. A shift towards greater awareness, peace, happiness, and good health for all.

For the enlightenment of all species with Grace so all suffering in all realms is ended. To transform human hatred to awakened consciousness and unconditional love for self and pouring into love and celebration of all species with clarity and wisdom.

Bless and strengthen with deep gratitude and love all elementals, devas, nature spirits that help life move gracefully and with gentleness toward Oneness awareness. 

For authentic unconditional love, joy, compassion, and discerning wisdom to dissolve all false programming to heal all karmic entanglements with true grace for all of life, dissolving the sources of hatred, fear, and violence. May we realize with true courage and strength and gracefully shift into a new harmonious reality.

That all the animal kingdoms will decide to stay on Earth and humanity will seek peace and reconciliation with all beings, and we find ways to help the animals survive and prosper.

Asking cats and dogs for help with the problem of domestic animal overpopulation in the United States. We ask all of them who wish to do so, to be willing cut down on reproduction, whether they are spayed and neutered or not. 

For the well-being of all shelter/rescue/homeless animals.

To eliminate live animal labs in favor of humane alternatives.

Expanded awakening of all allopathic veterinarians to the severe consequences of over-vaccination. Veterinarians taking back their power in fully caretaking the animals with love.

Liberation and well-being of dogs bred for dog fighting rings, and the enlightenment of those involved.

For animal rescue in Philadelphia to have the support it needs to function well.

For Multnomah County Animal Control, Portland, OR, so that abandoned or stray animals may find caring and compassion, and citizens of Multnomah County may find this agency a source of compassionate advocacy.

For animals and their caregivers at Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. Healing and joyous release of the strong and survivable, and a gentle letting go with minimal pain and suffering for those souls destined to move on.

The well being and reunion of all the animals and humans affected by hurricanes in the Gulf Coast. Help for the homeless cats and dogs, roaming or sheltered, needing food, water, and care.

For the welfare of the diseased and neglected dogs in townships of South Africa.

For the safety and well-being of all stray animals in Romania.

For the safety and well-being of the stray cats in the old county buildings of Rancho Los Amigos west of Los Angeles Imperial Hwy.

Prayers to find homes for horses rescued mainly from PMU farms.

Prayers and love for animals who are neglected or abused on the Big Island of Hawaii.

For the shelter in Puerto Rico for animals abandoned in the street. Prayers for help for the animals.

For all the dogs that feel lonely, neglected and have little shelter to help them cope with the cold. That they may be loved and cared for.

That humane societies be humane. Pray for children and animals returned to bad owners or not even investigated as well.

For thousands of Spanish greyhounds, who suffer tragically at the hands of those who train them harshly, torture them mercilessly for sport, and kill them at will. Prayers, as well, for the perpetrators who must have suffered to have come to this state of being.

Awakening to protect domestic animal rights in China and prevent mass killing and cruelty to dogs and other species.

For the Asian street dogs who are homeless, frightened, and hungry that God will give them comfort.

For the donkeys and other beasts of burden, bullocks and horses who are worked to death in India. May they be saved by Animal Rahat, and also abused, neglected dogs in the streets as well: Animal Rahat – Improving the Lives of Working Animals in India

For profound heart awakening of those who would hunt dogs or cats for Yulin Meat Festival in Guangxi, China to immediately cease. May Light and Love prevail to bring healing to all beings and restore respect for life.

For healing of China's government human and animal rights violations. May enlightenment pervade the Chinese spirit, replacing hurtful dogma and politically motivated violence.

To keep dog eating legally abolished in the Philippines.

For dogs, cats, pigs and chickens who are exploited as commodities in Korea, we send Love and healing energy. For the human perpetrators, we send the Light of compassion and reason to dispel ignorance. May light and love resonate within these peoples' hearts and inspire them to end the suffering of animals.

Balance with the emerald ash borer beetle making it's way into Wisconsin that has killed 20 million ash trees in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana since first tracked in 2002. For the beetles to moderate their tree eating, for the trees to maintain the sacred space, and that humans see the right assistance to give to the trees.

That the natural balance be restored to alleviate the causes for the worldwide honeybee decline.

For healing of all the elements creating White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) crisis; millions of bats, including several endangered species, are at stake.

For the hearts and souls of the birds that are either dying from the avian flu or are being culled in the millions by humans. For the well being of all individuals and species affected.

Well-being for the chickens and turkeys of the world now mistreated as food animals. End of suffering of animals in slaughterhouses and factory farms.

To establish a mandate for factory farm reform nationwide and raise consciousness of farmers and consumers alike.

For the farm animals of the UK (particularly cattle, pigs and sheep) who are being slaughtered due to the threat of Foot & Mouth Disease. It is curable. Healing for the distressing way in which they are dealt and the enlightenment of the people connected to them.

For the factory farm animals that are being treated inhumanely. That big corporations stop the mass slaughter of animal production for profit and start seeing animals as worthy of our love, respect, and care.  

To enlighten people who drop turkeys from planes in Arkansas turkey days celebration to end this practice.

To change human hearts to depart from the barbaric treatment of the bulls in the Pamplona Bull Run (begins July 7) and to honor these animals in a new way. 

That schooling horses throughout the world are treated with love, respect, and integrity for all their hard work.

May all the ailments and injuries that occur in the work horses and other work animals of the police be relieved. May the horses be viewed as spiritual beings with respect for their dignity and rights.

That the hearts, minds and homes of the human residents of Mexico be opened with love and compassion to the needs and well being of all the animals living amongst them. That their eyes be opened and they remember the sacred connection we all share. That harmony be restored.

Optimizing the amount of ice in the Earth’s polar regions (now shrinking from global warming) for the survival and well-being of polar bears in the Arctic and all living beings.

Gulf Oil disaster April 2010 and all oil disasters. For stoppage of the leak and cleanup to minimize damage to all species in the affected area. Healing and enlightenment for everyone involved.

Protection for the whales and other marine life off coastal North Carolina from proposed U.S. Navy testing for lethal mid-frequency sonar. Protection from human-made ocean noise for all creatures.

For the well being of the ocean waters, whales and all oceanic creatures.

That the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) find a better way to prevent forest fires than to apply massive amounts of toxic herbicides to public lands in 17 Western states.

For the restoration of Caribbean coral reefs dying from the white plague.

To properly remove the support poles originally placed to support young tree trunks in San Francisco before the metal further damages the now older trees. May communication and harmony flow among all those involved.

For the protection of Salt Cay island, Turks and Caicos, B.W.I. from irresponsible development. To save the oceanic habitat of humpback whales, endangered marine animals, and reefs from increased noise, boat traffic, chemicals, dredging.

Prayer for rain and environmental balance for all species in areas of drought: Oklahoma, Kansas, West and South Texas, and other parts of the U.S.

The Alberta Tar Sands and related watersheds and the beings relying on them ‎for life
The waters and beings affected by the over fishing of the the Grand Banks in Canada‎, as well as Jamaica, Cuba, Spain, Azores, and Portugal, and any other place that relies on water beings for food and income. 
The earth and beings of Korea and Vietnam that are still affected by 'Agent Orange'‎, used in U.S. warfare, as well as other country regions still infected by chemical warfare
The areas across Canada, from Alberta to the Grand Banks, at risk from the laying of an oil/gas line from one to another. 
The bees of the world and the plants that they love, and the earth from‎ which they grow, and the air in which they breathe. Please add prayers of gratitude and support to their organic and bio keepers and compassion to the other keepers. 
The regions of California hosting monocultures of almond trees, disturbing nature's balance, and to the bees shipped in yearly and lost to propagate them. Compassion to the growers so that they might begin to add biodiverse fields to support local bee life. 
The earth and waters of Guelph, Ontario, Canada ‎and area, as it undergoes rapid development of environmentally sensitive ground. Guelph rests on an intersection of ley lines, is the juncture point for two large rivers and is very close to the ground water tables.

For the Amazon, Australia, and areas around the globe where wildfires rage and are destroying many animals' lives and habitats.

Empowering and positive loving prayer thoughts in support of the indigenous fire crew made up of mothers and grandmothers in Australia. May this situation be recognized as a powerful growth opportunity. May our trust in positive outcomes be expansive with opportunity to heal, grow and love ourselves and our emotional reactions unconditionally.

Volunteer Animal Communicator Service
 for Rescue and Shelter Organizations

Alphabetical by State (Country if not U.S.); Experience in giving animal communication sessions; Preferred methods of contact; Availability of service (Please respect limits)
Suzan Vaughn, California, 30 years experience as an intuitive, 15 years specializing in animal communication; BA in Psych, MA in Communication. Pranic healing specialty. Available for free and reduced cost sessions for shelter animals, animal foster parents, and rescue organizations. Available for classes, talks, and workshops for shelters and rescue organizations with scholarships available and reduced costs. Contact my assistant Alice at (805) 540-9520 to schedule.

Teresa Wagner, California, Professionally since 1991, with specialties in flower essences, trauma, grief, and shelter animals. E-mail; I currently provide a few hours every week of pro bono sessions with local rescue groups and a shelter. I am not able to regularly take on additional pro bono cases. However, in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency involving animals, I would definitely be available to help (with any species). Also, my website has a section on compassion fatigue that shelter and rescue employees and volunteers might find supportive: with practical strategies for coping and healing, and a listing of two teleclasses designed for more in-depth help: Coping with and Healing Overwhelming Feelings Inherent in Activism and Animal Welfare Work and Preventing and Healing Compassion Fatigue (for animal communicators and healers). These classes can be discounted for those working in the field and for whom the full price may be out of reach.
Winterhawk, California; 24 years; (707) 583-2348 voicemail; On call, all species. Distance Reiki, physical/spiritual healing/ceremony. 8 hours/mo pro bono, any shelter/rescue project, animals or workers. Low fee beyond 8 hrs. Euthanasia/adoption prep; any issue. Immediate assist if possible. Teach/coach communication or Bach Flower Essences in person or by phone. Reiki I-III, in-person. Special fees for above mentioned folks; will travel to teach any group.

Lisa Shaw, Florida; 25+ years (954) 254-8405; Available for free communication sessions and Reiki healing for shelter animals in need  Distance sessions available anytime.  Will travel to lecture, teach, and do animal readings as fund raisers for humane organization and rescue groups.

Carol Schultz, Illinois, since 2000; (815) 531-2850; Contact via e-mail or phone to schedule an appointment; offering services at reduced rates to rescues and shelters; up to one hour of pro bono work via phone per week.

Alexandra Ottaway, Massachusetts; since 2012 413-301-3007; I offer Animal Communication free to guardians with rescue animals. Others are welcome to pay $1 per minute which goes to or occasionally to a shelter of your choice. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights are good, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon is my best time. I started practicing in 2001 and by late 2012 I did my first full-fledged reading/healing. You can find out more at and on my blog I'd like at least 24 hours notice before our session, which we'd do by phone, Skype, Face-Time or in-person if you are around Northampton MA.

Nancy Windheart, New Mexico, Animal Communication and Reiki for Animals; practicing and teaching professionally since 2007; (928) 499-1969; A free class, Animal Communication Tools for Shelter and Rescue Workers,( I have a select group of highly qualified advanced students who are available for pro-bono and reduced-fee consultations to whom I regularly refer requests for assistance. I also offer classes, talks, and workshops through my Rescue Partnership Program.

Linda Gress, New Jersey, Founder of All About Them Giant Breed Rescue. Animal Communication professionally since 2001. Working in Shelters,  Rescues, Rehabs & Sanctuaries since 1985. (609) 529-7046 or e-mail; On call, all species. Communication sessions, healing, grief counseling or any issues, no charge for shelters, rescues, rehabs and sanctuaries. For volunteers of a rescue, shelter, rehab and sanctuary requesting a session for their furry family members, mentoring, lectures and events, we are available and require a donation to All About Them Giant Breed Rescue.

Gayle Nastasi, New York, Professional animal consultations since 1999; Please email or use the contact form on the website to schedule. Free rescue consultations for STOLA, Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc., and (local organizations) NY Wildlife Rescue and Northeast Llama Rescue and Barnyard Sanctuary, and the Animal Shelter of the Schoharie Valley. Rescue discount of 20% for all other certified animal rescue non-profits. Free healing meditation sessions (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch). No missing animals, please.

Carla B. Hara, Oregon; 1 1/2 years student, in group sessions and individual readings (starting  professional animal communicating business 2017); 541-846-8484 (I prefer to be contacted by email) 1-2 hours per week through email volunteering animal communication for all Greyhound Rescue groups. I am also open and willing to help out with all rescue groups, shelters and with disasters on a national and global level.
Shirley Scott, Oregon, over 16 years of animal readings; email or 541-577-3051 8 am to 5 pm Pacific time zone. Runs her own rescue and will work with other shelters 3 hours a week for behavior issues.  

Morgine Jurdan, Washington 20+ years 360-686-9886 Free Animal Communication classes for Humane Society organizations, shelters and official Rescue Organizations, and Wildlife Rescue organizations for their staff members only. Free communication sessions for people whose animals have died in natural disasters, fires and such, so that they can have closure. I will do one short session communicating with an animal lost in a natural disaster conveying thoughts and feelings to the animal from their person. (No attempt to locate. Just the comfort and peace of the animal receiving their communication at that time and knowing their person cares, and advice on what else the person could do.)

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