Potential clients, please note: This directory was compiled by Penelope Smith to help provide consultations and education about communication with animals. This does not mean that Penelope personally recommends and can guarantee or monitor the quality of work of each person in this directory. Practitioners have paid to list here and have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators as published below on this page. Each communicator has a different educational background and amount of experience in this field. You may find the approach of some communicators to be more compatible with you than others. Query practitioners about their services, ask for recommendations from their other clients, and use your own judgment on who can help you. Before consulting with a person in this directory, you may wish to read on this webpage: 10 Things You Need to Know before Hiring an Animal Communicator. Harmony among all species!
























(* indicates those trained to deliver the Basic "How to Communicate with Animals" Course developed by Penelope Smith. (A1) indicates trained to deliver the Advanced I Course – The Deepening; (A2) trained to deliver Advanced II Interspecies Counselor Course. (A3) trained to deliver Advanced III Teaching the Basic Course; (A4) trained to deliver Advanced IV Teaching Advanced I The Deepening Course     Page updated March 2015




Penelope Smith
  Prescott, AZ;

Founding Animal Communicator, called “Grandmother of Interspecies Communication”

“Everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and although it is long lost for many people, it can be regained for the benefit of all beings on Earth.”

Books: Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit
Audio: Animal Communication Mastery Series, Basic Course, Animal Healing Power, Animal Spirit Call;
Tele-seminars: Animal Communication Roots & Application; Evolutionary Leaps with our Animal Friends, How to Know if Telepathic Communication with Animals is Real and more 
Telepathic Communication with Animals, Wild Animals Speak.

Founding Editor Species Link magazine.

Not available for private animal consultations.

View Penelope in a webinar interview doing live consultations:



Nancy Windheart (A1) P.O. Box 1223, Cornville, AZ  (928) 499-1969;  

Nancy Windheart Animal Communication and Healing: Communication-Inspiration-Transformation


Services: Animal communication (phone/Skype, in-person), personal coaching/mentoring, energy healing/Reiki for both animals and humans. Consultations include an mp3 recording.


I assist you and your animal friends through compassionate, clear communication and support for both animal and human, allowing you to deepen your relationship and expand your understanding of each other.


Classes: Teleclasses, home-study courses, and in-person classes in animal communication, Reiki, and spirituality.


I'm a professional member of the International Center for Reiki Training, the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and am a Registered Yoga Teacher and LifeForce® Yoga Practitioner







Sharon Loy (A1) Sedona, AZ (928) 300-3609


Sharon specializes in in-depth telepathic communication for animals, by phone or in person---behavior problems, health issues, household harmony issues, spiritual concerns, or lost animals. She also offers sessions for people, combining telepathic communication from guides and angels with empathic understanding of human perspectives. Sharon teaches as well, scheduling courses in animal communication and psychic development, private mentoring, teleclasses, lectures, and public/group demonstrations.  


"My relationship with my clients is a sacred one; I am honored to assist all beings to align with their inner strength and knowing."












The Sedona International School for Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication.


Animal Communication books, classes and consultations since 1997. Proudly launching new animal communication professionals worldwide, through Certification in Animal Communication, Veterinary Animal Communication Certification, and Nature Communication Certification.


Maia Kincaid Ph.D. 928-282-2604









Joan Fox* P.O. Box 1105, Dewey, AZ (928) 632-8679 Online/phone consultations, counseling, weekly Healing Circles to assist healing for all species, Reiki, Healing Touch, Equine Touch. Workshops. Lectures. Retreats.

Debbie Johnstone Cave Creek, AZ (480) 444-2341; Intuitive and telepathic consultations/energy healing for all species of animals, both alive and in-spirit. Online, phone, in-person.

Maia Kincaid, Ph.D. Sedona, AZ 928-282-0768. New Animal Communication Books: Animal communication classes and consultations worldwide since 1997.

Donna Lozito, CCH* Prescott, AZ (917) 414-9253; Consultations by phone/in person. Specialties include Animal Communication; Intuitive Coaching; Homeopathy. Lectures and workshops also offered.

Lynn McKenzie PO Box 3963, Sedona, AZ 86336 (928) 282-9800; Free “Divine Mission of Animals” newsletter and audio course, animal communication DVD, consultations, teleclasses, workshops, coaching, flower essences, afterlife.




Kazuko Tao 13810 Village Ave., Healdsburg, CA  95448 (707) 431-2213;

Animal communication and energy healing.


With over 20 years of experience, I provide in-depth look at an animal’s perspective of life, history, and relationship with his/her human friend in understanding the root causes of animal’s behavioral issues and illnesses. The goal is to discover the true meaning of the bonds that exist between the animal and the human companion – the first step into the healing of the hearts for both. 


I communicate with all species living and in spirit. The consultations are by phone or in-person and a recording of the session is emailed to the client.




Suzan Vaughn*
P.O. Box 3702, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-3702 (805) 540-9520;


Suzan is an animal communicator and people psychic counselor with 30 years experience. Consultations offered by phone, email, or in-person.


Author of "Dispatches from the Ark: Pages from a Pet Psychic's Notebook," Suzan holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Communication. Trained in telepathy, T-Touch, intuitive, and pranic healing, she is an advanced student of Penelope Smith. Animal behavioral issues, pets or people in spirit or embodied, distance healing, human/animal harmony, and messages from your animal friends. Available for group events, store openings, fundraisers and instruction. Phone sessions from $35 for 15 minutes.


Please visit her at 







Teresa Wagner Carmel, CA (831) 236-4080 ; Facebook Whales: Facebook Animal Communication and Grief Support: Blog-Animal Communication and Pet Loss:; Blog Whales:


Consultations, Classes and Sacred Swims with Humpback Whales. Specialist in animal communication, healing trauma and grief support. Private practice since 1989. M.S. in Counseling. Author of Legacies of Love; Founder of the Animal Loss and Grief Support Professional Program of Study certification program. CD series and on demand webinars on animal communication, healing grief and whales:


My work is based on the assumption that we are soul peers with the animals of the earth, and that in seeking to understand and communicate with them, we learn who they really are and treat them accordingly, which they so mightily deserve. 








Lori Spagna Los Angeles CA;;;; 866-388-5115


Listing Information:

Lori Spagna radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences. She is the founder of efil's god, efil's god Dog Training and efil's god Spirit, which focus on a spiritual, holistic approach to communication and healing for the mind, body and spirit in everyone.


She is a Professional Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Canine Behavioral Expert, Akashic Records Practitioner and Energy Healer with over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world. A Visionary and Lightworker, Lori helps people and animals tap into their true power via The Universal Source which connects us all.










Stephanie L. Brown, Ph.D.  

P. O. Box 2081, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

310-318-PETS (7387)


Stephanie specializes in “Soul to Soul” communication. She is a licensed veterinary technician with a doctorate in Metaphysics; therefore, she can assist you to find the answers from your furry/feathered friend. With over 30 years of experience spanning from Lions to Lizards she will utilize her diverse experience and education to help you attain insight and understanding of the situation you are facing. She will work as a team member with you, your veterinarian, trainer or groomer to find the core information from your pet.

Consultations: personal, phone and internet; lectures and workshops.  

Specialties: death/dying, past life, behavior, pack dynamics, exotics 








Diana DelMonte ‘Dharamjeet’ Los Angeles, CA (323) 375-8015




Services: Specializing in lost animals and dowsing. Behavioral issues. Animals during and after transition. Spiritual healing and body scans.

Available for consultations and lectures. Offering Workshops and Seminar Retreats.   


Books: Ku Ku ZenA Private Look Into The Heart of Zen, Living with Cats and Without Them.

Why You Should Listen When Your Animals Don't: How Your Animal's Behavior and Health Mirror Who You Are


Dexter is a Reiki Master who integrates spiritual healing and Andean Shamanism. She is an author, educator, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and vegan for the animals.


Animal Communication is the Groundwork that Makes Communication with All Life Possible









Elizabeth Lee, MA For the Love of Animals, Newbury Park, CA (805) 499-3460 


Animal Communicator and Certified Reiki Master 


I offer remote animal communication and healing sessions, using my empathic and telepathic skills, intuition, Reiki, and Flower Essences. My highest intention is to  be a conduit for Spirit, to bring in love, harmony and healing to you and your animal friends. I work over the phone, and offer classes locally in Southern California. Phone sessions are recorded and e-mailed to you so you don't need to take notes. Elizabeth's Facebook page is: Elizabeth Lee, For the Love of Animals 








Team Duo Jessie Justin Joy (feline) with Dr. Laurie Moore


Founded the Global Gift Session Project in 2013.

Each person and animal who is new to experiencing a session with Dr. Laurie Moore is welcome to receive 15 gifted minutes with your first session. Deeply moving, awakening, and healing animal readings. Please email to sign up.

Spreading the waves.



Author of Animal Communication Course, The Cat's Reincarnation: Transformative Encounters with Animals, Healing and Awakening the Heart: Animal Wisdom for Humans, and Animal Communication for Children, Teens, and Adults.








Linda S. Wahlund Eureka, Northern California; 


Starting with a lifetime of natural inclination and a strong interest toward spiritual and metaphysical realms, I have 20 years of focused study... including Reiki, Intuitive Reading, Animal Communication, reflexology, crystal healing… an open-ended, never ending process of expanding my knowledge of spiritual and healing arts, so I can offer an ever-increasing array of healing and teaching to others.

·         Animal Communication Specialist – In person – By phone – Online

·         Reiki Master/Teacher offering in person and distance healing sessions.

·         Helping with all issues including:  Behavior, Health, Transitions.

·         Experience with Companion, Competition, Farm and Wild animals.

·         Working with highest respect and integrity.




Cathy Currea (A1) Martinez, CA  (925) 671-9208; Animal Reiki, Grief/illness support, deceased animals. Masters Counseling/Education. All species welcome.

Suzi Dalling Ventura, CA (805) 512-1720;  Lightworker: Lost, Behavioral, General Wellness, Sick, In-Spirit, Adoption Insight, Akashic Readings, Intuitive Guidance, Multidimensional Energy Healer & Messenger sessions.

Susan Draffan Shining Spirits, P.O. Box 1262, Ojai, CA 93024 (805) 646-2690;; Heal emotions, resolve behaviors, deepen relations. Past, present, afterlife sessions. Flower, crystal, elemental, multidimensional essences. Plant Spirit Healing. Metaphysical insight.


Carol Gurney 3715 N. Cornell Rd., Agoura, CA 91301 (818) 597-1154 Fax (818) 991-1081; Internationally known Animal Communicator, Author, Founder of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication. Products, Workshops, Webinars, Teleconferences, Training Program, Consultations.


Barbara Janelle 4951 La Ramada Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93111 (805) 967-1717, Consultations, lectures and workshops. Tellington TTouch. Therapeutic Touch. Yuen Clearings. Celebrating Our Animals' Lives (grief counseling).


Lisa Larson M.A., Carlsbad, CA (760) 444-0811 Compassionate, ethical. Specialization: animals in spirit; behavioral/emotional problems. Worldwide phone/webcam consultations, distant healing, Reiki, classes/tutoring. Reasonable rates.


Lynn Loftin San Carlos, CA 650-631-1268; Compassionate interspecies communication for all issues, hospice care, grief support, energetic support, flower essences. Consultations: phone, email, in person, IM.


Bonnie McNamee PhD. Petaluma CA 94952 (707) 778-3878 Medical Intuitive. Compassionate consultations for understanding any issues.


Brigitte Noel All-Ears Animal Communication, P.O. Box 33857, San Diego, CA 92163 (619) 295-5504 Since 1995. Intuitive animal consulting, co-creative emotional healing. Kind, empathic, individualized therapeutic solutions for all. Documented case studies. Flower essences.


Jeri Ryan* P.O. Box 10166, Oakland, CA 94610 (510) 532-5800; Lectures, consultations, Workshops I, II, III. Reiki treatment. Attunements and training for human and non-human animals. Spiritual healings. 

Christine Sang Santa Monica, CA (646) 373-6935 Santa Monica, CA and New York, NY; Long distance/Onsite. Compassionate, practical, all-species. Behavior, physical, emotional, new family members, death, dying and beyond. Associate with Carol Gurney.


Carla Simmons, Ph.D. Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (916) 631-7535; Compassionate assistance with all issues, including death, dying, and the Afterlife. Medical intuition. Flower essences, energy work, workshops.

Starr Taovil (415) 497-9987  Walks with the animals. Immediate symmetrical response. Reiki and Flower Essence Practitioner. Remote, home, phone or e-mail.


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Eden Koljord* Lakewood, CO (928) 266-6237

Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, and Affirmative Prayer Sessions: In-person and phone sessions.

Classes in Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, and Spirituality 


I help people and animals to:

                •understand the source of behavioral problems.

                •release trauma and fear surrounding injury, illness, and death.

                •understand one another's needs and feelings.

                •address needs from the physical to the metaphysical.


I communicate at the “soulular” level with animals to convey their wisdom and spiritual messages, with a profound impact upon the human soul’s journey and inspires graceful partnership, healing, and radiant living! 


International Animal Ministry; Mile Hi Church Core Education Program; Horse Protection League (Volunteer) 









Sky Heartsong Longmont, CO or

I have 16+ years of experience communicating with animals of all species, living or in Spirit, for clients in 37 states.  Sessions are done live by phone or Skype. You can talk to more than one animal in a session. We can work with animals on behavior issues, mystery illnesses, end of life issues and more. Animals have opinions about everything in their lives.  Understanding how they feel emotionally and physically will deepen your relationship. You can also let your animals know about upcoming events and changes that will affect them.


Remember: They All Have Something To Say!











Kelly Krueger P.O. Box 3732, Evergreen, CO 80437 (303) 670-0292;


Articulate Animals, LLC ~ Putting voice to your pet’s thoughts, needs, emotions


Services: National/International animal communication consultations to include general well-being, behavioral issues, health and emotional concerns, comfort care, end of life support, and connection with animals in spirit.


Classes: Presentations, workshops, tele-classes in animal communication, flower essences, animal wisdom, and connecting with animals in spirit.


Whether you and your animal friends have been together many years or you are just getting acquainted, Kelly’s interactive, compassionate, respectful consultations will enhance your relationship and deepen your understanding of each other.





Pam Baca PO Box 16, Conifer, CO 80433 (303) 816-4800; Consultations by phone or in person. Interactive and compassionate consultations for all species. Beginning classes, events.

Danielle Tremblay (A1) Highlands Ranch, CO (303) 955-4292 Phone consultations with all species living or passed for greater understanding and harmony. Reiki. Workshops. Phone practice for communication students.


Anna Twinney (Reach Out to Horses) PO Box 1913, Elizabeth, CO 80107 (805) 350 1406; Internationally known animal communicator, Reiki Master and Natural Horsemanship clinician. Featured on TV, radio, writes for magazines. Lectures, workshops, consultations.



Nedda Wittels* 9 Knollwood Circle, Simsbury, CT  06070 (860) 651-5771,,


Heart-centered communications; Distance intuitive healings; Flower essences, Professional coaching; “Telepathy With Animals” education programs. Phone or Skype.


Your animal companion does not have to be physically with you; they hear your voice through Nedda.


Nedda helps you develop a “plan of action” for successful solutions.  


Nedda’s clients

   -- Feel better fast. -- Solve behavior issues. -- Clear emotional issues. -- Resolve conflicts. -- Integrate new animals. -- Prepare for life changes. -- Say goodbye and grieve a transitioning animal. -- Complete unfinished business with an animal in spirit. -- Address a variety of training, breeding, and other situations.




Elaine DeCarlo Norwalk, CT (203) 722-7075; Communication with all animals, living, deceased. Specialized in Lost Pets and Crossed Over. Reiki Medical intuitive. Telephone and e-mail consultations. 


Animal Healings, Thom and Jonquil Williams, Sarasota, FL (941) 321-8484;


Professional Animal Communicators, Reiki Masters. Compassionate, insightful care, find out what your pets think, feel, and need.  Animals match humans in their ability to think and feel, but have unique perspectives. We collaborate to deepen your understanding at the soul level.  Accommodate pets with gender preferences. All species welcome, anywhere in USA / World.


Resolve behavior issues; discover what your pet experiences

Adjustments to household; new pets, baby

Help with rescues, health , feeding, trauma and  PTSD

Reiki distance healing and medical intuitive scans

Locate lost pets including map dowsing

Assist with end-of-life care, pet loss grief, after life communication





Lisa Shaw Tamarac, FL  (954) 597-6127  Website


Lisa Shaw is an animal communicator, Reiki master, and intuitive counselor with over 25 years experience. She speaks telepathically with animals both here and in spirit, and assists with end of life decisions and grief. She has an M.A. in pastoral ministries and has trained in hospice chaplaincy. 


Her e-book, Illumination: LIfe Lessons from our Animal Companions, is available on Amazon. She frequently works with animal rescue organizations and  conducts sessions by email for those not in the Broward/Dade/Palm Beach area. She hosts a  free Distance Reiki Circle for Animals on Facebook, twice on Sundays.  









Mary J. Getten* Bradenton/Sarasota, FL (941) 752 -5761;


Get Peace of Mind in a three-way phone consultation with Mary and your pet by interacting and speaking directly with your animals. Mary works with all species and specializes in problem solving. She also communicates with animals in spirit.


Mary is a compassionate and experienced communicator who has been helping people and their pets worldwide since 1996.


Mary teaches various workshops, creates custom  flower essences for animals and leads swim with wild dolphin trips. Her award-winning book, Communicating with Orcas; The Whales’ Perspective and Whale Communicators DVD is available on her website.






Brenda Cunliffe 3456-2nd St, Vero Beach, FL 32968 (772) 205-2099; Compassionate communication for all species to enhance a loving bond. Consultations for all situations: phone, e-mail. Gift certificates. Workshops.





Tim Link P.O. Box 2068, Cumming, GA 30028 (404) 422-6355;


Specializing in Lost Pets and Map Dowsing

Tim Link is an animal communicator, Reiki energy healer for animals, author of Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale, a nationally syndicated radio show host on Pet Life Radio, and a faculty member with the Animal Spirit Network.


Private Services: Animal communication with all animal types, living or deceased; missing animals (including map dowsing); remote Reiki energy healing for animals; communication with animals that have transitioned; grief support associated with pet loss.


Tele-Workshops Offered: Animal Communication, Lost Animals, Finding Your Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Chakra Clearing, Energy Healing for Animals and more.










Philippa Kingsley 470 Franklin Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

Tel: 404 255 4760  Cell: 404 667 3926.;


Rescue Pets and Behavioral Issues / The Grieving Process

Philippa Kingsley is an animal communicator, author of Rising Above Grief for People and Pets (a true story of Love, Caring and Sharing), certified VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing practitioner, Angelic Guidance, Past Life Healer, Reiki Practitioner.


Specializing in rescue animals that have been adopted and have behavioral issues, she uses VortexHealing® to release all issues which are stored in the cellular system.


Transition from the physical body of a beloved animal companion is an emotional earthquake. Helping you with illness, loss and the grieving process, including communication with your beloved pet.





Pamela Wingedwolf Au
Kaneohe, Hawaii (808)
781-9752; Spiritual advisor, author, Zen and the Horse, offering compassionate communications with all species, in body or in spirit.  


Carol Schultz (A4) P.O. Box 577, Pekin, IL 61555 (815) 531-2850 or (309) 346-0245 Interactive and compassionate Consultations and Healing for all species. Founder/Director of, Animal Healing Arts Education and Professional Development.  



Karen Craft Ames, Iowa; (515) 233-2308


Animal communicator and shamanic practitioner Karen Craft, author of The Cosmic Purr, offers in-depth phone consultations to connect you with your beloved animal friends, both those living and in spirit.


Karen has worked as an intuitive mediator between humans and animals for over 12 years, helping hundreds of people gain a closer, more spiritual connection with their companion animals and Nature.


Behavior issues, energy balancing and distance healing, emotional aid for puppy mill survivors and abused/neglected animals, compassionate support for animals in transition. All species and multi-animal families welcome; reasonable rates.





Sondy Kaska P.O. Box 41, Iowa City, IA 52244-0041 (319) 354-7428 Phone and in-person consultations. Physical, emotional, behavioral, end of life transitions, animals in spirit. Reiki. Energy Healing. Flower Essences.

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Potential clients, please note: This directory was compiled by Penelope Smith to help provide consultations and education about communication with animals. This does not mean that Penelope personally recommends and can guarantee or monitor the quality of work of each person in this directory. Practitioners have paid to list here and have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators as published below on this page. Each communicator has a different educational background and amount of experience in this field. You may find the approach of some communicators to be more compatible with you than others. Query practitioners about their services, ask for recommendations from their other clients, and use your own judgment on who can help you. Before consulting with a person in this directory, you may wish to read on this webpage: 10 Things You Need to Know before Hiring an Animal Communicator.

Ann M. Baumbach 6660 Licking Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076 (859) 781-5546 Phone consults with all animals living and deceased. Home and barn visits. Flower essence practitioner. Reiki Master.

Terri Diener 2153 A Woodbox Ln., Baltimore, MD 21209 (410) 486-4849; Consultation for problem-solving, pet loss, health, enhancing relationship; vet and trainer collaboration; Reiki, Ama Deus, flower essences; lectures and workshops.



Alexandra Ottaway 203 Maple Ridge Road, Florence, MA 01062 
(413) 301-3007 zottali@icloud.comhttp://www.


I'm a medium who also thinks that pets speak. I believe that mediumship and pet telepathy create wonderful conditions for healing. These activities also remind us of our love for pets and other dear ones.


Please email if you would like to do a session by phone, Skype, Face-Time or in-person. I've studied with two Animal Communicators, Joanna Beth Seere and Dawn Allen. A Certified Medium too, I will read your pets for free if they are rescues.




Dawn Allen* 690 Montgomery Road, Westfield, MA 01085 (413) 562-2227; Phone consultations; specializing in behavior and health issues. Workshops offered locally in communication. All species welcome.

Maureen Harmonay 25 Pikes Hill Road, Sterling, MA 01564 (978) 502-5800; Remote and in-person consultations on behavioral issues, transitions, problem solving, animals in spirit. Pro-bono services to Rescues.


Margaux Skalecki* P.O. Box 400-852. Cambridge, MA  02140 (1)-(857) 544-3583; Compassionate consultations: phone/ in-person, all species welcome: deepen relations, understanding, Reiki/energy work, Power Animal retrieval, Ecstatic Vision Quest.




Nancy Marsh* P.O. Box 199, Drummond Island, MI 49726  (906) 493-5664


Services for Animal Lovers and their Animals.


Nancy is an advanced spiritual teacher and intuitive consultant, offering Animal Communications and Healing, Personal Coaching and Mentoring for Intuitive and Spiritual development.


Nancy’s passion is serving you and your animals’ return to balance, wellbeing and expansion into greater happiness.


Nancy’s gifts of deep compassion and wisdom are combined with her comprehensive background and training as a Professional Animal Communicator, Holistic healer, Reike Master/Teacher, Shamanic practitioner, and psychotherapist.


Emergency appointments, Lost Animals, Deceased animal consults welcomed.


Contact Nancy at 906-493-5664 or







Judy Liu Ramsey (A2) Ann Arbor, MI 734-665-3202;

Judy's training and experience include social work counselor, craniosacral therapist, shamanic practitioner, and professional animal communicator.


It is a privilege for me to facilitate a conversation between you and your animals. I consider this to be sacred work and take a very holistic and client-centered approach to problem solving and communication.

Services: Compassionate interspecies communication and counseling by phone including behavioral issues, trauma, adoption, or explanation of medical procedures. Grief counseling, end of life issues and communication with transitioned animals. Flower essences consultation available, shamanic healing and EFT for animals. Animal communication classes offered, see website for details.




Sage Lewis Saint Paul, MN 55117 (612) 817-4473;

Better Pets. Better People. Better Planet.™

Animal Communication (living/end of life/deceased pets)
• Animal Hospice Consulting
• Life Coaching (individuals/couples)
• Shamanic Healing (people/pets)
Tellington TTouch®
Training (Pet Behavior - Dogs/Cats)
• Intuitive Readings (living/deceased people)
• Ceremonies (weddings/funerals/baby naming ceremonies)

“My passion is guiding all creatures to find and embrace their true essence and to live a fulfilling life of love, joy and passion.”


Ilga Cimbulis*
PO Box 1347, Minnetonka, MN 55345 (612) 385-3005; Phone and in-person consultations. Classes and private training. Available for organizations, parties and events.

Nicole Roberts 5444 44th Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55417 (612) 987-2717; Direct two-way communication, living and deceased animals. Healing emotional and physical ailments. Practical, compassionate help. Specialty birds. In-person, phone, e-mail.

Mary Stoffel* 29460 Palm St NW, Isanti, MN 55040 (763) 444-8146; Phone or in-person consultations. Lectures and media appearances. Training program with basic and advanced telepathy workshops. Shamanic practitioner.

Marilyn Tokach P.O. Box 44505, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 (952) 226-2622; All-species animal communication consultations and workshops. Emotional understanding; life transitions; animals in Spirit; behavior solutions. Dog Training Specialist.



Adele Zimmerman* 460 Lake Loop Dr., Kalispell, MT 59901 (406) 755-4905 Consultations on-site and long-distance. Workshops, tutoring. Grief support. Reiki. Soul connections: one-on-one, families, groups, within and across species.

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Kathi Sherburne,
Animal Intuitive, Nevada; (702) 567-3404

BodyTalk Healing (behavioral, physical, emotional) for humans and animal(s) using communication, EFT and intuition. BodyTalk lets the body speak for itself to release negative emotional issues (fears, traumas, abuse, anger, etc. that cause disease and behavioral problems).

 Specializing in animals crossing over. Compassionate and dedicated to helping you know when your faithful friend is ready to cross.

I will work with you regarding affordable payments – just ask! Be at peace with grief. I support the local Las Vegas Zoo, Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary and Ballyoncree Sanctuary in Australia by conducting complementary BodyTalk for their animals and guardians. Apprenticeships offered.




Betty Lewis
, RVT, Dr.A.N. (603) 673-3263;  Animal Communicator/Holistic Consultant; Worldwide phone consultations and energy healing Author of Animals Speak!

Diane O’Callahan, M.Ed. Animal Answers, 88 South Road, North Hampton, NH 03862 (603) 964-7387 Fax (603) 964-8013 Cell (603) 770-6625; Intuitive and telepathic conversations to receive answers from animals passed/present for counseling/healing, behavioral, spiritual and emotional/health concerns.


Elizabeth Severino P.O. Box 8469, Washington Township, NJ (856) 582-1700 


Animal Communication (all issues, all species, in-form or in-spirit, handled with grace and compassion; sessions by phone or Skype, in-person at events, in-person in my Wildlife Habitat);

Consultant on Animal Health (highly experienced veterinary intuitive);

Consultant on Animal Behaviors (clear & effective approach to understanding viewpoints & resolving conflicts);

Energy Healer (extensive experience with nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, acupressure, Young Living Essential Oils, and much more; certified in many healing modalities; certified SCIO quantum bio-feedback therapist;

Consultant on Dying, Death, and Reincarnation (author of the widely acclaimed book, The Animals’ Viewpoint on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia)
Workshops, Classes, TeleClasses, Webinars



Anne Angelo* L.C.S.W. Morristown, NJ (973) 588-1991; 

Communication between you and your animal, phone or in-person, basic and advanced workshops/individual. Nationally board certified small animal massage practitioner. Reiki Master. Animal Communication Children’s Songs.

My background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker has provided me with advanced listening skills and a special understanding of the human relationship to ‘other.’ Clients often indicate that I connect with them and their animals in a unique way. Combined with a solid education in small animal massage, my intuitive abilities provide an enhanced understanding of what an animal’s body is “asking for” during a small animal massage and/or Reiki session.






Leta Worthington* P.O. Box 638, Cerrillos NM 87010 (888) 666-2104 Consultations, Classes, eBooks, Behavior and Health Problems, Nutrition, Death/Dying/Reincarnation, Herbs and Flower Essences. International services and private tutoring available.


Leta’s clients especially appreciate the in-depth transcript she provides via email after each session. Leta has a Facebook page called Leta’s Animal Communication—Let’s Talk, a WordPress blog called A Day in the Life of an Animal Communicator, and a Kindle© eBook, Learn How to Talk to Animals—A Practical Guide for a Magical Journey ($4.75) that can be ordered through her website. Consultation fees run $85-$100 per hour and can be set up through the consultations page on her website.









Susan J. Squittieri, Nyack, NY (845) 512-8389 or


Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, Herbalism

Phone sessions, House Calls, Classes, Lectures, Events, Private Parties


An Animal Communication session with Susan can bring about understanding on a level you might never have thought possible.  She is compassionate, practical, and dedicated to bringing about positive change for improved relations between animals and their people.  

Specialties: understanding and resolving food, health, behavioral/emotional, and training issues, locating lost animals, addressing quality of life, assistance in Illness, injury, or death, in-spirit communication, relaying messages, animal selection/adoption, and support for rescued and abused animals.









Eileen Garfinkel New York, NY (347) 804-7328;;


Sessions in person (New York, NY), via Skype or phone with your animal friends living or passed.


I regard each participant in our session as an individual with varying needs and desires and enter our session with respect for all of life and all of life’s challenges. Understanding the honor of being invited into your lives, my intention is to be as clear a channel as possible through which you and your animal friend can communicate. Sessions are often humorous, sometimes difficult, always enlightening,


Distance energy work, Bach Flower practitioner, spiritual counselor. Available for lectures and workshops.






Leiah Bowden 252 Bradley Blvd., Schenectady, NY 12304 (518) 374-4388; Long-distance, in-person intuitive communication, healing, soul readings, multidimensional Energy Portraits, all beings, to serve the Divine balance and interspecies healing.


Catherine Ferguson (866) 602-4154; (201) 433-7955; Consultations in-person or by phone, for living and deceased, lectures, workshops, flower essences, Reiki Master.

Dawn Hayman* 3364 State Route 12, Clinton, NY 13323 (315) 737-9339


Sue Kenyon* Huntington Station, NY 11746 (631) 427-0839; Interspecies communication and counseling by e-mail, phone or in-person with any species, alive or passed; workshops. 

Seth Modelson P.O. Box 1353, Lake Placid, NY 12946 (518) 523-7298 Consultations: opening up to connection and understanding with animals – living and passing.

Rae Ramsey* 420 East 64th Street, W5E, New York, NY 10065 (212) 752-4019 Phone Consultations: all life issues, dying process, grief counseling, animals in spirit, reincarnation, energy balancing. Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner.


Joanna Beth Seere P.O. Box 93, Warwick, NY 10990 (845) 651-1383 Telephone consultations.Spiritual Healing: health, behavior, mental/emotional challenges, deepening relationships; healing circles; live group healing meditations; virtual classes.


Kristin Thompson (A3) P.O. Box 172, Newfane, NY 14108 (716) 778-6233;  Consultations phone and in person. Animals living, transitioning or in Spirit. Workshops and 1:1 learning, flower essences, Reiki.


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Potential clients, please note: This directory was compiled by Penelope Smith to help provide consultations and education about communication with animals. This does not mean that Penelope personally recommends and can guarantee or monitor the quality of work of each person in this directory. Practitioners have paid to list here and have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators as published below on this page. Each communicator has a different educational background and amount of experience in this field. You may find the approach of some communicators to be more compatible with you than others. Query practitioners about their services, ask for recommendations from their other clients, and use your own judgment on who can help you. Before consulting with a person in this directory, you may wish to read on this webpage: 10 Things You Need to Know before Hiring an Animal Communicator.


Rain Hummingbird
, Asheville NC (828) 337-4686; 

Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Workshops, Teleclasses, Mentoring. Soul Journeys for people.


Rain is a professional animal communicator dedicated to helping people deepen their connection and understanding of their animal companions. She offers phone/Skype consultations nationally and internationally for all species, also deceased. Providing insightful and compassionate services to assist you and your animals in understanding and resolving concerns with behavior, relationships, emotional, health and transitions. Specializing in human/animal spiritual connections.


This work is my joy and passion and I look forward to being of service to you and your animal companions.










Diane Samsel Tryon, NC (828) 859-5912;

I have been in  practice 16 years offering phone and in person sessions. Client issues range from horses training for upper level dressage tests to animals who has been scared away by a neighbor's dog.  Sessions begin with a chat with your animal friend to determine personality (I need to know I've got the right friend!) and then I will ask them how they’re feeling in their body.


Areas of focus: Lost animals/injured or hard to diagnose animals/animals in spirit.


Workshops, Seminars, fund raisers and private tutoring available.  Information on events, pricing and availability visit:





Debbie McGillivray Charlotte, NC  (704) 628-0222



Debbie McGillivray is a professional animal communicator and pet intuitive with over 17 years experience. She is author of the book “Untamed Voices” and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pet Psychic Communication.”


Services: Animal communication phone consultations all species.


Classes: Workshops and in-depth Home Study programs from beginner to advanced.  Debbie believes that we all hold the ability to communicate with our animal friends and is dedicated to opening people’s hearts and minds to this phenomenon. 


"I feel very blessed to be able to bridge the gap between humans and animals, to bring about healing, understanding and growth.”



Michele Bustamante (A2) Tiyoweh Communications, PO Box 61452, Durham, NC 27715 (919) 403-8243 Consultations, workshops; Reiki M/T, TAT® Certified Pro; All species. All cases considered. Assisting to re-member our deep life connections.

Bebe Daniel Charlotte, NC 28212 (704) 488-1534; Bringing people and animals together with consultations in person/by phone. Lectures. Workshops. Reiki long distance or hands on.

Maggie Trogler P.O. Box 524, Black Mountain, NC 28711 (828) 669-0171 Consultations by phone or in person. In-person and distance Reiki healing and training.



Eileen Leskovec Cleveland, OH (440) 537-8610; Detailed consultations on behavior, training, health, aging, afterlife, general understanding. All species, living and in spirit; worldwide via email.

Jacquelin Smith
107 E. Stanton Ave., Columbus, OH 43214 (614) 436-8831; Consultations. Behavior, emotional/physical healing, dying/death/spirit contact, soul retrieval, lost animals. Bach flowers. Book, Lectures, Workshops, Apprenticeship program.


Jennifer G. Parks
7327 SW Barnes Rd, #308, Portland, OR 97225, 971-404-6683,

Want to know what your pet friend is thinking and feeling? I provide consultations to discover reasons for your pet friend's behaviors and to bring more awareness and understanding into the relationship.


People usually talk to their pet friends yet often wonder whether the animals are receiving their messages and what messages the animals are sending back to them!


By scheduling a consultation with me, I can be a bridge between you and your pet friend to answer questions, find solutions, deliver messages and negotiate behavior changes. Take the guesswork out of things and contact me for an appointment now!








Shirley Scott 59987 River Canyon Rd, Imnaha, OR 97842 (541) 577-3051;


Shirley Scott, animal communicator, human psychic reader and life coach, utilizes her telepathic connection with animals to understand and help correct behavior problems, health concerns, household harmony, emotional and spiritual problems. 


Consultations for both animals and humans.


Shirley works with spirit guides and angels to achieve the highest/best information for all souls. She’s empathic, which helps her feel and explain what an animal is feeling.


Her 3 CD's: Telepathy and Animal Communication, Face your Fears -Change your Life; Going Beyond Positive Thought, and new book, Religion vs Spirituality - One Psychic's Point of View are available through her website.  







Heidi Wright Critter Connections P.O. Box 482, Malin, Oregon 97632 (530) 640-0686 

Internationally renown Animal Communicator and best selling Author who works with all species of  animals ranging from dogs to ducks, horses to hawks, and guinea pigs to geese!  


Heidi is currently appearing on hit TV shows in Japan, did a series in South Korea, and has appeared on TV in the USA, on "L.A. Ink" with Kat Von D, and the Dr. Phil show. 









Lisa Fraser P.O. Box 5, Cannon Beach OR 97110 (503) 440-0400; Works with all animal issues, animals readying for spirit, and animals in spirit.

Terri O'Hara P.O. Box 5630, Eugene, OR 97405 (541) 484-2020 or (800) 515-9064 Consultations for all animals. Classes, presentations, retreats, custom designed activities for groups/organizations. Informative talks available to download via website.



Karen Kober, RN, CCH Dublin, PA (215) 412-7820;


Serving life! Karen is an international telepathic communicator for people, personal, or animals – heartbeat or spirit. 


Offering: phone/Skype sessions, gallery, lectures/meditation, hypnosis, holographic healing, transitional/bereavement care.   

Creation Connection Courses: Animal, Earth, Soul, Spirit. 


Background: registered nurse, certified consulting hypnotist, minister, psychic/medium/medical intuitive, healer.

Featured: magazines, newspapers, books, radio, television. Karen is the first to teach animal communication in the largest U.S. Pet Expo NE.  Listed in Best American Psychics


Sessions: compassionate and confidential.


The web of life connects us as we travel different spiritual pathways to the Divine within us.








Whitney Taylor Baker Mercersburg, PA (717) 372 0441;  

Animal Communications, Reiki Master, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, workshops, lectures, barn walks, lectures and workshops catering to children, consultations by phone, in person or Skype.


As an internationally known animal communicator since 1998, Whitney is a compassionate and ethical practitioner who brings harmony and understanding to resolve issues in behavior, relationships and transitions with all species, living or deceased. She specializes in lost or missing animals and will incorporate remote viewing and map dowsing in her sessions. 






Shalini Bosbyshell P.O. Box 215, Elverson, PA 19520 (610) 913-0033; Phone consultations. All issues/situations. Specializing in equine and canine training issues and hospice care and end-of-life transition. Communication coaching.

Anita Curtis* P.O. Box 182, Gilbertsville, PA 19525 (610) 327-3820; Consultations by phone. Lectures. Workshops. Books. Gift certificates available.

Marlene Sandler* 3112 Brittany Pointe, Lansdale, PA 19446 (215) 491-0707 Problem solving for people and their animal friends. M.Ed. in counseling; practicing since 1981. Workshops, lectures, consultations, Reiki healing and attunements.


Cindy Wenger Hershey, PA (717) 566-0922; International services, all species situations (except lost); Founder of Peaceable Kingdom Essentials, USDA certified organic herbal pet products. Workshops/lectures.



Val Heart* San Antonio, TX  (210) 863-7928  

Called The Real Dr Doolittle, Val is an internationally known, leading animal communication expert, speaker, bestselling author, master healer.  She specializes in solving problems with pets, teaching others how to communicate, & mentoring professional communicators.

Founder of the H.E.A.R.T. System™, 5 Steps to Solving Behavior & Health Problems

Equine Peak Performance Expert™, Helping Underperforming Show Horses Achieve Their True Potential


Learn How to Talk to Animals Yourself, The Animal Talk Coaching Club: Free Training Series, How to Talk to Animals Complete System: the Beginning & Advanced Topics Courses


Business Mentor for Professional Communicators Ready to expand your business? Email for a Free Consultation








Kim Shotola Iowa Colony (near Houston), TX (713) 822-4382;

Kim is a professional animal communicator and founder/director of The Lightfoot Way.  We offer animal communication workshops, teleclasses and consultations


Take your skills deeper with our Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communication Program in addition to our mentoring program.  Our Animal Heart & Soul Communication Forum is our online community for those pursuing their highest good in the field of animal communication through targeted intuitive and spiritual development, practice sessions and ongoing support.


We offer holistic animal care online learning opportunities through our membership community where we make learning fun and simple.








Kathleen A. Berard San Antonio, TX (210) 402-1220; Worldwide sessions, all species, issues, situations (except lost). Medical Intuitive. Essences Practitioner. Holistic Care Consultant, Workshops. Intuitive Guidance for people.

Griffin Kanter 8603 Mayridge Circle, Houston, TX 77099 (713) 728-4985; Phone and on-site consultations; help with emotional, behavioral, and health issues; dying and euthanasia; after life and reincarnation.  


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Beth Baras, M.Ed Norwich, Vermont 603-448-1170


​Beth has been working as an intuitive since 1985, working with people, and now working with animals remotely world-wide and locally.


As a gifted healer and teacher, Beth offers classes, intuitive healing, and transformational coaching for animals and people. She has been interviewed on television ​and ​in several regional magazines for her outstanding work with animals and people.


Beth works with all ​animal ​issues including helping animals who are ready to cross over and their people, especially dealing with grief and recreating a new sense of family. Beth also works with holistic and traditional veterinarians.







Jeannie Lindheim* P.O. Box 113, Perkinsville, VT 05151 (617) 633-6338,; Compassionate practical consultations and problem solving with all species. Behavior, emotional, physical, death/dying and beyond. Reiki. Phone and in-person.

Julie Soquet 2318 Richmond Rd., Hinesburg, VT 05461 (802) 482-5251; Phone consultations for long distance emotional, spiritual healing, better understanding of animal behavior, communication through and after death experience.



Janet Dobbs (A2)
 Reston, VA   Animal Paradise – Communication and Healing  Email:

Janet is an animal communication teacher & practitioner, Reiki teacher/practitioner, trained in the field of Bio-energy; Bach Flower essences, TTouch, small animal massage, acupressure, essential oils for animals &humans, Traditional Japanese Reiki and has degrees in education, Music performance and Broadcasting.

Janet offers courses and training programs in animal communication and Reiki for humans and animals, teleclasses and private tutoring/mentoring for students and practitioners, and gives talks and lectures. 





Holli Shan* Leesburg, VA (703) 447-5374, or,

Holli is an animal communicator and animal massage therapist who has degrees in Speech Communication and certification in massage for horses and dogs. She has been a practicing animal communicator and massage therapist since 2006. 

Holli offers compassionate interspecies consultations via phone, e-mail, Skype or in person. She also offers basic instruction in animal communication (in person only) and in home massage for horses and dogs.






Jan Spiers* 15553 Hardwick Mountain, Gordonville, VA 22942 (540) 832-2100 Assistance with emotional, behavioral, or health concerns. Discover lessons your animal companions wish to teach you. Consultations by phone/person. Lectures. Workshops.





Morgine Jurdan* P. O. Box 154 Amboy, WA 98601 (360) 686-9886;


Animal Communicator, Joyful Life Coach, Fun Classes, Mentoring, Presentations, Support


Morgine is dedicated to creating loving relationships everywhere. In communicating, Morgine also inspires confidence offering easy techniques to improve Your Own Skills in connecting with your animals friends. Phone/Skype nationally, internationally, all species, including Nature Beings and Wild Animals like Dolphins and Whales. Personal messages from animals and nature, training, in spirit, lost animal coaching and more. Especially helpful with End of Life issues:


We are all One. In helping You, I also transform Myself and our World! Thank You!










Karen Anderson (510) 854-6003

2013   Voted 1st Place Winner - Favorite Animal Communicator

2012   Voted 2nd Place Finalist - Favorite Animal Communicator Reader's Choice Awards




Author of 'Hear All Creatures!'

All animals living or deceased


Emergency Sessions

Reiki II

Former deputy sheriff






Crystal Ashley Animal Avenues, Olympia, WA (360) 951-7480 Telepathic consultations with animals, exploring behavior, health, past history and crossing-over questions. See website for more detail.

Carole Devereux* 40402 NE 74th Ave., La Center, WA 98629 (360) 263-7268; Animal communication consulting, grief counseling, workshops, tutoring, group practice sessions, telecourses, residential retreats.

Polly Klein Tonglen Healing Arts for Animals, Issaquah, WA (425) 427-8028; Office/distance communication sessions. Specializing in problem solving and end of life issues. Professional and compassionate. Workshops throughout the country.





Asia Voight* Madison, WI;


Asia Voight is an Internationally-known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor for people, Teacher, Speaker and Author. Throughout an eighteen-year practice, she has assisted over 70,000 animal and human clients.


Asia’s work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV as well as countless radio shows. Asia is a published author in five books: Pearls of Wisdom with Jack Canfield, Extraordinary YOU, Divine Moments, Miracles Happen with Brian Weiss and 365 Days Of Angel Prayers.


Asia is available for keynote speaking, magazine, radio, and TV interviews. Register for Asia’s classes on her website.









Ann Heinrich  Siren Wisconsin  (715) 349-8377

Animal Communicator, Reiki II practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner 


Ann has been communicating with all species of animals for many years. She has talked to wild as well as domestic animals.  Each has a story to tell.   


Lost animals are Ann’s specialty, enhanced by her ability to do remote viewing. She offers this service free to animal rescues and shelters. Transitional counseling, animals in Spirit, physical scans and general questions are also offered. Available for events, parties, classes 








Heidi Grengg P.O. Box 9334, Jackson, WY 83002 (307) 733-8499; Compassionate consultations by phone, correspondence or in-person. All species, all issues welcome.


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Potential clients, please note: This directory was compiled by Penelope Smith to help provide consultations and education about communication with animals. This does not mean that Penelope personally recommends and can guarantee or monitor the quality of work of each person in this directory. Practitioners have paid to list here and have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators as published below on this page. Each communicator has a different educational background and amount of experience in this field. You may find the approach of some communicators to be more compatible with you than others. Query practitioners about their services, ask for recommendations from their other clients, and use your own judgment on who can help you. Before consulting with a person in this directory, you may wish to read on this webpage: 10 Things You Need to Know before Hiring an Animal Communicator.



Linda Rigo (A1) Calgary, Alberta (403) 686-0032 or check out my blog  

With over 13 years experience and as Interspecies Life Coach & Counsellor my intention has always been to help animals and people to better communicate and understand each other.  With that focus I lead Beginner and Advanced workshops in Animal Communication.  I am also a Shamanic practitioner and Level 2 Reiki practitioner.


I excel in communication with animals either preparing to cross over or animals in spirit. I can break the communication barriers between people and animals who are in a rescue situation and rehabilitating. 





Keri Davis Alberta, Canada (403) 609-5510; Certified Interspecies Life Awareness Coach, Mentoring, Rebalancing & Deepening Relationships, Radionics, Body Talk, Color therapy. Phone consultations.



Tamryn Fudge – Spirit Partner Shaman Services


Intuitive readings and shamanic healing for animals and people. Receive messages and healing from your animal, for your animal and for yourself.


Deepen your connection: end of life consultations, behaviour problems, health concerns, spiritual growth.


Contact Tamryn: 250-573-1744










Georgina Cyr British Columbia (250) 723-0068;


Specializing in long distance medical intuitive health and body scans; also behavior/emotional issues such as aggression and helping with other undesirable behaviors. My philosophy is that we are all experiencing our journey in life in the best way we can, doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. 


When performing an animal communication at your request, my intentions are always of a higher purpose. I am here to assist both you and your animal, with no judgment or opinion of the communication. 


Animal communication workshops and Personalized Correspondence Course. I also teach animal iridology.








Sunhee Chung  Langley, BC (604) 446-1847 and Seoul, Korea (070) 4498-0625  Soul healer and interspecies communicator for animals in body and spirit. Phone consultations and Skype seminars in English and Korean. 


Tamryn Fudge Kamloops, BC Spirit Partner Healing for animals and their people. Bringing forth truth and clarity from our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom.



Rev. Nancy Fudge
Odessa,ON Amber's Animals and Angels (613) 386-1426;


Nancy is an international animal communicator. Her communications include behavioural issues, understanding what your pet has to say, death and dying, including animals in spirit and lost animals.


As an energy worker, Nancy transmits Reiki healing energy to pets and people. She works with her guides and angels, to get the best information, for the highest good of all.


As an ordained minister, Nancy does Angel Home Blessings (locally), spiritual healing and Angel Oracle Card readings via Skype.


Free typed transcripts.




Sue Becker*  272 Grand River Blvd., Kitchener, Ontario N2A 3H4 (519) 896-2600 Behavioral, emotional, spiritual issues and healing. Deceased animals. Registered Practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies and Tellington TTouch. Consultations, lectures, workshops.




Marilyn Balderston, The Spirit Well, P.O. Box 22033, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, C1A 9J2  (902) 621-2299; 

Marilyn, a professionally qualified and skilled practitioner, is certified as an Animal Communication Specialist, Counsellor, Teacher, Naturotherapist, Akashic Records Practitioner, Reiki Master and Rose Flower Essence Practitioner.  
Marilyn connects with animals and people at the Soul level, for those living and in Spirit: Listening to their Soul’s Wisdom; Giving voice to their deepest needs, and; Sharing heart-centered information in personally meaningful ways.

Services to Support You and the Animals in Your Life: Animal Communication Consultations; Soul Wisdom Readings; Energy Healing Sessions for People and Animals; Personal Wellness Consultations, and; Rose Flower Essence Consultations.  Phone, Skype and In-Person Availability.




Lynda Yelle St-Jérôme Québec 450-553-3745;


Animal Communicator, Holistic Consultant, Translator for Lightworkers. Consultations, workshops, lectures, spiritual trips.


Lynda offers Worldwide consultations in English and French by phone/Skype, email. 

Elle offre en français ses services de Communicatrice Animale, de Consultante Holistique, Traductrice pour travailleurs de Lumière. Consultations, ateliers, conférences, voyages initiatiques.


As an Animal Communicator she offers understanding and insights for you and your animal to resolve behavior, relationship, situational issues as well as emotional, health, transitions and grief counseling.


As a Holistic Consultant, she accompanies conscious beings on their spiritual journey; she facilitates the transition of unborn children into this world. 






Pea Horsley London, 020 8696 9121;


Pea Horsley is an Internationally-known Animal Communicator, Workshop Teacher, College of Psychic Studies tutor and Hay House author.


Pea established Animal Thoughts in 2005. Over a 9-year practice, Pea has helped thousands of animals and clients and had her work featured in newspapers, magazines, on TV and radio.


Published author of Heart to Heart and The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love.


All species welcome: Phone, home visit, Skype or email consultations & Emergency appointments.


Pea is available for International workshops, speaking, magazine, and radio interviews. Register for Pea’s workshops on her website.








Jane Summers – SUFFOLK, ENGLAND. UK.

T: 01508 518969   E:


Jane Summers is a professional animal communicator who works internationally, specialising in remote animal communication (AC) sessions, presented as clearly typed transcripts via post or email.

Behavioural and emotional issues with all animals consulted via AC.

Particular interest in telepathy, consciousness, and AC with animals "in spirit."


WORKSHOPS:  PURE AC – Learning Animal Communication Remotely

         One & two day classes:

  • Fundamental and Fundamental Plus
  • Applied Animal Communication 


A Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, Jane additionally works with Matrix Energetics sessions for both animals and their people.





Anna Anton  London  020 8993 2914


Anna is a telepathic international communicator with over 12 years experience and provides compassionate, honest and accurate consultations.


All health, behavioural and emotional issues welcomed.


Workshops:  Introductory and advanced workshops, one & two day classes. Helping people gain a closer connection with their animals.


Services:  Animal communication using photographs. Animals in spirit. Home visit, telephone or Skype.

Animal healing in-person or distant.  Assistance with animal selection/adoption. End of life consultations. Emergency appointments.


Anna's intuitive consultations give insight and comfort.  She is dedicated to bringing about positive change for improved relations between animals and their guardians.







Susannah Kingston Dublin, Ireland (+353) 87 6394370,; 


I specialize in remote animal communication for all animals using a photograph.  The client is given detailed feedback on the communication over the phone and can then ask any further questions required.  A summary of the communication and key points is typed and emailed to the client afterwards. 


I  do home consults and site visits and offer Usui Reiki treatments for animals if appropriate.  I also work with both animals and humans to assist them in quietening their minds, thus releasing any anxiety which may be present. 






ANIMAL-COM  Contact: Animal-com

La Cavalerie, 4 La Borde, 45700 Vimory (France).; e-mail:


Jean-Luc JANISZEWSKI. Animal communicator. Consultations, workshops, lectures. Author of two books (in French): L'effet Mowgli [2005, 2007]; Sur le pont de l'arc en ciel, Editions le Temps Présent, France, [2010].


Jean-Luc JANISZEWSKI. Interprète animalier. Consultations, formations, conférences. Auteur de deux ouvrages: L'effet Mowgli [2005, 2007]; Sur le pont de l'arc en ciel, Editions le Temps Présent, France, [2010]




Christine Tetau (A4) Germany, +49-38845-169001; (German version) (English version)

"Did you know animals talk? 

It is time to listen. 

It is time to answer." 

© Christine Tetau

As a student of Penelope Smith, Christine has been teaching animal communication full time since 2002. With a background in education, her experience as a Tellington TTouch® Practitioner and her extensive shamanic training have influenced her work deeply. Her teaching is fun, rich and well-founded. Christine speaks English fluently and is available for workshops (Basic and Advanced I-VI) anywhere in the world. Consultations are offered via phone or Skype.




Barbara Fenner (A2) Brasters Gasse 20, 88361 Boms, Germany phone +49 7581 480 3758; Consultations by phone, basic and advanced workshops in animal communication, author.

Karina Heuzeroth (A3) D-56462 Hoehn, Germany Phone 0049/2661/949462;; Consultations by phone or in-person. Basic and Advanced I animal communication courses in Europe. TTeam-Practitioner.

Monika Jaeger (A3) Holzhausen, Germany Phone 0049/6120/6393;; Consultations for behavior, health and emotional problems. Basic and Advanced workshops. TTEAM practitioner for horses and all companion animals.


Franziska Matti (A5) Bern, Switzerland, Phone 0041 79 358 28 08, Phone consultations, basic and advanced animal communication courses in German and French, lectures, Reiki master, animal healing with Reiki, flower essences.



South Africa

Sarah-Jane Farrell (PhD C.F.M.W.) Johannesburg, South Africa;; 

Sarah-Jane is:
a multi sensory medical intuitive, life design strategist, wealth activator, speaker, conservationist, facilitator

She assists animals and people better understand one another. Her desire is to work toward a common goal: happiness and to grow a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

She is the founder of the True Nature Systems™, Being Human Through Animals™, Diamond Wealth Mastery System™, Journeys on Ancient Soil™. She is the author of the book “Paws for Raw – Whole Foods for happy Pets”.

Private, live and online workshops, retreats, and conscious safaris through Africa with sentient as teacher.




Jenny Shone Midvaal, Gauteng (+27) (0) 82 450 1158; Author, Animal Communicator, Healer and Reiki Master. Focusing on emotional issues, behavior problems and physical conditions. Courses and lectures offered. 



Christina Burki Perth, Western Australia 

Email: Website:

Skype: chrissy 2786   Facebook Page: animal communications


My offer for you and your animal: worldwide animal communication in 4 human languages.


I am animal communicator and counsellor for people. I can solve underlying problems with animals with trauma therapy.


My passion is to be in deep contact with your animal, building a wonderful understanding/knowledge of your animal with you and solving her/his physical problems or mental issues, helping you to communicate yourself with your animal, and, if no veterinarian is needed, to treat your animal yourself.


Love your calling with passion, it is the meaning of your life. –Auguste Rodin






Trisha Mc Cagh  Perth Western Australia  Email:   Website:
Skype: trisha.mccagh  Facebook:

Trisha is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator,  teacher, intuitive counselor, public speaker, and author of "Stories from the Animal Whisperer."

Trisha’s work has been featured on TV broadcasts across 40 countries, guest speaker at the Australian Veterinary Conference and other international conferences, international radio and various magazines, and newspapers around Australia.

Through her consultations and courses she takes people on a journey into a different world, with a new perception of animals and nature.

Trisha is available for private consultations, workshops, keynote speaking, radio and TV interviews.  On-line courses also available.







Thomas Cheng* Hong Kong, China;

Thomas promotes and teaches animal communication with a focus on Science.


Author of "Animal Communication - Looking at Animals' World from A Scientific Point of View" (in Chinese).


Offers consultations and classes. Speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.







Rosina Maria Arquati Based in Hong Kong, and working internationally:

Tel (+852) 6089 4727  Chinese or English, and (+852 ) 6383 6299  English

Email:  Chinese and English or direct to Rosina in English.     

Book. Rosina Maria Arquati: The Life Journey of an Animal Communicator  ISBN 978-1-4525-8320-4 English.


Rosina provides private counseling sessions and Animal Communication Workshops/Classes: in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries. She also provides and teaches complementary healing modalities. 


A natural-born Animal Communicator, and highly qualified, experienced practitioner, Rosina has provided Animal Communication services for over 20 years.


Member: Chartered National Therapies Practitioners, New Zealand. Certificated Reiki Master, also trained in other complementary healing modalities.

Rosina lives in Hong Kong with her veterinarian husband and rescued animals. She willingly cooperates with veterinarians.



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Potential clients, please note: This directory was compiled by Penelope Smith to help provide consultations and education about communication with animals. This does not mean that Penelope personally recommends and can guarantee or monitor the quality of work of each person in this directory. Practitioners have paid to list here and have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators as published below on this page. Each communicator has a different educational background and amount of experience in this field. You may find the approach of some communicators to be more compatible with you than others. Query practitioners about their services, ask for recommendations from their other clients, and use your own judgment on who can help you. Before consulting with a person in this directory, you may wish to read on this webpage: 10 Things You Need to Know before Hiring an Animal Communicator.


Requirements for inclusion in the Directory
for this website and individual requests for consultation and training referrals

Apply for listing by sending (preferably by e-mail to
(1) a summary of your life path,
(2) general education background,
(3) animal communication, counseling, and healing training – when, where, and with whom you studied,
(4) services you deliver,
(5) any relevant promotion and newspaper or magazine articles about your work,
(6) at least five testimonials from clients telling how they have experienced the effectiveness of your communication with their animal companions,
(7) your statement of agreement with the Code of Ethics (printed below),
(8) a basic (up to 20 words) or enhanced (up to 100 words plus photo) description of services for the listing after and in addition to your address information (see the directory for the usual listing format), 
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We include your listing on this website directory and for individual referral recommendations. The website listings get client and student referrals. Media representatives also frequently consult To cover the administrative costs of listings, a yearly listing fee of $60 for the basic listing or $125 for the enhanced listing is required.


The basic listing includes a listing description of services (after and not including your address information) of up to 20 words, and the enhanced listing – up to 100 words description of services and a photo of you with or without an animal friend. The enhanced listing is a fantastic opportunity to bring more attention to your services.


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This is the most effective advertising I purchase for my Animal Communication business. And when I'm out of town, and need to refer, I point my clients to the AC Directory for a list of Animal Communicators that abide by a Code of Ethics.  Suzan Vaughn


I just got my first “new” client (from Nebraska) from my new directory ad on your website. She said it really “stood out” for her, and I’m sure that’s because I added a picture and more description. Thanks for getting it up so quickly; I think this is a great new tool. Leta Worthington



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I get more clients from your website and referrals than the other places I spend my very limited advertising budget. I ALWAYS recommend people advertise with you FIRST of all!  Morgine Jurdan, WA


I have enjoyed the attention of many clients since appearing on your site! Crystal Ashley


A huge number of clients come to me through the directory at Thank you for continuing to offer this. Janet Dobbs


Thanks for this service. I receive requests for animal communication sessions that leads to repeat clients and referrals! Diane O’Callahan


It's really amazing to me that most of the calls I get are not only from your directory, but they're from people nowhere near where I am! I ask people how they chose me, and they say that my description of my services just felt right. I am grateful for the opportunity you afford to be of this wonderful service, even when it's for a lost animal who is not about to be found, or found ensouled. Leiah Bowden

We also recommend that you subscribe to Species Link, our quarterly magazine dedicated to interspecies telepathic communication  ($25/year U.S. Canada/Mexico $37/year. International $49/year; E-subscriptions $20/year). Species Link helps us maintain our connection as an animal communicator community and share our knowledge and support to keep our circle growing and glowing! You can also contribute articles, photos, the magazine.

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Formulated in 1990 by Penelope Smith

Our motivation is compassion for all beings and a desire to help all species understand each other better, particularly to help restore the lost human ability to freely and directly communicate with other species.

We honor those that come to us for help, not judging, condemning, or invalidating them for their mistakes or misunderstanding but honoring their desire for change and harmony.

We know that to keep this work as pure and harmonious as possible requires that we continually grow spiritually. We realize that telepathic communication can be clouded or overlaid by our own unfulfilled emotions, critical judgments, or lack of love for self and others. We walk in humility, willing to recognize and clear up our own errors in understanding others’ communication (human and non-human alike).

We cultivate knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of human, non-human, and interspecies behavior and relationships, to increase the good results of our work. We get whatever education and/or personal help we need to do our work effectively, with compassion, respect, joy, and harmony.

We seek to draw out the best in everyone and increase understanding toward mutual resolution of problems. We go only where we are asked to help, so that others are receptive and we truly can help. We respect the feelings and ideas of others and work for interspecies understanding, not pitting one side against another but walking with compassion for all. We acknowledge the things that we cannot change and continue where our work can be most effective.

We respect the privacy of people and animal companions we work with, and honor their desire for confidentiality.

While doing our best to help, we allow others their own dignity and help them to help their animal companions. We cultivate understanding and ability in others, rather than dependence on our ability. We offer people ways to be involved in understanding and growth with their fellow beings of other species.

We acknowledge our limitations, seeking help from other professionals as needed. It is not our job to name and treat diseases, and we refer people to veterinarians for diagnosis of physical illness. We may relay animals’ ideas, feelings, pains, symptoms, as they describe them or as we feel or perceive them, and this may be helpful to veterinary health professionals. We may also assist through handling of stresses, counseling, and other gentle healing methods. We let clients decide for themselves how to work with healing their animal companions’ distress, disease, or injury, given all the information available.

The goal of any consultation, lecture, workshop, or interspecies experience is more communication, balance, compassion, understanding, and communion among all beings. We follow our heart, honoring the spirit and life of all beings as One.

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Basic Course Closing Circle with Penelope Smith at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY            photo by Howard Dean

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Janet Dobbs Animal Paradise Communication and Healing offering teleclasses and workshops in animal communication and animal and human Reiki as well as private mentoring. For more information and to register: or email                    3/7/15



The Gurney Institute 2014 Workshop Schedule 818-597-1154 The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication has courses for everyone from beginners to advanced students. Workshops throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia or learn from your own home via our webinar series. Introductory and Advanced Animal Communication Workshops and Webinars, Free Teleconferences, Comprehensive Training Program: see our website for schedule -                3/29/15



2015 Workshops with Barbara Janelle May 30-31 Advanced at Muddy Paws Westminster, VT 603-363-4904;; May 31-Jun 6 Introductory lecture and consults Camp Gone to the Dogs Marlboro, VT; Jul 17 Level 1 & Jul 18-19 Advanced Nashville, TN 615-299-9738; Star9fish@aol.comAug 1-2 Advanced Dansville, NY 585-335-3439; Sept 10-11 & Sept 14-15 Introductory lecture and consults Camp Gone to the Dogs Marlboro, VT                          1/30/16






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Val Heart, MBA, PaC


I was interviewed in a teleseminar and many of the questions people wanted to know were all about animal communication: how to find a good animal communication practitioner, how this works, how to prepare for and what to expect from their sessions, what about skeptics, and what to do if things go wrong. 

            That gave me the idea to create a Free Report that would easily explain all this and more. It is written and recorded for people who are just getting started to help educate our clients so that they will be better able to get the most from our work. Here are some of the critically important points that people need to know about this work: 


1)   Realize that not all communicators are created or trained equally. It takes many years of practice and seasoning to be a good animal communicator. Some of us are excellent at some things, and not so good at other things. 

2)   No one can make your animals change if they don’t want to. Sometimes the problem isn’t with them. It’s with their people, their situation, their management, their diet, background, breeding, training, or lack thereof! They always do what makes sense to them from their viewpoint. Our job is to discover what their viewpoint is and then to work with you to help resolve the problem.

3)   Realize what the job actually is: animal communicators are trained to listen telepathically to animals. We can make mistakes even though we are doing the best we can. We do not predict the future, we don’t know everything, and we are not intending to read your mind.


Everything we do is considered confidential. We should be able to accurately understand what your animal is feeling and thinking, what the main issues are from their viewpoint, and be able to present something useful, whether it’s confirmation of what you may already know (which is valuable in itself), uncover new information you didn’t know before, provide clarity regarding direction to proceed with the problem, and be able to answer your questions to the best of our ability. 

            Some problems simply aren’t fixable. If the animals do not want to change or see no need or reason to that they can agree with, then they won’t. You live and work with them 24/7. To expect a stranger (animal communicator) to make animals be different when you continue to reinforce their bad behavior by rewarding it or not making the effort required to teach them anything different is not realistic.


4)   What about skeptics? I encourage people and my students to be skeptical. You should listen and observe with your heart, but not be so open minded that you lose your common sense! Not everything that we receive telepathically is going to be 100% accurate; it’s unrealistic to expect it. The best psychics in the world are only about 80% accurate! However, you may notice a change in the animal’s behavior, mood, or well-being or in how they respond to you or their environment. Often they will change positively, just through communicating with them. Some of us do better than 80% at times, and sometimes we are off. Nobody’s perfect.

5)   If something feels off in your session or you are being told things you know are not true, please, speak up! Let us know. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings. We would much rather learn from your honest feedback, and be allowed to correct or explain than have you go away unhappy.

6)   The next important point to consider is this: We are all practitioners! That means we are practicing, along with other professional practitioners -- including veterinarians, doctors, and other medical professionals. We do our best to assist, given our experience, training, skills and education.

7)   So where do you find animal communicators? The best place to start is right here, through Penelope Smith’s animal communicator directory. I interviewed Penelope in a very rare media appearance and she was awesome!  We were treated to 90 plus minutes of her personal coaching and answering our questions. She even guided us through animal communication exercises. It was like being in up close and personal in an intimate class setting with the #1 Animal Communication Teacher of our time! Many people told me later that the event changed their lives.  We recorded this amazing event so you can check that out at Animal Communication Recordings

8)       Do your research and choose a few animal communicators that appeal to you.  Everyone has their special area of interest and expertise. If you like the look and feel of their website and information, then contact them.

9)      Interview her or him. Ask them questions. How long have they been working as an animal communicator? Tell them a bit about what you are dealing with. Ask if they have worked with this kind of thing before. Ask what kind of preparation is needed for a session. While you interview the animal communicator, listen to your own heart. IF you feel good with this person, then make an appointment. 

10) Does the animal communicator have any kind of a guarantee for their work? What will they do if things go wrong, or you are unhappy with your session? This will help your peace of mind and helps assure that you will be working with someone reputable and professional.


If at this point, all feels good to you, then make an appointment with the animal communicator. Many companion animals choose to spend their lives attempting to break through our barriers, help us heal, and become reconnected with all Life. Animal communication can change your life and improve the lives of your animal friends.

            To get your free enhanced copy of this report, go to and ask for it.








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